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Miishka facebook case study


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The MIISHKA facebook case study, which looks at our fashion business which at the time of publication (7/12) was less than two years old and had in that time grown to have over 85,000 fans.

Looks at what we have achieved.

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Miishka facebook case study

  1. 1. Case Study Results • 1,000 unique buyers in first 6 months with 30-40% repeat buyers • 60 new customers purchase from MIISHKA every week Fashion entrepreneur builds sustainable • 100% of revenue driven exclusively from Facebook business entirely on Facebook that generates 1,000 unique buyers in first six months. • Sales increased by 300% in the second year of operations • The Page has over 80,000 fans in less than two years Goals “It has been an amazing experience to build a sustainable MIISHKA utilized Facebook as its primary marketing business on the world’s biggest social platform. Due to channel to: the success we’ve seen on our Facebook Page, we’re tak- • Build a base of loyal clientele ing the next step to launch a website where the two will work in conjunction to increase customer engagement • Share the company’s latest designs and drive online purchase.” Michelle Glitman, Founder, MIISHKA • Facilitate purchase of its products Approach In the absence of a website, MIISHKA first created a Build Engage Build Facebook Page to familiarize people with its business:ConnectEngage • Showcased the latest designs for sale Reach • Provided detailed instructions for productInfluence purchase • Turned on “Messages” feature to allow users to write directly to the Page BuildConnect The company also ran Facebook Ads to:Engage • Increase number of fans Reach • Announce new productsInfluence • Reach a targeted group of users in Australia based Build on specific likes and interestsConnect Connect InfluenceEngage The fashion start-up maintains an ongoing Build Reach conversation with its fans by: ConnectInfluence • Regularly posting pictures of latest designs on saleEngage • Responding to customer queries MIISHKA is an online fashion retailer started on Facebook by an Reach entrepreneur.Influence MIISHKA successfully drove word-of-mouth at scale on Facebook by: • Running sponsored stories to encourage friends of fans to also become fans of its Facebook Page • Increasing the reach of its Page posts by running ads to target friends of fans Facebook: Building Essential Connections