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Scope definition of ticketing automation bangladesh

Scope definition of ticketing automation bangladesh






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    Scope definition of ticketing automation bangladesh Scope definition of ticketing automation bangladesh Presentation Transcript

    • Scope DefinitionofTicketing Automation BangladeshTEAM – WILD SPIDER
    • Basic Concept of Scope Definition• Objective & Motivation• Existing System Design• Requirement Analysis• Feasibility Study• Opportunity• Future Scope
    • Our Objectives and Motivation• A central portal to enjoythe advantage of bookingtickets of any bus fromanywhere in Bangladesh.• Anyone can book any buscompany ticket from our systemin the easiest way.
    • Lets have a look of todays ticketingsystem!
    • Search option of source anddestination place
    • Dynamic jquery search helper
    • Calendar for select date easily
    • Red Box: Facility to know more about that bus company/coach detailsYellow Box: Facility to know bus condition ALONG WITH PHOTOS.Green Box: Facility to know Departure time, boarding points (departure bus counters)Blue Box: Facility to know How many seats are available in that bus/coachPurple: Facility to know public rating of their servicesGrey: Facility to know the fare and also the button to view seat condition.The next part is to select the preferred seats. And from our system user will getthe perfect illustration.After selecting the seats user will be in the confirmation page and need toconfirm their bookingOur payment system will include almost all possible payments in BDincluding bkash.
    • Existing System Design• As for as concerned to project its defined as thesystem which presently we are using and theproposed system is the new techniquesimplemented to the existing project if anymistake was happened.
    • Other Existing Systems• paribahan.com
    • Complexity and error in the existing systemExisting SystemSign UpMembersSearch from place todestinationNo suggestion/Pop upSee Availablecoaches/BusesNo choices forseat or viewBuy ticketYES NOVery easysignup/Verificationand sign inAlmost all theavailable paymentgateway
    • Mission and its implementation is notsame!
    • Requirement Analysis• Fact Finding• Development environment• Operational environment• Software and hardwarerequirement• Functional requirementIt will list out the minimum requirements required for the project tohave. Fact finding will discuss about the information gathered todevelop the system.
    • Fact Finding• Research• Background Research• Interview• Observation
    • Operational Environment
    • Development Environment
    • Software Requirement forDevelopment• MYSQL server• Microsoft Office Word• PHP Hypertext Protocol• Web Browser (All)• HTML• CSS• JQUERY• AJAX• Notepad ++• Paint• CPANEL• Printer driver• Laptop Driver• DBMS• Internet Connection• Localhost• XAMPP/WAMPP
    • Hardware Requirement forDevelopment• Printer• Laptop• Web Server• Office room• Network Switch• Network Router• Ethernet Cable• UPS – Backup Facility
    • Functional Requirements
    • Feasibility Study• Technical Feasibility• Social and OperationalFeasibility• Economic Feasibility• Time Feasibility
    • Technical Feasibility• Technical staff is needed for responsibility to this new system is totake care of the server and the database for this new bus ticketingsystem.• If the system have any problem occur then technical staff will solvethe problem immediately so that will affect the business operation ofthe company• Since this is a new online system so we need to add computer, somenecessary of the hardware and software for running this new systemis needed.
    • Social and Operational Feasibility• This new system is operationally feasible because it can be usedeffectively in and in English after it has been developed.• We will arrange technical training for staff and seminar for others.It will provide more convenient for the customer in order to havefaith with the company.• This system is designed in a simple way and meaningful for everyuser to used it.• Customer’s opinion is important because to develop a new systemthat based on the user requirement to improve the performance andincrease the service for customer.
    • Economic FeasibilityCosting AnalysisCostingTypesQuantity Unit Price Year 1 Year 2 Year 3HardwarePrinter 4 15,000 60,000Printer Cartridge 4 2,000 96,000 96,000 96,000Computer 4 50,000 2,00,000Ethernet Cable 1 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000Dongle 1 50,000 50,000Internet 4 1,000 48,000 48,000 48,000SoftwareLicensed OS 4 12,000 48,000Anti Virus 4 2,000 8,000 8,000 8,000Payment Gateway 1 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000Domain 5 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000Hosting Sarver 3 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000HumanReasourceDelivery man/System maintenanceManager20,000 100,000 (5) 200,000 (10) 4,00,000 (20)EquipmentsUPS 40,000 40,000Furniture 1,50,000 1,50,00oTotal Cost 8,69,000 4,21,000 6,21,000
    • BenefitsYear 1:Estimated bus company with us: 5Estimated ticket sell per coach by our system: 15So total ticket sales per day: 5*15 = 75Total sales by our system (per day): 75*400=30000Our Income: 30000 * 5% = 1500Monthly Income: 1500*30 = 45000, yearly: 5,40,000Expense for year 1: 8,69,000Revenew for year 1: -3,29,000
    • BenefitsYear 2:Estimated bus company with us: 10Estimated ticket sell per coach by our system: 20So total ticket sales per day: 10*20 = 200Total sales by our system (per day): 200*400=80,000Our Income: 80,000 * 5% = 4000Monthly Income: 4000*30 = 1,20,000, yearly: 14,40,000Expense for year 2: 4,21,000Revenew for year 2: 10,19,000
    • BenefitsYear 3:Estimated bus company with us: 15Estimated ticket sell per coach by our system: 20So total ticket sales per day: 15*20 = 300Total sales by our system (per day): 300*400=120,000Our Income: 120,000 * 5% = 6000Monthly Income: 6000*30 = 1,80,000, yearly: 21,60,000Expense for year 2: 6,21,000Revenew for year 3: 15,39,000
    • Time FeasibilityProject Proposal – 3daysProject Specification – 7 daysProject Process, meeting & deliveries- 10 daysAnalysis – 15 daysDesign – 10 daysCoding- 90 daysProject Testing – 45 daysFinal Documentation – 10 daysTotal Time Required : 190 Days
    • Opportunity• For Bangladesh online ticketing system can be able toopen a new door. Now Bangladesh is a developingcountry by applying many technology.• The traditional ticketing system of Bangladesh is a veryuncomfortable and weak process.• sometimes it is caused of many problems which can bereduced by online ticketing.• In most of the festivals people have to face lots oftroubles. by providing this system corruption can betaken under control.• It can be said that it will very effective for Bangladesh.
    • Future Scope• As mentioned above, although our system had beencompleted but it is not perfect, we had planned to makesome enhancement in the future.• We think that our system still has potential to grow.Besides, we will include more functions andintroduce more widgets to the system. Like▫ Mobile aps▫ Mobile version▫ Home Delivery▫ Call Center SupportWe also plan to enhance the interface sothat it looks more attractive and interactive.
    • Thank You!