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Shahrooz Zayandehroodi Architectural Portfolio 2009-2013
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Shahrooz Zayandehroodi Architectural Portfolio 2009-2013



For the past 20 years, our industry has strived to mimic the biological to capture the life and organic forms of nature. I am excited to begin my career in a time that involves a paradigm shift in the ...

For the past 20 years, our industry has strived to mimic the biological to capture the life and organic forms of nature. I am excited to begin my career in a time that involves a paradigm shift in the industry from biological to geological. The shift consists of a responsibility for objectivity and a restoration of order within the chaos of our new metropolitan cities. My personal design approach embraces context, civility, history and democracy. Throughout my education, I have taken the opportunity to explore new possibilities to spatial and functional resolutions that would re-imagine a better way for people to live within the built environment.



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    Shahrooz Zayandehroodi Architectural Portfolio 2009-2013 Shahrooz Zayandehroodi Architectural Portfolio 2009-2013 Presentation Transcript

    • ShahroozZayandehroodi647.808.1029szayande@ryerson.caReferences availableupon requestSELECTEDWORKS2009-2013COLLEGE DIPLOMABACHELOR DEGREECHARRETTESTRIUMPH SHEET METALEFP DESIGNSWORK DESIGN-BUILD2009 Neoclassical Residence2010 Unionville Main St. Gallery2011 ORCKA Canoe Campus2012 Ryerson Architecture Building Entrance Competition2012 Axonometric Stair Case Study2013 Retractable Theatre2013 Documentary Media Graduate Residence Proposal2013 Church Street Revitalization2011 Evergreen Brickworks Greenhouse Competition2013 Dublin City Council BIA Improvement Proposal2011 Pickering Go Station Aluminum Cladding2011 MTO 401 EnRoute Stations Aluminum Cladding2011 Architectural Moulding Catalogue Brochure2012 Jay Robinson Custom Stone Cast Fireplace2013 Entertainment Unit Chisel Stone Design 2009 Basement Kitchen Renovation2012 3D Printed Wine Lamp Prototype2013 Basement Modern Stair Renovation
    • D1SPRING2008FIRST FLOORSECOND FLOORFRONT ELEVATIONCROSS SECTIONNEOCLASSICALRESIDENCEThe initial concept wasinspired by the Pathenoncathedral in Rome. Thefront columns providebalance and strength tothe overall design. Theclassical approach to thedesign was routed from theclients respect for theRenaissance period andclassical orders ofMichelangelo.
    • UNIONVILLEMAIN ST.GALLERYThe intentions of thisproposal was to fit intothe historicalneighborhood on Main St.in Markham. Thecontemporary art gallerywould also house 3 artistsin residence with aseparate entrance and rooftop patio.D2SPRING2010SITE MAPFRONT ELEVATIONSOUTH ELEVATIONMAIN STREET PERSPECTIVEINITIAL SKETCHCONTEXT PLAN
    • ORCKA CANOECAMPUSThe proposed design forthe new ORCKA Headquartersconcentrated on thehistorical connection tothe Iroquois village thatfirst settled near theHumber River. The sitespecific orientation ofthe 5 buildings maximizeviews to the river andoptimal sun exposureduring the day.D3WINTER2009SITE CONTEXTS - NEIGHBORHOODPURPOSED REVITALIZED SITESITE CONTEXTSITE SURVEYSITE MODELSITE PLAN
    • ORCKA CANOECAMPUSCRAFTSMANCANOE WOODBOAT HOUSEThe goal of the campus wasto create a new facilityfor members and communityvisitors to experiencecanoeing and kayaking atthe humber river. The landwas historically used bynative Aboriginals as aresting site along theirjourney. The aboriginallong house typology wasthe guiding inspirationfor the form and materialselectionD3WINTER2009RESIDENCE
    • ENTRANCEB1WINTER2011EAST ELEVATIONFIRST FLOOR PLANCROSS SECTIONSITE AREASITE MAPSECTION PERSPECTIVEThe challenge of re-designing the frontentrance of the RyersonArchitecture School wasto propel the schoolinto the 21st centurywhile expressing thevalues and creativity ofthe University. Theglass curtain wall formsymbolizes thecommitment to designexcellence andinnovation of theprogram.
    • One critical issue thatwas addressed within thedesign was to make theentrance fully accessiblewith a series ofscissoring ramps. Thejourney into the buildingcreates a gradualtransition into the atriumspace. The compressedfeeling when entering thebuilding emphasizes thelarge 3 story lobbyatrium.ENTRANCEB1WINTER2011ACCESSIBLERAMP + STAIRSSTREET FURNITURE+ BIKE RACKSCHURCH STREET PERSPECTIVEINTERIOR PERSPECTIVE EVENING RENDERINGDOUBLE DOORAIR LOCKCURTAIN WALLFACADE
    • B2SPRING2010STAIRCASE STUDYThe project required anexamination and comparisonof a modern stair case toa traditional wooden frameresidential construction.The modern house chosenwas from Altiusarchitecture in from theCliff house on the lake ofMuskoka.
    • B3WINTER2013RETRACTABLETHEATREThe focus of this academicproject was to create atemporary pavilion for1-2 years to promotethe Ryerson documentarymedia masters program.The site given was onthe last vacant propertysurrounding Dundas square.The challenge was howto create a studenttheatre that would showdocumentary screeningsranging in audiencesof 10-70 people. Theretractable qualitiesof the theatre giveflexibility to the sizeand intimacy of thescreening and createsa dynamic facade alongDundas square.THEATRE TIME LAPSESEATING SECTIONSDESIGN SCHEMATICSDUNDAS STREET PERSPECTIVE
    • The building was designedas Ryerson’s graduateresidence for documentarymedia. It promotes a shiftin architecture ideology.For the past 20 years,architecture has strivedto mimic biologicalelements to capture theorganic forms of nature.This design shows ashift from biological togeological expression.The shift consistsof a responsibilityfor objectivity and arestoration of orderwithin the chaos of ournew metropolitan city.Dundas square is notunique because of itssigns; it’s unique becauseof its void. The citylives through its publicspaces and the void withinthe urban fabric activatesthe imagination of ourgrowing metropolis.B4WINTER2013RYERSONGRADUATERESIDENCEZONING DISTRICT1:100 SCALE WOOD MODELRYERSON CAMPUS KEY PLANDUNDAS SQUARE NIGHT IMAGEEXISTING SITE PLANPROGRAM DIAGRAM
    • B4WINTER2013RYERSONGRADUATERESIDENCEThere is no betteropportunity in Torontoto contrast chaos witharchitecture than Dundassquare. The site givencompletes the enclosureof Dundas square andprovides an opportunityto add a strong presencefor Ryerson University.The dramatic concept saysno to extruded floorplates and no to maximumbuilding area. The conceptalso says no to tablarasta by restoring theexisting building andproviding 3 stories ofpublic space that followthe same height as theexisting structure. Therole of this building isnot to compete with Dundassquare: it’s to completeit.DUNDAS SQUARE GOOGLE STREET VIEWSTREET SECTION
    • B4WINTER2013The concept that has comeout this process has beenthe contrast between thetruth of documentarymedia and the lies ofcommercial interests whichis Dundas square. I wantedto use the metaphor ofexposure to reflect thearchitectural expressionof this design.Dundas square is unlikeany place in Canada andhas drawn people to itfrom all over the world.It has helped Torontobecome an internationallyrecognized city and aplace where one can live,work, and play.RYERSONGRADUATERESIDENCEBEDROOM RETRACTABLE LOUVRE FACADELIVING ROOMTERRANCE NIGHT PERSPECTIVE
    • B4WINTER2013RYERSONGRADUATERESIDENCEThe proposal elevated theresidential section to theeast side of the site andexposed an opportunity fora resident patio that wouldover look Dundas square. Toaddress the large surfacearea on the west façade, Iimplemented a retractablemetal perforated louverssystem that gives residencethe flexibility toadjust to sun exposure,temperature and privacy.The retractable nature ofthe louvers is similar tothat of theatre curtainsand creates a dynamicfaçade feature appropriatefor Dundas square.HVAC FLOOR PLAN DETAIL WALL SECTION PERSPECTIVEEXPOSED HRV SYSTEM
    • B5WINTER2013CHURCH ST.REVITALIZEDThe strategy for connectingthe Mattamy athletic centreto the Ryerson campuswas to revitalize churchstreet by connecting thegreenery of the Church &Wellseley Village to theKerr Hall Quad centrefield. The revitalizationof church street symbolizesRyerson’s growth as a citybuilder with a commitmentto improving student campusatmosphere within an urbancontext.SITE BOUNDARYCHURCH STREET PERSPECTIVESECTION PERSPECTIVE STREET FURNITURE IMPLEMENTATION
    • GREEN HOUSEThe experience of growingfood, the sounds andsmells were brought tolife through play. Throughplaying and participating,children can nurture agarden of there own whilelearning the importanceof plants and animals inthere ecosystem.C1SUMMER2010SCHEMATICSWATERLiving WallWater CollectionAquaponicsSCHEMATICSENERGYPassive SolarVermacomposting (Worms)Warming BlanketSCHEMATICSFOOD > WASTEFood ProductionSecret GardenEnteranceCopper RoofIconic SignageStained GlassWindow & RainwaterChicken CoopFOOD SCHEMATICSENERGY SCHEMATICSWATER SCHEMATICS SITE SCHEMATICS SITE CONTEXTFor the EvergreenBrickworks ChildrenGreenhouse, the clientwanted kids to play withtheir food. The flower-like water collectionsystem allows for waterto travel through a glasstube structure for kids towatch feed the aquaponics.
    • PROGRAM DIAGRAM LOYALTY POINTS CARD COMMUNITY WEBSITECOMMUNITY BRANDED BIKESBIKE PATH STATIONSPROGRAM ANALYSISC2WINTER2013DUBLIN BIAThe design Charrettefor Dublin City Councilinvolved rethinking citysystems. The area of focuswas lower Camden Dublinwhich was in need of newideas to regain localcustomers and improvebusiness relations betweenthe neighborhood. The citysystem developed to helpbusiness improve was acommunity loyalty programthat rewarded people forshopping in the area. Thecycle of consumption wouldreactivate the communityand its local businessowners.
    • STUDENT PERSONASTORE CLERK PERSONA REDESIGN STREET SCAPE PERSPECTIVEFAMILY PERSONAC2WINTER2013DUBLIN BIAThe persona studies werecreated to understandhow people would use theloyalty rewards programat different demographicsand situations. Thestore clerk, student,and family would all usethe points differentlybut collectively helppromote and stimulate thecommunity network.
    • A1SUMMER2010REFLECTIVESKETCHThe sketches and watercolour drawings werestudies of shadows andmovement through shape andtexture. The rough textureof the skin contrasts themodern smooth Ferrari Enzometal cladding.Shahrooz ZayandehroodiShahrooz Zayandehroodi Shahrooz ZayandehroodiFantasy CarThe Enzo Ferrari is one of the fast-est cars ever built and symboli-zies both strength and elegance.PROJECT : FreelanceMEDIUM:DATE July 9th 2009Shahrooz ZayandehroodiShahrooz Zayandehroodi Shahrooz ZayandehroodiFantasy CarThe Enzo Ferrari is one of the fast-est cars ever built and symboli-zies both strength and elegance.PROJECT : FreelanceMEDIUM:DATE July 9th 2009
    • A2SPRING2008DISTILLERYThe art piece of thedistillery district inToronto was a study ofthe structural brickconstruction of thehistorical community andits preservation in moderntimes. The strength ofthis community is directlyrelated to the connectionbetween the buildings andthe public spaces thatallow people to relax,rest and reflect. JaneJacobs believed that thestrength of the city wasits sidewalks as theultimate public spacewhere interaction betweenall sectors of life cancome together.Shahrooz ZayandehroodiShahrooz Zayandehroodithe distillery districtThe distillery district is one of myfavorite spots in toronto becauseof its brick-lined streets and re-stored Victorian Industrial buildings.PROJECT : Academic IWB FalstaffCharette 2009DATE Nov 9TH 2009
    • T1SPRING2011E2SUMMER2010Triumph Inc.Triumph Aluminum and SheetMetal Inc. were award tofabricate and install alu-minum panels for the newlybuilt Pickering Go Sta-tion.Other aluminum and sheetmetal projects include:-Sherbourne Park Pavilion-Ronald McDonald House T.O-Durham Police Station-Evergreen Bricksworks-Roncesvalles Lofts-Toronto Metro Hall- Shephan Leacock Centre
    • T2SUMMER2011E1SPRING2010Triumph Inc.Triumph Roofing & SheetMetal Inc. was awarded thezinc and aluminum claddingfor 7 MTO Enroute Stationson Hwy.401 designed byQuadrangle Architects.Shop drawings were pro-duced for the followinglocations:-Trenton South-Mallorytown North-Mallorytown South-Ingleside-Port Hope-Odessa-Napanee
    • E1SUMMER2010MOULDINGCATALOGUEWhile working with EFPDesigns, a task of minewas to redesign andorganize the entire 400piece catalogue of cornicemouldings, friezes, andtrims. The cataloguehas been implementedin every aspect of thedesign, manufacturing andmarketing process.
    • E2SUMMER2012Shahrooz ZayandehroodiShahrooz ZayandehroodiEFP DEsignsAt EFP Designs, I produce technicaldrawings of stone cast fireplaces. I be-gan the process with a visit to the site tomark down measurements of the fire-place insert and surounding walls.After the intial sketch is approvedby the client, I create a graphicpresentation of the proposed design.PROJECT : Industry ExpierenceMEDIUM:DATE Oct 20th 2008FIREPLACEThe process of designinga custom fireplacefor a client beginswith a meeting with aclient and then a sitevisit to understand theopportunities of thespace. The budget andvision of the clientare incorporated intothe initial sketch andthen finalized after anapproval of the technicalCAD detail drawings.Manufacturing includescreating custom molds withthe help of CNC machineryand laser cut operations.
    • E3FALL2013WALL UNITThe basement wall unitwas designed to span endto end with shelving oneither side for books,movies and entertainmentequipment. The clientrequested to have a modernesthetic that includeda TV and fireplace. Thestone was chosen to bringwarmth and a sense ofcomfort to the space forentertaining guests orprivate occasions.
    • W1SUMMER2010Shahrooz ZayandehroodiShahrooz ZayandehroodiKITCHEN BARThe basement kitchen was design andbuilt to create a space for large partiesas well as casual family gatherings.PROJECT : FreelanceMEDIUM:DATE July 9th 2009KITCHEN RENOThe basement kitchenwas designed and builtto create a welcomingspace for large partiesas well as casualfamily gatherings. Thealternating pattern ofstone and wood on the barwas designed to tie intothe rest of the basementmaterials used throughout.The project completed wasslightly altered from theinitial schematic designdue to cost and timeconstraints.
    • WINE LAMPThe wine lamp is light,bright and portable toany room in the house.The rotating pedals giveoff a soft ambient lightgreat for reading orentertaining friends. Thewine lamp showcases theinnovative technology ofcatalyst 3D printing andprototyping. The tops oflamp are interchangeableto fit the clientsfunction or appeal. Thelamp is in cost estimatesand awaiting for CSA lightsafety approval.W2SPRING2012PROTOTYPE 3-DPRINTED WINE LAMPCONCEPT 1 CONCEPT 2 CONCEPT 3
    • W3WINTER2013STAIR RENOThe client requested amodern staircase thatwould be a focal pointfor guests when beingentertained in thebasement. The designcombined modern elementsof acyclic 1” hollow tubesand led rope lighting toenhance the horizontalexpression of the wraparound treads. The slopeof the stairs was alsoreduced to create aneasier procession into thebasement while maintaininga safe and appropriatehead clearance.EXISTING CONDITION ARTIST RENDERING TECHNICAL DRAWINGS