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Social Media: What, Why, and How?

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This presentation was made for a workshop offered by the MSBDC as an introduction to social media - what is social media, why is it important for businesses to adopt it, and how to integrate social …

This presentation was made for a workshop offered by the MSBDC as an introduction to social media - what is social media, why is it important for businesses to adopt it, and how to integrate social media with your marketing strategy.

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  • intro: 902 i am a marketing & social media consultant & we as a company offer mrktg, branding, & web solutions based on your unique strengths & authentic voice. and i like to think of myself as a mindful person who knows marketing & social media i called today’s workshop social media for authentic entrepreneurs because i dont look at social media as a quick way to be heard, but as a channel for you to build strong relationships that are authentic & heartfelt & that takes time.
  • 905 3 goals today -demystify what is social media & open you to being friends with social media -how can you use social media purposefully - go thro strategic steps & no way we can do a thro job of coming up with oen but just to get a flavor we will go thro teh steps and come up with a plan & you can then change expand in your work - develop a new mindset needed to enjoy using social media
  • 907 have u noticed when you are sometimes having a crazy day and you go to your computer adn it starts to act crazy too? nothing works and you get more flustered and the more flustered u get the more things dont work. thats true of life in general & lot of science to prove it - my website has videos of bruce lipton who show how our inner thoughts shape our outer reality with teh internet you can instantly see this correlation A shoe salesman is assigned a new territory, some islands in the south Pacific. He gets to one such island and finds that everyone is barefoot. He calls his boss and says, “We can never be successful here. No one wears shoes.” Needless to say, he is quickly replaced by another, more optimistic salesman. He shows up at the same island, calls his boss and says, “Send me 1,000 pair today! We’re going to do great. No one here wears shoes!”
  • 912 its important to see your beliefs and limiting assumptions about social media & then question them is it so? we limit ourselves before giving a full oppportunity to explore adn then make an informed decision Is that so? and once you see its not true, you explore further, What can this do for me? How can I utilize this? And how can you use it instead of why you cannot -time consuming -overwhelming - privacy - talking about your work & not intimate details - complex musician spends hundreds of hours on newsletters but doesnt have time for social media - you can build your relationships all year round
  • 913 how many of you are using some kind of social media for business only human being are social and we like to get together and share our thoughts and ideas
  • 915
  • 920 what are the different social media sites that you are familiar with? one way to categorize them is based on the kind of conversations they facilitate Wikis are collaborative web spaces that allow users to edit the content.
  • 921discuss the 3 major social media sites - how many of you are on linked in? think of them like big parties where you can share your info
  • 922
  • 923
  • 924
  • 925
  • 930
  • 932 level 1=influencers level 2=open networks eg blogs level 3= closed networks level 4=distribution through individuals eg email lists
  • 934 what are the different ways you connect with yoru customers and what do you share with them? Multiple touch points - everyone is busy, need regular contact - not only when events or selling products but through out the year - telling them all about you - different dimensions of who you are - your values, cool ideas, insights & inspirations
  • 935 how do you learn about changes in your industry? update your skills? new research, new ideas, stay in touch
  • 936 how do you listen to yoru customers you can run polls, listen to online conversations about you,
  • 937 met all of them online first and then in person
  • 938 many ideas, now you can record them and share them giving them real shape opening new channels for people to find you
  • 939
  • 940
  • 942 this is not a one time process but reiterative process, that evolves as you learn and grow
  • 945 synergistic organic starting with real life networks and creating social networks around that evolving and growing
  • 947 underline keywords in your business mission describe your main mission to partner in 2 minutes & switch
  • 950 952
  • 954 Who is your target market? ask your customers check out some of teh social media sites and see what kind of poeple and conversations you are finding
  • 955
  • 957
  • 1000
  • 1005
  • 1010 what info do you want to share to build energy around your work? what will be the right channel for that?
  • 1012
  • 1013
  • 1015
  • 1016


  • 1. Social Media: What,Why, How
    • Presented by: Shalini Bahl, Ph.D.
  • 2. Our Path Today..
    • Social media assumptions...
    • What and Why of Social media (very briefly)
    • Building a strategy
      • Company mission
      • Social Media mission
      • Target market
      • Engage with L I P - Listen, Inform, Participate
      • Integrate
      • Policies around people & resources
      • Measurement
      • Opportunity cost
    • The New Mindset
  • 3. A Fact
    • The Internet is a magnifying glass – it magnifies the energy with which you approach it.
  • 4. About social media...
    • What are your Beliefs, Assumptions, and Fears
  • 5. What is Social Media?
    • The idea behind social media is not new
  • 6. What is Social Media? Web based Technologies + Social Media = Image by guiguibu91on flickr.com Mass Scale Interaction
  • 7. Social Media Sites: Types of Online Conversations Types of Social Media Websites Social Network Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning Social Bookmarks Del.icio.us Social News Digg, Reddit Social Video & Photo YouTube & Flickr Blogs Blogger, Wordpress Presentation Slideshare Wikis Wikipedia, Wikispaces
  • 8. What is LinkedIn?
    • A Formal Party: Suit and Tie
    Kari Renee on Flickr
  • 9. What is LinkedIn ?
    • Professional networking
    • 50m members worldwide (econsultancy.com).
  • 10. What is Facebook?
    • Semi-formal: Casual business
    Texas to Mexico on Flickr.com
  • 11. What is Facebook ?
    • Connecting with friends, associates, & customers
    • 350m members worldwide
  • 12. What is Twitter?
    • Cocktail Party 24/7
    Mrs eNil on Flickr.com
  • 13. What is Twitter ?
    • An information network: Telling people what they care about as it is happening in the world.
    • 75m members worldwide (econsultancy.com)
  • 14. Why Should You Care?
  • 15. Why Should You Care?
    • Reason 1
        • Social Media makes your influence ripples Bigger!
    David Armano
  • 16. Why Should You Care?
    • Reason 2
      • Authentic connections with customers, on a Regular basis
  • 17.
    • Reason 3
      • Be the Expert!
    Why Should You Care?
  • 18.
    • Reason 4
      • Listen to your customers!
    Why Should You Care?
  • 19. Why should you care?
    • Reason 5:
      • New Collaborations...
  • 20. Why should you care?
    • Reason 6
      • Get the wheels of actions turning:
      • Manifest abstract thoughts into written word...
    Nickso on Flickr.com
  • 21. Why Should You Care?
    • Reason 7
      • And you can do all this FREE!
    Raisinsawdust @ Flickr.com
  • 22. Are you ready to use Social Media? OH: Social media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one actually knows how. When finally done, there is surprise its not better. 1:39 PM Mar 2nd from web Retweeted by 1 person avinashkaushik Avinash Kaushik • Reply Retwe e t
  • 23. The Social Media Strategy Policies Integration
  • 24. Social Media Strategy: iAM Business Consulting iAM Services iAM F/b Pages iAM Woman in Business Circle iAM Woman in Business Blog Twitter Mindful Marketers Blog iAM Woman in Business F/b Group Google Alerts LinkedIn AWE TV ACTV Local Chambers Other Social Networks Media YouTube
  • 25. I. Business/Event Mission
    • What is your business/event mission?
      • iAM’s mission is to inspire people to live their highest potential by providing marketing, social media, and mindfulness expertise
  • 26. II. Social Media Goals & Objectives
      • Goals: Broader
        • Build a brand and strong presence
        • Stay informed
        • Market expansion
        • Collaboration
        • Educate/inform potential customers
        • Know my customers
        • Customer service
        • Build a community around a cause or brand
      • Objectives: Measurable
        • Website/Blog traffic
        • Number of followers/new customers/collaborations
        • Donations
  • 27. III. Target Market
    • Customers
      • Demographics
      • Geographic
      • Psychographics
      • Behaviors
    • Collaborations
    • Grants & donor organizations
  • 28. Engage with L.I.P. IV. Reaching your goals with L.I.P. i. Listen ii. Inform iii. Participate Who, What, Where Who, What, Where Who, What, Where
  • 29. IV.i. Listen: Who?
    • The people
      • Your customers
      • Competing business
      • Latest research
      • Collaborators
      • Donors
      • Other agencies impacting your business
  • 30. IV.i. Listen: What?
    • The keywords
      • Your business
      • Competing business
      • Your area of Specialization
      • Your products and services
      • Search words your customers would use
      • Google’s Keyword Search
  • 31. IV.i. Listen: Where?
    • The Channels
    • Google Alerts
    • Other alerts (keyword based from blogs, libraries, etc)
    • Blogs
    • RSS feeds
    • Twitter
    • Twellow
    • Twitter Advance Search
    • Facebook groups & pages & other social networks
  • 32. IV.ii. Inform
      • Who: PEOPLE
    • Customers
    • Collaborators
    • Group members
    • Supporters
    • Community
      • What: CONTENT
    • Relevant Information
    • Research
    • Insights
    • New products/services
    • Demonstrations
    • Events
      • Where: CHANNEL
    • Twitter ( Hootlet )
    • Blog
    • Facebook
    • Article marketing
    • You Tube
    • Social networks
  • 33. Status Lists & Badges Entertainment Funny Education Promotions/Free Happenings Community Events Information that creates Buzz!
  • 34. IV.iii. Participate
    • Others’ Blogs comments
    • Re-tweets & @ Mentions
    • Facebook respond back to members & fans
    • Facebook: Participate in other communities
    • Other social networks relevant to your work
    • Collaborate
  • 35. V. Policies: People & Resources
    • Who?
    • What is your nature?
    • How much time do you have?
    • Scheduling
    • Clear policies
  • 36. VI. Integrate
    • Linking different social media channels (e.g. Hootsuite )
    • Integrating social media with website
    • Linking traditional channels with social media For e.g. Email newsletters can be posted on social media sites
    • Posting on multiple channels
    • Reaching out to other media channels and social networks
  • 37. VII. Measurement
    • Twitter - Number of followers
    • Hootsuite - statistics
    • Facebook pages - Insight statistics
    • Google analytics
    • How do you feel?
  • 38.
    • Social Media involves a new mindset and not traditional promotional tactics
    The New Mindset
  • 39. I. Be Open:
    • Learn, Listen, and Participate
  • 40. II. Be YOU:
    • Share of yourself that best serves your target audience
  • 41. III. Share:
    • Your expertise. If you don’t someone else will.
  • 42.
    • IV. Feels Right
    • Do what feels right at the pace that feels right
    The New Mindset
  • 43.
    • V. Regular communication & you define what is regular
    The New Mindset
  • 44. VI. Relationships:
    • Use social media to expand relationships off line & vice versa
  • 45. VII. Be Patient:
    • Relationships are not developed overnight
  • 46.
    • Enjoy the journey and the energy you build around your work...Thank you!
  • 47.
    • Ways to connect with Shalini Bahl
    • Email: shalini@iam-bc.com
    • Website : http://iam-bc.com /
    • Blogs :
    • http://iam-bc.com /Blog
    • Facebook :
      • http://www.facebook.com/iAM.Business.Consulting
    • The iAM Woman in Business Circle
    • LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/shalinibahl
    • Twitter : http://twitter.com/shalinibahl
    • AWEtv : Coming Soon!