OSEHRA and VistA Platform Overview

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An overview of the OSEHRA VistA Platform for Engineering and Quality Assurance Professionals

An overview of the OSEHRA VistA Platform for Engineering and Quality Assurance Professionals

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  • 1. & VistA An overview of the OSEHRA VistA Platform for Engineering and Quality Assurance Professionals
  • 2. NETSPECTIVE What is OSEHRA? • Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent(OSEHRA) supports open, collaborative community of users, developers, and companies engaged in advancing electronic health record software and health information technology • Formed in Sept. 2011 to unify the EHRs of DVA and DOD and take advantage of the Open Source Communities • The OSEHRA’s responsibility is to facilitate the rapid rate of innovation and improvements of VistA using open source community • Provides framework for architectural direction, certification and Testing of the Applications www.netspective.com 2
  • 3. NETSPECTIVE VistA Background • Started 25 years ago by Department of Veterans Affairs to automate their 170+ medical centers • Used the then-popular M procedural programming language which is also called MUMPS (predates C language with its own syntax and style) • Developed Foundation and Framework to support their Applications • They named it DHCP(Decentralized Hospital Computer Program), VISTA(Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture) and the suite consisted of over 168+ hospital Applications on top of the Framework • VistA is not an all or nothing proposition. Very large collection of applications and only a portion of it may be relevant to the need at hand www.netspective.com 3
  • 4. NETSPECTIVE VistA Foundation www.netspective.com Source: http://www.hardhats.org/dhcptovista.html 4
  • 5. NETSPECTIVE VistA Foundation & Frameworks • M Technology – The M Language and Database • File Manager – Active Data Dictionary based Database Management written in M • Kernel - Application framework, based on M and File Manager, providing services such as menus, device selection, background task scheduling, MailMan(SMTP based), KIDS(powerful distribution mechanism) etc • Applications - End-user software. VISTA supports the development of these applications by providing a framework of Kernel, Fileman and M (MUMPS) • Universal SQL access to VISTA Databases • M code is not compiled or linked: Thus allowing incredible degree of integration between applications www.netspective.com 5
  • 6. NETSPECTIVE VistA Architecture Source: OSEHRA architecture document www.netspective.com 6
  • 7. NETSPECTIVE VistA Technology Stack • Databases – – • Gateways for Modern Languages such as JAVA, .NET, PHP to develop Web based Client Apps – – – • InterSystems Proprietary Cache version of MUMPS runs on Windows and Linux Open Source GT.M(Greystone Technology M) version of MUMPS also getting bundled recently with VISTA runs on GNU/LINUX. Non Linux with custom license. Cache Object Script M2Web is Open Source Web Gateway to MUMPS to use with VISTA MGWSI module from M/Gateway group to act as Gateway between Cache, GT.M M21 MUMPS databases CPRS(Computerized Patient Record System) client-server graphical interface in Delphi to the clinicians to review, update EHRs Cache/GT.M (MUMPS) www.netspective.com MGWSI/M2Web Java, PHP, .NET etc… 7
  • 8. NETSPECTIVE VistA Sample Applications • • • • • • • • • • • • • CPRS(Computerized Patient Record System) used to review, update Patient EHRs Radiology Dentistry Laboratory Laboratory - Blood Bank Laboratory – Anatomic Pathology etc… My HeltheVet Eyecare Ambulatory Care Nursing Clinical Administration Patient Care List goes on to over health care 180 applications www.netspective.com 8
  • 9. NETSPECTIVE Cache DB Sample Screen www.netspective.com 9
  • 10. NETSPECTIVE CPRS Sample Screen www.netspective.com 10
  • 11. NETSPECTIVE Additional Information • OSEHRA website: www.osehra.org • HardHats.org: http://www.hardhats.org • MUMPS – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUMPS – http://www.mcenter.com/mtrc/mfaqhtm1.html • World Vista: www.worldvista.org • Webnairs: https://www.vxvista.org/display/vx4Learn/Recorded+ Webinars www.netspective.com 11
  • 12. Visit http://www.netspective.com http://www.healthcareguy.com Thank You