Another Cinderella Story


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Another Cinderella Story

  1. 1. Another Cinderella Story In a very peaceful world where no crimes happened, called a fairy world, there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella. She was the one human who lived in a house in the deep of jungle. But, she had many friend and never felt sad. She always sing with the animal and the world became happy and full-color. Until one day, she desired a prince would come to be her everlasting soulmate. A prince charming who always love her wholehearted. While Cinderella sang the songs waiting for the prince, there was a castle not far from the jungle. It was a cruel queen’s castle. She lived with her only one son, named Stephen. Stephen often went to the jungle for hunted animals. One day, he was in the jungle with his guard and he thought he heard a beautiful song. He tried to find the voice, but he couldn’t. As long as he knew, he felt something different with the voice, something special. And, he ran out of patience, he really desired to find the owner of the voice and tried hard to find it. Great! “At last, I find the source of this beautiful voice. Who is that?”asked Stephen. He walked a step, and suddenly stopped. “Woow,,,, how pretty is she!” Stephen decided to stand there and watched the girl from the tree, admired the girl from aside. Cinderella felt something different and looked around. And her eyes met the prince eyes. Suddenly, her heartbeat became faster and faster, she became breathless. “Good morning, beautiful girl.” said Stephen. Cinderella couldn’t say anything. “Hello? Sorry, may I know your name?” asked Stephen. Cinderella frightened and said haltingly, “Good... good morning. Yes, oh, Cin... Cinderella. Yeah, I am Cinderella.” “A beautiful name, just like the owner.” praise Stephen. Cinderella became flushed of embarassment. “Oh, my name is Stephen.” Stephen introduced his self. And they smiled each other. The queen Rowena, knew that Edward has found Cinderella. She asked her servant to find Cinderella and brought her to the palace. Rowena had a bad plan, she would throwed Cinderella away from fairy world. Cinderella arrived in the palace. The queen Rowena urged Cinderella to walk around the palace while have a talk. Cinderella interested in a beautiful waterfall there, she asked the queen about it. And with a cynical smile, the queen said “Would you feel the waterfall’s freh water? You can fall in to this.” “Yes, I really want to swim here. But, fall in to this? Is it safe?” asked Cinderella. “Of course it is safe. This is the magic water, after you swim here, your will become more beautiful, Cinderella.” said the queen. “Really?” Cinderella still in doubt. The queen nodded fastly.
  2. 2. Cinderella was a step away from the waterfall, and suddenly, the queen throwed her into the waterfall. Cinderella frightened and couldn’t do nothing. “Help...!!! Help me...!!!” shouted Cinderella. But, no one could help her. Cinderella twisted in the water and fell. It was very dark. She found the light from a hole above her head. She tried to open it. And, there she was. In the real world that she doesn’t know anything about it. She was suffering from disorieentation. Panic. The new world was very different, there are so many people walk around, it was so busy and noisy. She asked everyone who know about fairy world and a prince called Stephen. But, no one answered her. Moreover, they looked down on Cinderella who wore a very big gown. Cinderella became frustrate and hopeless. While, in the fairy world, the queen laugh uproariously.