Women working
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Women working






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Women working Presentation Transcript

    Today , we’ll talk about world , that become not making different between men and women in business and working career . so it’s natural for women to enter working career and making kind of hard competitiveness , and in most times women be first in some careers .
  • 3.
  • 4. Why are usually women wanted for working ?
    Sometimes , work owner prefers to work women instead of men , that backward to the methods of showing and selling product , that make people wants to buy products , second the way of service people , that makes good will for place and attract people to come again . but on other side majority of men -Not all of them- don’t have patience to talk with people and try to persuade them to buy product whatever it is .
    So what make work owner to have a person reduces customers and makes losses .
  • 5. II. Advantages & disadvantages for women working
    In the beginning let’s take advantages , besides we said in the first point about behavior and method , women can help their families , that their income doesn't enough . or she can depend on herself , as may be she likes to shop and get anything she wants , and doesn’t depend only on her father or husband .
    And if we talk about disadvantages of working women ,we’ll say that some women can’t face working depression for many reasons . like , may be she has a kids , therefore they need more caring , second may be for nature of female that they were created . As result for that the work becomes do-nothing , so women should work in the place with little work. Next thing that most of women are moodiness and I mean by that , perhaps something bothered her out working area , that affect in work itself , but if she is in good mood , You get very hyper worker . Additional to they increase an unemployment cases . but this isn’t appearing in modern countries , in contrast with the developing countries .
  • 6. III. Problems and Troubles that facing working women
    I’ll show four problems may be facing women in working sector
    First, the majority of new mothers can’t balance between their works and their kids , because kids need mother in the beginning of their life , therefore that can make a bad side effect in both sides .
    second , working for along time . May be tired woman and make her confusing and not focusing and that reducing quality of work .
  • 7. Third , sometimes job’s qualifications don’t suit women’s nature , as some works need hard working , for example : driver – pilot - police officer & any thing like that .
    Forth , woman suffers from bad treatment from her bosses and her customers , because of the wrong ideas that they believed in it , and the eastern society’s vision towards working woman .
  • 8. FACTS
    Woman Working
    • Women now comprise an increasing share of the world's labor force , at least one third in all regions except in northern Africa and western Asia .
    This fact make us sure that the northern Africa look to working women by wrong eye in contrast with Europe vision .
    • In the global economy, women account for 60 percent of the world’s 550 million working poor , even though they make up 40 percent of the world’s workforce.
    This fact mean that working women are a little rate from workforce around the world wide .
    • Nearly 20 million African men and women are migrant workers. By 2015, one in ten Africans will live and work outside of his or her country of origin .
    This fact reflect lack of working opportunity for both genders
    • The two highest IQ’s ever recorded (on a standard test) both belong to women
    IQ (intelligence quotient )
  • 9.
    • In the end , I want to say that women don’t take their rights completely , and it’s time to change our mind to right way .
    My Point of view
    I don’t mind if my wife or my daughter wants to work , but without neglecting her home , because woman’s role at home is more important than out home , but not meaning to force woman to leave her work , because simply why we educate women then we forced them to leave work and stay at home and that’s what we call it the wrong vision to working women . Sometimes , men told their women to stop work after marriage , and he attaches that with breaking-away , but this isn’t fair , as women’s right to prove and improve themselves like men .
  • 10. Thank You