Move or Remove? The Where, Why and How of Penguins and Penalties


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Move or Remove? The Where, Why and How of Penguins and Penalties

  1. 1. Presenter: Sha Menz Lead Software Architect, RmoovTwitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  2. 2. Perhaps there’s aPenguinlurking nearby... Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  3. 3. “Where do I Start...?” Understanding your Link Removal Problem Where to find out who is Linking to your Site Which Links do you need to Remove? Analyzing your Backlink Profile Tools and Tips for Link Analysis and Link Removal Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  4. 4. Understanding your ProblemAre you facing Penguin or a Penalty?Penguin is an Algorithmic “filter”. It’s aimed at punishing tactics which are intended to manipulate Search Engine results. Essentially, it is the “over-optimization” filter Matt Cutts once talked about at SMXPenguin changes will occur when the filter is updatedWhat should I do?Clean up the problemsMonitor future updatesDon’t forget On-Site Manipulation issues!Should I just get a new Domain?The choice is yours, but make it a “Business” choice Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  5. 5. Understanding your ProblemCould it be a Penalty? A Manual Penalty, or “manual Spam action” is applied by the Webspam Team, independent of Penguin. It is entirely normal to feel crushed!What should I do? Be Honest, first with yourself, and ultimately with Google! Don’t be overcome by feelings of powerlessness! You must keep your eye on the ball! Learn how to identify a Link Penalty Make a good faith effort to Remove offending links Document every step of the process Clean up On-Site Manipulation issues Lodge a Reconsideration request Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  6. 6. Don’t Ever Forget:There is way more to manual penalties that just bad Links! Any breach of Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines can result in a manual penalty... Did you know the Quality Guidelines were updated very recently? You will find them here: Read them often and make sure you KNOW what they mean Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  7. 7. That ain’t no fluffy little Penguin!Look for these issues on your site:Paid links that pass PageRank – Read the FINE PRINT!CloakingScrapingDoorway pagesLink schemes – Read it AGAIN!Keyword Stuffing on a Mass ScaleSneaky redirectsAbusing Rich Snippets Markup!!!Sending Automated Queries to GoogleCreating sites that exhibit malicious behavior...and there are more. READ THEM!! Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  8. 8. How do I Find Links to My Site?Use as many sources as possible Google Webmaster Tools is the most obvious place to start, but there are many other places to look for link data Try these: • Open Site Explorer • Majestic SEO • Ahrefs • Bing Webmaster Tools! • Google Analytics + Excellent Analytics ! Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  9. 9. Which Links to Remove?Understand why a link might be troublesome When it comes to link based penalties and more specifically Dancing With Penguins, you need to r understand as much as possible about the issues that Google is on the focusing on.Be on the lookout for these: Sitewide footer & Blogroll Links Over-use of exact match anchor text Paid Reviews or Advertorials Being seen in Bad Neighborhoods Sytematic use of manipulative tools and techniques Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  10. 10. Analyzing Your Backlink ProfileLink analysis should bedone by humans, witheyes on sites.There are lots ofhelpful resources available.This one from bruceclay.comis good for beginners. Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  11. 11. Nothing good comes easy...U will haz ishoooz!Protected DomainsCountry Specific DomainsJavascript Widgets used to hide contentBlogspot Blogs & other Subdomain driven blogging platforms“Moving links” on heavily paginated sitesLinks inserted via iframes from external sites – Guess Who??! Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  12. 12. Understanding the link removal landscape is key to managing the process and PROCESS is what matters to Google “make a good faith effort to remove links...” Matt Cutts, October 2012Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  13. 13. Let’s talk about someof our favorite things.... Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  14. 14. What happened at Pubcon 2012? Matt Cutts announced the arrival of Google’s Disavow Links Tool, but... Use with CAUTION Make every effort to physically remove links before using Remember that your submission is treated as a “suggestion” Understand that the effectiveness of disavowing links is tied to crawl won’t happen by midnight!!!! Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  15. 15. Get the full story from Matt Watch the video on Youtube Read the official blog post Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  16. 16. How Do I Create A Disavow List?Most link removal tools now do this for you rmoov auto-generates a Disavow Report for every closed campaign Three critical things to remember: • Disavow entire domains • Save .txt file with UTF-8 encoding • Overwriting your Disavow list effectively “reavows” the links that were there! Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  17. 17. What about Bing’s Disavow Tool? Bing was first to introduce a Disavow Links Tool The Bing tool works differently We asked Duane Forrester if Bing would provide an upload facility similar to the Google format in the future Duane could not confirm anything that constitutes “forward work”, but he did say it was an interesting idea!! If you would like Bing to accept the rmoov Disavow Report as an upload for its tool, tweet @DuaneForrester  Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  18. 18. What happened in my Campaign?Summary Reports must provide complete Campaign overviewAbout the Report: Upload it to Google Drive Include clickable links to mail sent, domain notes and screenshots Provide a complete summary by Domain Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  19. 19. You have everything required to lodge a Reconsideration Request and we even gave you a Checklist! reconsideration-request-checklist.phpTwitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  20. 20. The Reconsideration RequestWhat you should include... Describe your situation Be honest about what has happened in the past Describe the manipulation issues that you are aware of Describe the steps you have taken to rectify issues Include the link to the Summary Report Google doc Include the link to a Google doc version of the Disavow Report if you have disavowed links with the Google tool Include the date that you uploaded the Disavow list Ask politely for the Webspam Team to reconsider the way your site is indexed Twitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov
  21. 21. Presenter: Sha Menz Lead Software Architect, RmoovTwitter: @ShahMenz @rmoov