How to make good book marketing


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How to make good book marketing

  1. 1. How to make good book marketing? Make People Read Your Book- Create A Buzz by Online Book Marketing Strategies Reading has always been one of man’s favourite pastimes. Ever since the advent of the first published book in 1440 and even before that, reading has served as a means of enlightenment, knowledge, freedom and a food for the intellectual cravings. One could, therefore, easily ascertain the position that books and authors hold in the lives of the reading population. However, letting the readers know about the book is the first important step that authors need to take in order to become successful. Book Promotion- Creating a Reader Base Have you dreamt of being an author all your life and have now successfully written and published a book? Well, these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to become a renowned author, it is important for you to first of all create an appreciable reader base. And this is where the entire concept of book marketing comes into play. While the yesteryear book marketing business relied largely on print advertisement, book signings, reading sessions, offline book tours and the like, the modern way of publicizing a book largely consists of doing things the virtual way. Whatever be the way of doing things, the importance of letting the readers know about the book hasn’t changed one bit. After all, that is the entire point of book promotion. Ways to Promote Books Online There are a number of avenues open to one when it comes to publicizing a book and making the talk of the reader’s town.  Social networking sites Relationships, making friends and acquaintances have attributed with a whole new connotation what with the entire global picture undergoing a virtual makeover. If you are an author looking to produce effective results for online book promotion, this is one of those media that you could try out.  Writing a blog or creating a website Blogs and websites are one of the best ways of creating an appreciable reader base and letting them know about your latest book. You could open an all-exclusive website for your book and create a blog section and promote your website extensively.
  2. 2.  Free book promotion websites The World Wide Web hosts a number of such sites that allow authors to promote their books absolutely free of cost. You could easily choose a site from biggies such as, Goodreads, Book Talk, Wattpad, Kindleboards and the like in order to let the reading population know all about your book. Authors can easily create an appreciable reader base in this manner owing to the wide exposure that they receive.  Book review sites Book review sites are another way by which you can promote your book and reach out to the reading population at large. A positive review always serves as a key to reliability. Readers upon getting a positive feedback from the review sites on your book will tend to put their faith in it. Not only will this expose your book to a wider range of reader, but will also make sure that people read it. Hence, book review sites can be seen as an indispensible book marketing tool. Create an Appreciable Reader Base- Promote Your Book Online “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free”. This one statement by Frederick Douglass should be enough for anybody to guess the position that books hold in our lives. Books have long been deemed as a medium of true emancipation; it is one of the primary devices by the means of which one can liberate the soul and go to places where it is not possible to reach humanly. Telling Readers about Your Book- Then and Now Have you written a book and are all set to publish it? Congratulations, then! You have taken your first step towards becoming a successful author. But merely writing a book and putting it up for publishing is no longer sufficient in the present scenario. You need to promote your book and create a reader base for the same. When it comes to promotion and marketing, books are like any other product or service of an organisation- people need to know about it and only then will they be interested in reading it. While the book promotion strategies prior to the digital revolution involved authors relying completely on book signings, book tours, reading sessions, print advertisement and the like, things have changed quite a lot ever since the advent of internet and technology. Now, instead of offline book marketing strategies, authors have started putting their faith in the digital modes of marketing, viz, promotion though websites and blogs, social media marketing, email marketing, free sample readings and the like. Needless to say, the success quotient of these methods has been found to be quite high up.
  3. 3. Online Book Promotion- The Benefits of the Entire Deal Not for nothing has online book promotion been gaining momentum since the last few years- the benefits that the entire deal comes laced with is quite high.  Promoting the book written by you over the World Wide Web ensures that you will never be at a crisis of venues. With an array of sites and opportunities this is that one place that allows authors to promote their book and lets readers know about them quite easily.  As an author, you are also saved from the necessity of travelling from place to another, thereby, saving both time and money.  Offline book promotion venue has a limited amount of space and can fit in people only up to a certain number. However, online book promotional venues allow as many readers to fit in as possible. Needless to say, this equals to maximum exposure.  Authors need to have certain oratory skills in order to see an offline book promotional event successfully. However, with online book promotional events you can think about a particular query before responding to it. The advent of internet and technology and its easy accessibility has changed a lot of things for the entire global population and book reading and learning about new book launches is not an exception. Therefore, as an author, you need to embrace this medium of book marketing in order to create an appreciable reader base for your book. Using a company or service to promote your book Some people think that the process of actually writing a book is the most difficult thing about having a book on the market, but there are others who would strongly disagree with this line of reasoning. Writing the book is your creation, and you are able to put your thoughts on paper. While most of the time you will have an editor and someone who is making changes to your manuscript, for the most part the bulk of the end product is something that you came up with out of pure enjoyment. The aftermath, however, is not the case. While it is all smiles once the hard work is done, the beginning stages of book promotion can be terrifying if you try it alone. What are the benefits of using a company to promote your work?  Experience ◦ If you are hiring a company to do your marketing and promotion for you, they are most likely already experienced in this area. Most people who start out writing a book are not necessarily prepared to do all of their own marketing. Many would not know the first step to take in terms of advertising. Having a company in place that has promoted books for others is important because they bring the experience to the table.
  4. 4.  More hands on deck ◦ Even with the most supportive family, friends, and coworkers, you simply cannot spread the word about your writing as far as you would be able to if you had other people helping you. Most of the time if you rely on personal relationships to advertise for you, it does not work out because these people not only have lives of their own, but they live in a limited area. Businesses that pride themselves on marketing are able to reach a much wider audience so that your writing can be sold in a more wide range of areas.  Time management ◦ Life is busy. Some people that write books are still working full time jobs. If you are one of those people, you simply do not have the time to devote to doing all of the advertising and marketing yourself. While you will be available to deal with the company that handles it for you, you will not have to be the one making all of the calls yourself. What services should a company offer?  Social Networking ◦ If you do not have one already, the company that you hire should set you up with some kind of social networking account. This can help you gain followers quickly, and they can designate someone on their team to keep the sites updated if you do not want to handle that on your own.  Book Signings ◦ Book signings are a great way to meet your readers face to face. It gives them a chance to get to know you, and you sell books in the process. It also helps you to develop partnerships with local bookstores that would invite you to do signings in the future.  Website ◦ Every author should have a website, and a marketing company should offer you one to represent you to your fan base. While it is fantastic to have gone through the experience of writing down what you have always dreamed of writing about and seeing it turned into a final product, this is not the end that most people want to see when they write a book. If you are taking the time to actually have your book published, then chances are that you want other people to get to read your book and enjoy it. You want to find a following and a place in the literature world. To do that, you have to do some kind of marketing. Without it, even if you do get lucky enough to have one book turn out to be a hit, the subsequent books could go unnoticed. It is important to have a plan in place to keep this from happening so that your profession as a writer can be exactly what you have always wanted. What to do after you finish writing your book Many people have the aspirations of becoming a writer, and for many, those dreams never come true. For some it is because they simply do not make the time to sit down and put their imaginations into a written manuscript. For others, they may start writing their thoughts but find it hard to pinpoint what they want to say, so they end up giving up on their writing or going from work
  5. 5. to work without ever finishing anything. Then there is the group of people who have successfully completed their writing, but don't know what to do after that. Writing a book is in itself a huge accomplishment, but having it become popular or a best-seller won't happen without some work. To have a book become well recognized, you have to do some form of book marketing. Isn't writing my book enough? As unfortunate as it is, writing is just like web design. You can write your words down, even have them printed into a nice document, but in the end, that is all it is. You may be able to have family and friends read your book, but you truly will have no further options than that unless you extend yourself further than close family and friends. To have your book become successful, you have to take the step into having the book marketed and promoted. Not only is this necessary in some cases just to get the money to publish your book, but if the book is already published, it is the way that readers will find out more about your book. What are some ways I can market my book?  Social networking ◦ One of the easiest ways to advertise anything is through the social media. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Goodreads, you have a massive audience that can be reached by tapping into this area. This simply cannot be ignored. Setting up a profile on Goodreads directly links you to people who read, so this gives you an opportunity to connect with people who are wanting to try out and support new authors. Establishing a Facebook page will give people a chance to learn more about you and you can interact with them and answer questions about your work and your life.  Online giveaways ◦ If you have social networking sites this can be even easier, but even without Facebook or Goodreads, you can offer free giveaways for your book on sites like Amazon. The giveaways can be contests through social networking sites or giveaways that last during a certain duration of time. Either way, people are fans of getting things for free and this is free promotion by word of mouth for your book!  Give away free copies to related areas ◦ If you are writing a book about nonfiction or a specific topic, you can offer to provide copies of the book to local areas of similar interest. For example, if you are writing a book about Greek Mythology, you could drop off a copy at a local museum depicting Greek art. They wouldn't necessarily have to display it, but it gets your name out there as well as the cover of your work.  Contact local libraries ◦ Libraries are always fond of supporting local authors, and even if you aren't getting paid to have your work here, it is a way to get patrons familiar with your work. You can donate copies to your local library system and they will implement them into their catalog, giving readers a chance to check them out. You can quickly gain a following this way, especially if the librarians enjoy the books!
  6. 6. Your book could be the best writing on the planet, but if you don't do what it takes to get it out there, no one will ever know. Whether you have the newest nonfiction book to educate people about a topic that interests you or if you have a thriller that will captivate readers into wanting more from your characters, the need for advertising and book promotion is there. It is a necessity if you want your book, and your dream, to succeed! How can I make money from something I write? The market for writing literature is a very large one. There are so many different niches for writing that it creates a place for everyone to come into the market and take a piece. There are spots for picture books, self-help books, religious books, fiction crime mysteries, and even general fact books. No matter what the subject, there is someone somewhere that wants to read about it. The key is not finding something to write about, because most people already have that in mind when they sit down to write. They key is know how to make money from what you have invested your time writing. The first step is to have your book published, and then start in on the marketing campaign! Where are some places I can sell my book?  Amazon ◦ Amazon can not only help you with the publishing end of your writing, but can also help with selling your work. It is a great way to offer it in not only a physical format but in an e-book format as well, which some people prefer. It also offers the opportunity for you to do giveaways if you ever want to consider doing a special of some kind for readers.  Bookstores ◦ While this not always be a very dependable route to go because some bookstores do not accept self-published books, there are some smaller bookstores that do accept these
  7. 7. types of materials. Most of the time if you consult with bookstores that are not part of a major chain, they will be more likely to buy your publication because they do not have to seek the approval of upper-level management.  Your own website ◦ If you are part of a social networking site, such as Goodreads or Facebook, it is simple to create a link to your website from your social networking page. From your website, you can offer your writing for sale and give people an opportunity to buy it there by using Paypal. How can I learn more about marketing?  Check out books from the library ◦ There are more and more books being published about how to sell your own work because the average person wants to attempt to do something with their life that involves a do-it-yourself task. People want to make money working from home or publishing their own books, so there are always new materials coming out with suggestions on how to do so. You can either check them out from the library or look for them online or in a bookstore.  Read online blogs ◦ Blogs are a great way to learn more about marketing because they tell you what works and doesn't work, what techniques to stay away from, and can also help you gain followers and potential readers by developing relationships with these bloggers.  Contact a marketing firm ◦ If you aren't prepared to do the marketing yourself, contact a marketing firm and find out what they can do for you to make your work easier. For most people, this is what they end up doing simply because they want someone who is an expert in the field handling their marketing. Making money from writing a book is not easy, and no one has ever claimed that it was. Some people may write books and have them published and make back enough to cover the expenses of what they paid to have it published, but they may not ever see a profit. Others may actually end up owing money because they did not sell enough copies to cover what they spent. If you take the time to do book marketing, your work will become well known enough that you will gain followers and sell books, making you the money that you wanted when you started writing!