Rmoov Webinar 10 Link Removal Mistakes You Never Want to Make


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Our January Link Removal Tips and Techniques Webinar covers 3 Basic Rules for Success, then covers the 10 Mistakes You Never Want to Make When Removing Links.

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Rmoov Webinar 10 Link Removal Mistakes You Never Want to Make

  1. 1. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov From Web Based Innovations http://www.slideshare.net/ShaMenz/rmoov-webinar-10-link-removal- mistakesTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com
  2. 2. Ignore them at your peril!Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com
  3. 3. 3 Basic Rules for Success Be brutally honest when analyzing links Remember that every interaction is Human to Human Do everything you can to Protect your BrandFollowing these three basic rules through every step of the link removal processwill vastly improve the likelihood of achieving the results you want. Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  4. 4. How Hard Could it Be?Your approach to the task is keyAttitude is an important element for success. If you are feeling angry or persecuted, think it is all a waste of time, or just want to do as little as possible, consider getting someone else to do the job.What should I do? Understand your situation Decide whether you are dealing with penguin or a penalty Document everything meticulously (for both) Gather link data and determine what to keep or remove Be prepared to do the work! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  5. 5. Link Removal Mistake # 1 Making excuses for manipulative linksThis is where Basic Rule #1 comes into play. Remember, good link analysismeans being brutally honest, most especially with yourself. Link analysis isabout the link. If it was created rather than earned, you have aproblem, regardless of page or site quality (or perhaps because of it) Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  6. 6. Link Removal Mistake # 2 Reinventing link manipulation techniquesIf you’re still stuck at the point of changing anchor text so “Google thinks it’sOK”, I’m afraid I have bad news. You still haven’t worked that taste formanipulation out of your system. Mindset is everything and Google wantsmost of all for you to prove that yours has changed.http://www.rmoov.com/google-reconsideration-request-checklist.php Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  7. 7. Link Removal Mistake # 3 Protecting a link profile that is doing you harmIf you are faced with a manual spam action, there is one thing you know forcertain. The penalty is going nowhere until you have met Google’sexpectations for improvement. Trying to remove as few links as possible andhoping for a result can only lead to disappointment (and multiplereconsideration requests). Don’t kid yourself those links you think are “not toobad” will save you. Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  8. 8. Link Removal Mistake # 4 Cutting corners and not “doing the work”Did I mention mindset?Making a good faith effort means trying every avenue available to getthose links removed. Spend the time to find all the contact information youcan. If email doesn’t work, submit a form, pick up the phone, post aletter, or send a tweet...heck, get in the car and drive over if it will get theresult you need! Yes, it takes some effort, but keep your eye on the prize! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  9. 9. Link Removal Mistake # 5 Treating webmasters as the enemyEstablishing a mailbox for link removal and calling it something offensivewill not win you friends or get links removed. Yes, I have real worldexamples, but I really wish I didn’t! spam@yourdomain.com hmmm...you think that is a good idea? craplinks@yourdomain.com OH NO! You didn’t !?! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  10. 10. Link Removal Mistake # 6 Still treating webmasters as the enemyThe content of your email template is critical to the success of your request.Own your mistakes, show some understanding for the webmaster’s situationand ask politely. It all comes down to Basic Rule #2.Always remember that you are talking to humans (both webmasters andWebspam team members). Be polite and respectful – you get what you give. Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  11. 11. Link Removal Mistake # 7 Just can’t stop treating webmasters as the enemyDon’t morph from link spammer into email spammer! Bombarding people withemail dusk to dawn, 24/7 will get you nothing but enemies with the power tohurt you! Getting your server tagged for Spamming is remarkably easy ifyou lose sight of Basic Rule #3! Likewise trying to “score points” on someonewho didn’t answer your email or remove a link. DON’T put your Brand atrisk for a cheap win by lodging frivolous DMCA requests or spam reports! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  12. 12. Link Removal Mistake # 8 Pouring fuel on a flameYou shouldn’t be surprised to find that the “human” element of this wholeprocess will occasionally bring an email response that is less than friendly.Don’t be tempted to respond in kind. Nothing good will come of going to warover someone else’s bad disposition. Be conciliatory and apologize for theimposition. You may be surprised how often a little human kindness will turnthe situation around and get those links removed! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  13. 13. Link Removal Mistake # 9 Spending time sending futile requestsOK, if you’re wasting time sending email to registered owners of personalblogging platforms like Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr and Twitter, it’s clearlytime for some straight talking. Don’t waste your time or theirs, & don’t think ofsubmitting a reconsideration request that says you tried, but got no result Don’t waste time emailing Article directories you could fix yourself either. Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  14. 14. Link Removal Mistake # 10 Thinking the Disavow Tool fixes everythingGoogle’s Disavow Links Tool is not the big fix that most people like to thinkit is. Manual penalties cover way more than just links.Penguins might be satisfied after munching through a few thousand fishylinks, but the real people in the Webspam team have a whole lot more ontheir minds! Twitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov
  15. 15. Presenter: Sha Menz Brought to you by: Rmoov From Web Based Innovations http://www.slideshare.net/ShaMenz/rmoov-webinar-10-link-removal- mistakesTwitter: #rmoovinar @ShahMenz @rmoov http://www.rmoov.com