How to install custom metal letter signs


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How to install custom metal letter signs

  1. 1. Source: Impact Signs
  2. 2.  You probably spent a good bit of money having your custom metal signs or custom metal letter signs made so it’s important to know how to install them properly so they hence your business, and work to build your brand. Copyright
  3. 3. Copyright Office walls Metal walls Glass walls Brick walls For more sign letter sample photos:
  4. 4.  Custom metal signs can be installed fairly easily, regardless of which method your sign manufacturer uses as its installation method. In most cases, the manufacturer will supply specific installation instructions as well as any hardware and installation patterns needed. Copyright
  5. 5.  The most common methods of installing metal letters and logos are via flush stud mount or stud mounted with spacers. Copyright Flush Stud Mount Stud Mounted With Spacers
  6. 6. The two methods are similar, with each using studs inserted into drilled holes, but the second uses spacers between the wall and the letter, whereas flush mounted places the letters flush against the wall. Here’s a step-by-step outline of how to install a metal sign. Copyright
  7. 7.  Step One: Clean the wall surface and place the installation pattern on the wall where you plan to install the sign. Use a level to ensure the sign is installed at a straight level height. Copyright
  8. 8.  Step Two: Use a pencil to mark each spot where holes will be drilled in the wall.  Step Three: Drill holes in each marked spot. When done, remove pattern from the wall. Copyright
  9. 9.  Step Four: Place the adhesive that came with your sign into the holes for one letter.  Step Five: If using spacers, place the spacers on the studs that protrude from the back of each letter, so that the spacers sit between the wall and the letters. Copyright
  10. 10.  Step Six: Holding the letter in line with the pre- drilled holes, place the studs on the back of the letter into the adhesive-filled holes in the wall. Repeat with each letter Copyright
  11. 11.  Some metal signs may require attaching one or two rails to the wall using a similar method as above, and then simply sliding the metal letters into the rails. The key to successful installation is to use and level a pattern before drilling any holes. Copyright
  12. 12. Copyright  For more information on installing your custom metal letters signs or in having one made for your company, contact us today! ◦ Impact Architectural Signs 2215 South Wolf Road Hillside, IL 60162 ◦ Phone: +1 (800) 492-1201 Fax: +1 (708) 492-0136 ◦