Stress management- Sem Shaikh


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Stress management- Sem Shaikh

  1. 1. W E L C O M E Dedicated all Respected Sir Stress Management Mr.Sem Shaikh Faculty of Post Graduate M.S.University of Baroda Master of Commerce Department of Commerce & Business Mgt.
  3. 3. ‘Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness’ - Richard Carlson
  4. 4. Stress… • Non-specific response of the body for any demands made upon it • Emergency reaction of the body • Wear and tear, our body experiences as we adjust to continuously changing environment
  5. 5. Classification • Chronis stress ( work stress, family stress,…) • Acute stress ( winning prize, accident,. ..) • Distress ( illness, failure in exam,…) • Eustress ( winning a lottery, getting married,…)
  6. 6. Mechanism of stress • Segregation of adrenalin( hormone) • Slow digestion • Faster breathing • High heart beat • Increase in sweating • Tense muscle • Temporary weakness in organism
  7. 7. Different sources of stress • Emotional • Family • Social • Changes • Chemical • Work • Decision • Commuting • Phobic • Physical • Disease • Pain • Environmental
  8. 8. Our goal is not to eliminate stress, but to learn how to manage it and how to use it to help us !
  9. 9. Stress management • 20 minutes of physical exercise everyday • Maintaining ideal weight versus height and age • Maintaining healthy sleep schedule • No smoking / no alcohol
  10. 10. Stress management • Understanding role-play theory • Developing healthy self image • Keeping our eyes on goals • Identifying all factors producing stress
  11. 11. Stress management • Measuring the level of stress inside • Relaxation – 20 minutes a day • Symptom substitution technique
  12. 12. Other Healthy ways to relax and recharge Spend time in nature. Call a good friend. Sweat out tension with a good workout. Write in your journal. Take a long bath. Light scented candles Savor a warm cup of coffee or tea. Play with a pet. Work in your garden. Get a massage. Curl up with a good book. Listen to music. Watch a comedy
  13. 13. Dealing with Stressful Situations The Four ‘A’s Change the situation: Avoid the stressor. Alter the stressor. Change your reaction: Adapt to the stressor. Accept the stressor.
  14. 14. Unhealthy ways of coping with stress These coping strategies may temporarily reduce stress, but they cause more damage in the long run: Smoking Drinking too much Overeating or under eating Zoning out for hours in front of the TV or computer Withdrawing from friends, family, and activities Using pills or drugs to relax Sleeping too much Procrastinating Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems Taking out your stress on others (lashing out, angry outbursts, physical violence)
  15. 15. Relaxation is one of the best scientific methods of activating our subconscious mind!
  16. 16. Activation of subconscious mind will help to motivate towards higher goals in life and career !
  17. 17. Give your stress wings, and, let it fly away !
  18. 18. discussionsdiscussions
  19. 19. Thank you !