Departmental Leadership Program


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The DLP is designed to equip participants with the know-how and the strategic tools to enable them to effectively drive departmental performance. This includes examining a balanced approach to leading and directing automotive retail operations in a way that accommodates the three dimensional requirement of achieving optimum market penetration, providing exceptional levels of service and generating superior returns for the business.

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Departmental Leadership Program

  1. 1. DEPARTMENTALLEADERSHIP PROGRAMEnhancing Retail Performance
  2. 2. DEPARTMENTAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMEnhancing Retail PerformanceManaging an automotive dealership department can be challengingat the best of times. Throw in the three dimensional components ofcustomer interest versus manufacturer interest versus shareholderinterest and we emerge with a rather complex and intriguing fruit saladcalled the modern car dealership. Now take these complexities andweigh up the investment in the business (capital employed) against theinvestment in the manpower charged with producing a return on thiscapital and we emerge with one of the most intriguing conundrums inthe industry. It was a baker from Beechworth in Australia, Tom O’Toole,whose concept of turning a small business into a thriving enterpriseset tongues wagging in the region and ultimately across the continentwho, when asked “What happens if you spend all this money trainingpeople and they leave…” retorted unhesitatingly, “What happens if Idon’t train them and they stay!”Doesn’t this sum it up so aptly … we HAVE to build skills and knowledgeif we are to sustain our businesses and even thrive in an industry growingin demands from manufacturers and customers. In short, we haveto invest in our key people. Departmental Managers throughout theautomotive industry have tended to ‘learn by the process of discovery’and the consequences have often been horrendous.In my vast travels around the world, substantiated by the Sewells Groupdatabase of over three thousand, eight hundred dealers from variousparts of the world, many interesting findings have been revealed.The one that intrigues me most however is the fact that against theodds high performing Dealers continue to flourish on every continent.If you were to ask me for the differentiator, my answer would be simple… it’s all about balance. That’s what great Dealers do … they mix theirnatural flare with the science of seeking out every available opportunityto exploit the range of potential in their businesses. It’s as simple asthat!The Departmental Leadership Program (DLP) sets out to achieve asimple objective - balancing the elegance of high level education with‘street-wise’ operational experience – balancing vehicle sales with fixedoperations – balancing profitability with asset management – balancingcustomer demands with manufacturer demands - balancing the art ofthe game with science and balancing investment in capital resourceswith investment in people resources.At last we have the makings of a high level, intensive DepartmentalLeadership Program, where learners can thrive on the successesand lessons from some of the world’s most highly experienced andprofessional operators, academics and consultants.It’s a wonderful recipe … here’s your invitation to get on board!PADDY O’BRIENChairmanSewells GroupSewells Group is a dealer development agency focused on enhancing the performance of Franchised Automotive Dealers.This is achieved through outsourced network development services, training and development interventions, financialand benchmarking data analysis, management and process tools, performance groups and assessment services.A NOTE FROM PADDY O’BRIENThe DLP is designed to equip participants with the know-how and the strategic tools to enable them to effectively drive departmental performance.This includes examining a balanced approach to leading and directing automotive retail operations in a way that accommodates the threedimensional requirement of achieving optimum market penetration, providing exceptional levels of service and generating superior returns forthe business.Participants will receive focused tuition and coaching from program facilitators and subject matter experts in areas such as:• Leadership – Getting optimal levels of performance from and motivating each member of the team• Finance – Appreciating and interpreting financial numbers so as to positively impact on the ‘key drivers’ of the business• Human Resource Management - recruiting the right people for the job and creating a motivated and high performing department• Marketing and Sales – specific to sales, service and parts operations• Systems and Processes – Appreciating, refining and enhancing the business processes• Developing and implementing effective business plans and strategies• Creating and sustaining balance between profitability, throughput and customer satisfactionWho Is Best Suited For The Program?The DLP’s leading-edge curriculum has been designed to accommodate current and future Departmental Managers. Candidates shouldhave relevant experience and performance not withstanding the future potential envisaged as a result of successfully completing theprogram.Participants should be:• Experienced departmental managers wanting to take their knowledge and success to the next level• New departmental managers wanting to build a solid foundation and understanding of the automotive retail managementprinciples and practices• Potential departmental managers seeking to fasttrack their professional and personal development• Family members of the owners wanting to understand a bit more about the practical side of the business• Current Dealer Principals & General Managers wanting to develop their operational departmental management skills• Qualified or experienced candidates as part of developing a succession planProgram AccreditationThis 4 module, 8 day program has been mapped to a nationally recognised qualification – the BSB51107 Diploma of Management.The structure of this program provides duel benefit to participants in that they will receive 8 days of specific tuition that will enhancetheir performance as departmental or aspiring departmental managers within an automotive retail franchise whilst offering them anopportunity to attain a nationally recognised Diploma qualification.
  3. 3. DEPARTMENTAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMEnhancing Retail PerformanceCODE TITLE CORE/ELECTIVEBSBCUS501B Manage quality customer service CoreBSBFIM501A Manage budgets and financial plans CoreBSBMGT502B Manage people performance CoreBSBMGT515A Manage operational plan CoreBSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness CoreBSBHRM402A Recruit, select and induct staff ElectiveBSBHRM503A Manage performance management systems ElectiveBSBMKG523ADesign and develop an integrated marketingcommunication planElectiveUnits Of CompetencyThe BSB51107 Diploma of Management qualificationconsists of 8 units of competency as detailed below:AssessmentsParticipants will be required to submit a number of assessment tasks throughout the program including, knowledgequestions, third party observations, work based projects and case studiesOVERVIEWAt successful completion of the program, the Diploma of Management award will be issued by the Australian Institute ofManagement (RTO No. 3593)What To ExpectHighlights of the Sewells Group Departmental Leadership Program include:• Over sixty contact hours of intensive, focused management instruction (4 x 2 day blocks over 8 months)• Leading industry and subject matter experts• Exposure to leading business models, case studies and workplace projects• A learning pathway into the Automotive Dealer Management Program, where successful participantsare awarded the Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management issued by the Universityof MelbourneProgram fee is $4,850 and is GST exempt.The BSB51107 Diploma of Management attracts federal government apprenticeship funding. The funding is paid in twotranches to the employer, one payment is made 3 months from commencement of the program and the second payment ismade upon successful completion of the program.Additional funding opportunities exist where the employer is ‘regional or remote’. The additional funding is $1,000 andis paid on commencement and is determined on a postcode basis. In addition, mature aged workers (45 years plus) willreceive additional funding of $750 on commencement and $750 on completion.To qualify for funding for the BSB51107 Diploma of Management, participants must be Australian citizens or permanentresidents and not have a qualification equal to or greater than a Diploma.Please contact Sewells Group to discuss your specific needs and funding opportunities.This investment includes all facilitation, training materials, workbooks, assignments, case studies and certification.INVESTMENT
  4. 4. DEPARTMENTAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMEnhancing Retail PerformanceModule One: Department PerformanceModule Two: Human Resource ManagementModule Three: Operations & MarketingModule Four: Department Performance Improvement & PlanningDay 1DepartmentManagementConsiderationsLeadershipThe role of departmental management, fundamentals of departmental management,management priorities, considerations & expectations in the automotive retailenvironment, business planning fundamentals.Developing a performance based culture, leadership versus management, leadership stylesand principles, managing people and teams, leading from the front.Day 2 Finance IDriving departmental performance, accounting fundamentals, analysing andinterpreting business results, building a departmental performance model andidentifying the ‘causes’ of business performance.Day 3Recruitment andSelectionDeveloping and implementing an effective and efficient recruitment strategy, attractingthe right candidates, interviewing techniques and tips, letters of appointment and theinduction process.Day 4PerformanceManagementImplementing a performance management system, building and motivating the team,fundamentals of Human Resource Management (selecting, recruiting, inducting,terminating, managing, disciplining and counselling).Day 5 OperationsService Management, workshop process and fundamentals, contemporary showroommanagement. Institutionalising, structuring and monitoring the sales process, managingthe showroom floor and the sales team. Parts Management, inventory control, staffingand productivity, ordering parameters, parts marketing, merchandising, retailing andtrade activities.Day 6 MarketingAutomotive marketing fundamentals, consumer behaviour, brand management,market segmentation, targeting and positioning, developing a ‘portfolio management’and ‘segment development’ mindset.Day 7 Finance IIBusiness health and benchmarking, mastering the key performance indicators thatdrive your business, managing the key drivers of automotive retail performance (mix,split, activity, productivity).Day 8 Business PlanBusiness Planning, strategic planning, budgeting and cost analysis, Dealershipeconomics and influencing factors. Building the business case.THE PROGRAM
  5. 5. DEPARTMENTAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMEnhancing Retail Performancesewellsgroup.comDisclaimer: The information in this brochure is correct at the time of production. Sewells Group reserves the right to make changes at its sole discretion.© 2012 Sewells GroupinAUSTRALIA - NEW ZEALAND - SOUTH AFRICATHAILAND - INDONESIA - CHINA -