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Textual analysis presentation

  1. 1. Textual AnalysisThings that I have learnt from the music video I have previously analysed “What’s My Name” “Unfaithful” “Just The Way You Are” By: Shahroz Ahmed
  2. 2. Andrew Goodwin’s TheoryAndrew Goodwin has identified 5 key aspects that we as a audience look out for• Narrative and performance• Technical aspects of Music video• Relation of visuals to song• The star image• Thought beats – seeing the sound in your head
  3. 3. Narrative and performance• Goodwin says that we tend to make up our own idea of the messages being sent in a song from a basic understanding of what it may actually be about.• Goodwin explains that music videos should ignore common narrative. It is significant in their role of advertising.• The artist acting as both the narrative and participant helps to increase the authenticity. However, lip sync remains the heart of music videos. It is the artists interest to make the audience believe that its real.
  4. 4. Technical aspects of Music Video• Technical aspects hold the music video together (use of camera work, movement, angle, mise-en-scene editing, sound and special effects)• Speed, camera movement, editing, cutting and post production are all forms of use of camera.• Lighting and colour helps set the mood and emphasise key/dramatic moments which adds extra effect.• Mise-en-scene, the setting is very important, it needs to look realistic and authentic in order to attain professionalism.• Beats, the cuts and beats go with the rhythm to make it entertaining. Music that has a catchy rhythm will attract the audience more towards it.
  5. 5. Relation of visuals to songThere are three ways in videos that are used to promote a song: Music videos can use a set of This is similar to images to repeatability, mea illustrate the ning and effects meaning of lyrics are manipulated & genre, the most and constantly common reinforced and shown through the video and drummed into our vision. This is where the music of the song is completely ignored.
  6. 6. The star imageStar image is a vital aspect of music videos.Artists want to obviously look unique in order to stay current and for audiences to remember them e.g. Rihanna’s Barbadian dancing is now her star image and everyone is familiar with it. The star image develops overtime and plays a big role in the production of process of music videos.
  7. 7. Target audience• Target audience is very important for artists, considering who they want their music videos to be watched by and who it targets .• Our video is the genre of indie rock and our target audience is people in their late teens and early 20’s – so to attract this age group, our video had to have some young, influential images to do with the song and it also had to have some performance involved.• The gender split for our music video is about 60%- 40% boys to girls. The reason being is because an indie rock group may traditionally attract more boys than girls.• The area in which people live in may be a factor on who prefers it.
  8. 8. What have I learnt about CameraCamera work plays a vital role in any music video.In the music video, “Whats my name” the shots have been used very methodically, there is a range of shots shown in video, the key ones are the establishing shot – to show where the music video is taking place, Medium shot – showing Rihanna’s Barbadian dancing on the streets of New York and an over-the-shoulder shot – showing the intimacy between Rihanna and Drake. The way these shots are used makes the audience feel that they can relate to the music video and they help show the key generic codes e.g. in the over-the-shoulder shot Rihanna’s flashy ring is emphasised. The fast moving shots suit the atmosphere as it has took place in New York.In the music video ,“Unfaithful” the shots used are connected with the music, as the music starts speeding up there is an increase of the use of shots, this is effective to the audience as its more interesting. The video is a narrative and that affects the shots as there needs to be a fixed amount of shots because the audience needs to understand the story in the song as well as the lyrics.In the music video, “Just the way you are”, the camera work is really important as the visuals match up with the lyrics very well. Some of the shots used were close-ups to Bruno Mars face to capture his facial expressions and also to make the audience feel as if he’s singing those words to the actress.
  9. 9. What have I learnt about EditingEditing also plays a huge part in music videos as its very important for the music video to be realistic in front of the audience.In the music video “What’s my name” there is a rare use of editing, which might be a reason why its very successful within the audience as its all authentic. However, there is a use of eye-line match when Rihanna enters the supermarket and Drake looks at her, we can see from where Drake is looking at to what he appears to be looking at (Rihanna). In the same scene, there is a reaction shot where Drake responds to Rihanna when they interact.In the music video, “Unfaithful”, there is a number of frequent cuts, shown to increase the tension for the viewer because of so much action taking place in the video. There is also a use of dissolve, when there is two images visible at the same time.In the music video, “Just the way you are”, there are not many frequent cuts and most of the camera shots are medium or zoomed into the faces of the characters to show their facial expressions. They also edited the video by using fast motion when Bruno Mars is making images out of media tape from the cassette to save time.
  10. 10. Mise En SceneThe use of mise en scene in the music videos is very important as the use of lighting , props and setting makes a difference to the audience whether it may be well suited to the genre of the song or not.In the music video, “What’s my name”, the lighting used is well suited as its calm and soft matching with the atmosphere. The costumes used link with the genre as what Rihanna is wearing is very casual and Drake’s costume is quite laid back as well. Its set in the city which once again links with the genre very well.In the music video, “Unfaithful”, there is two types of lighting used one is where she is in a complicated situation and the lighting is very dull matching with the atmosphere and the other lighting is calm and relaxing where there are shots being shown of her being with her man and having a good time. The costumes are very appropriate for the genre as they match with it. The setting is in a theatre and a restaurant both explaining the narrative of the video.In the music video, “Just the way you are”, the mise en scene is cleverly linked to the lyrics of the song. E.g. when he sings “Because you’re amazing just the way you are”, the actress is shown wearing clothes that would be considered lazy and she isn’t dressed up. The lighting is placed behind each person through the windows as if it’s the sun shining through into the building; this helps to set a happy mood on the set.