Advanced Dealer Management Program


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The Automotive Dealer Management Programme is designed to equip delegates with the knowhow and strategic tools to enable future dealership managers to successfully achieve a balanced approach to leading and directing automotive retail operations in a way which accommodates the three dimensional requirement of achieving optimum market penetration, providing exceptional levels of service and generating superior returns for the business.

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Advanced Dealer Management Program

  1. 1. AUTOMOTIVE DEALERMANAGEMENT PROGRAM Enhancing Retail Performance Australia
  2. 2. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail Performance 01 OVERVIEW 02 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Sewells is a dealer development agency specialising in enhancing the performance of franchised motor dealers through business management consulting; training and 03 THE PROGRAM development interventions; outsourced network development services, financial and performance information, management and process tools, performance groups, and 04 FACILITATORS assessment services. The University of Melbourne, School of Melbourne Custom Programs is responsible 05 INTERNATIONAL BEST PRACTICES for commercialisation of education services with particular focus on industry requirements. It designs, delivers, assesses, evaluates and confers customised award 06 MORE INFORMATION and non award professional development programs and professional services for industry. The school brings together the resources of the University of Melbourne and industry to meet the specific needs of business and government.
  3. 3. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail PerformanceManaging an enterprise with five distinct ‘lines of business’ is a The one that intrigues me most however, is the fact that, The University of Melbourne extends a warm welcome for youchallenge in itself. Throw in the three dimensional components against the odds, high performing dealers continue to flourish to join the ADM program leading to the Professional Certificateof customer interest versus OEM interest versus shareholder on every continent. If you were to ask me for the differentiator, in Automotive Dealer Management. This program is offered byinterest and we emerge with a rather complex and intriguing my answer would be simple … it’s all about balance. That’s Sewells in collaboration with The University of model called the modern car dealership. Now take these what great dealers do … they mix their natural flare with thecomplexities and weigh up the investment in the business (capital science of seeking out every available opportunity to exploit the The University of Melbourne, through the School of Melbourneemployed) against the investment in the manpower charged with range of potential in their businesses. It’s as simple as that! Custom Programs specialises in meeting the education andproducing a return on this capital and we emerge with one of training needs of business, industry, government and professionalthe most intriguing conundrums in the industry. It was a baker The Automotive Dealer Management (ADM) program sets out associations. This program is an example of tailoring an awardfrom Beechworth in Victoria, Tom O’Toole, whose concept of to achieve this simple objective - balancing the elegance of course to suit specific industry training and development needs.turning a small business into a thriving enterprise set tongues high level education with ‘street-wise’ operational experiencewagging in the region and ultimately across the continent who, – balancing vehicle sales with fixed operations – balancing At the University of Melbourne we have an unrelenting commitmentwhen asked “what happens if you spend all this money training profitability with asset management – balancing customer to quality. The staff appointed to conduct the program will dopeople and they leave…” retorted unhesitatingly, “what happens demands with OEM demands - balancing the art of the game everything they can to provide you with a learning experience thatif I don’t train them and they stay!” with science and balancing investment in capital resources will stand you in good stead for the rest of your career and we with investment in the people resource. will be interested to hear from you as to how well you think thatDoesn’t this sum it up so aptly … we HAVE to build skills and objective has been achieved.knowledge if we are to sustain our businesses and even thrive At last we have the makings of a high level, intensive Dealerin an industry growing in demands from dealers, OEM’s and Principal ‘apprenticeship’ program, where learners can thrivecustomers. In short, we have to invest in our key people. General on the successes and lessons from some of the world’s mostManagers throughout the automotive industry have tended highly experienced and professional operators, academics andto ‘learn by the process of discovery’ and the consequences consultants.have often been horrendous. More and more the growing Danny Samsonemphasis on new vehicle sales has ‘sucked’ our attention away It’s a wonderful recipe … here’s our invitation for you to get Academic Coordinatorfrom the ever shrinking contributions from our used car and on board! School of Melbourne Custom Programsparts businesses, placing immense strain on new vehicle levels University of Melbourneand leaving dealers with a sense that the only area of profit Paddy O’Brienopportunity lies in F&I and aftermarket. What a sorry indictment! CEO Sewells GroupBut is this a fact, or does it exist merely in the minds of thosewho would rather ‘hide behind the cloak of inopportunity’?My vast travels around the world, substantiated by the Sewellsdatabase of over three thousand, eight hundred reportingdealers from various parts of the world, have revealed someinteresting findings.
  4. 4. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail Performance1 overview 2 program objectivesSewells, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, are pleased to offer the Automotive Dealer Management (ADM) The Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management is designed to equip delegates with the know-how andProgram. This is a high level business management program aimed at developing future dealership leaders. the strategic tools to enable future dealership managers to successfully achieve a balanced approach to leading and directing automotive retail operations in a way that accommodates the three dimensional requirement of achievingWhat to Expect optimum market penetration, providing exceptional levels of service and generating superior returns for the business.Highlights of the ADM program include: Delegates will receive focused tuition and coaching from program facilitators and selected subject matter experts in areas• One hundred and fifty contact hours of intensive, focused management such as: instruction (approximately 6 x 3 day blocks over 12 months) • Leadership – getting optimal levels of performance from and motivating each member of the dealership team• Leading industry and subject matter expert facilitators • Finance – appreciating and interpreting financial data to positively impact on the ‘key drivers’ of the business• Exposure to a unique line-up of guest speakers • Marketing and Sales – including new and used vehicles, parts and service• Business visits, case studies and workplace assignments • Fixed Operations – raising levels of contribution from the after-sales area• Insight into international best practices • Systems and Processes – appreciating, refining and enhancing business processes• An opportunity to earn a Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management issued by the University of Melbourne • Developing and implementing effective business plans and strategies • Creating and sustaining balance between profitability, throughput and customer satisfaction • Exposure to global best practicesArticulation ArrangementsRecipients of the Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management will gain one subject credit, namely the leadershipand management subject in the University of Melbourne’s Master of Enterprise degree course.Students wishing to be assessed for the Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management are required to be enrolledand assessed by the University of Melbourne. Students not wishing to enrol will still be exposed to the material deliveredby the University of Melbourne but will not be assessed. As this is a University level qualification, students undertaking thispart of the program are subject to the entry requirements for the University of Melbourne.
  5. 5. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail Performance 3 the programWho Is Best Suited For The Program? Module One:The ADM program’s leading-edge curriculum has been designed to accommodate current and future industry leaders.As positions on the program are limited, candidates will be selected against set criteria. Ideally candidates will possess a Course introduction, the role of dealer management, fundamentals of dealershipcombination of experience and future potential. Department Day 1 Management management, the rules of the automotive retail game, stakeholder considerationsTypically the program is aimed at delegates such as: Considerations and expectations.• Those who have reasonable automotive retail experience, particularly in departmental management• Those who have been identified as future general managers / dealer principals Driving dealership performance, accounting fundamentals, analysing and interpreting Day 2 Finance I• Family members of the owners business results, managing economic trends and strategic action planning.• High potential individuals with automotive experience wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of modern thinking in dealership management principles Developing a performance based culture, leadership versus management, leadership• Current dealer principals wanting to further develop their skills Day 3 Leadership styles and principles, managing people and teams, leading from the front.InvestmentThe investment for the program is available on application. The investment includes: course facilitation, training materials,workbooks, assignments, case studies, venue costs, lunch and morning and afternoon teas during contact days. Those accepted Module Two:into the Professional Certificate in Automotive Dealer Management may be eligible to apply for the Commonwealth GovernmentsFEE-HELP deferred loan scheme. Automotive marketing fundamentals, consumer behaviour, brand management, Day 1 Marketing market segmentation, targeting and positioning, developing a portfolio management and segment development mindset Customer relationship management, driving customer loyalty, retention and Day 2 CRM satisfaction, customer equity and customer satisfaction measures, creating a sustainable CRM strategy. Culture & Change How culture is shaped and driven by dealer management teams, change Day 3 Management management – how to implement a change management strategy.
  6. 6. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail PerformanceModule Three: Module Five: Training and developing the team, workplace training and assessment, skills audits, Human Resource Franchise/Brand/Legal The franchisor / franchisee partnership, expectations of brand representation, legal franchiseDay 1 certification, coaching and mentoring. Occupation health and safety. Legal rights Day 1 Management Considerations and business management considerations. and obligations. Implementing a performance management system, assisting line mangers to build Performance International Best Global trends and leading practices. What’s working and how to get ahead ofDay 2 and motivate the team, fundamentals of human resource management (selecting, Day 2 Management Practice the game recruiting, inducting, terminating, managing disciplining and counselling). People management and culture. Cultural Due Theoretical and practical considerations of the cultural due diligence framework.Day 3 HR Case Study Day 3 Emphasis on developing and retraining the right skills in the dealership. Diligence Cultural due diligence driving organisational effectiveness.Module Four: Module Six: Business health and benchmarking, mastering the key performance indicators that drive Decision making in an uncertain environment. Dissecting complex factors impactingDay 1 Finance 2 Day 1 Decision Making your business, asset management, budgeting and forecasting. on the decision making process, understanding your risk taking profile. Contemporary showroom management. Institutionalising, structuring and monitoring Full Dealership Applying theory in practice – working case study of an actual dealership, groupDay 2 Variable Operations the sales process, managing the showroom floor and the sales team. Retail developments Day 2 Case Study presentations and action planning. and industry trends. Creating and developing used vehicle strategies and opportunities. Service management, process and fundamentals, repair order analysis, productivity and efficiency, scheduling, loading, warranties and service retention. Parts management, Business Plan Business planning, strategic planning, budgeting and cost analysis, dealershipDay 3 Fixed Operations Day 3 inventory control, staffing and productivity, ordering parameters, parts marketing, Presentations economics and influencing factors. merchandising, retailing and trade activities.
  7. 7. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail Performance4 facilitatorsPaddy O’Brien Tomm StanleyInternational experience and world-class credentials make Paddy a highly sought-after consultant, facilitator and industry commentator. Tomm has held international management roles in aftermarket, manufacturer and dealership organisations as diverse as GeneralHe regularly addresses dealer conventions in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia and the United States of America. His Motors, Hyster Forklift, Caterpillar and the US Antarctic Program. Having over 25 years experience in the automotive industries andability to assist motor retailers to improve their businesses, coupled with his strong sense of devotion to the operational and financial specialising in Parts and Service Department Operations, Tomm also works at a strategic level assisting companies with planning; fromaspects affecting dealership returns and profitability, place him at the top of his field. long range corporate plans to departmental business and marketing plans.Greg Strydom David LowrieGreg’s proficiencies and interests in performance improvement consulting, statistical business analysis and planning combined with his David worked for 20 years in the transport and logistic industry in Australia and overseas. His final few years within this industryglobal experience with several major automotive brands allows him to add value on various levels. As part of the Sewells global team, saw him take a greater role in a specialised business improvement capacity. This role focused on areas such as process improvement,Greg works with strategic clients, assisting them with performance enhancement initiatives, implementation of training strategies, new best practice, technology and efficiency, project implementation and employee training and development. David was much soughtvehicle launches, customer satisfaction and business management initiatives. His insights and all-round skills add tremendously to the after in this area for his strong leadership and his ability to think laterally when problem solving. In 2004 David moved into theADM delegate experience. automotive industry working for a consultancy firm that manages training for a major manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.Errol Fernandes Roger StephensErrol’s ability to challenge participants on what is best practice is well documented. With over ten years consulting experience in As principal of his own customer marketing firm, Roger’s core competencies and interests lie in customer relationship marketing,commercial vehicles; Errol’s insights into how best to address current challenges faced by business owners and managers, keeps him customer retention, loyalty, customer research and the development of customer handling and marketing strategies. His backgroundconstantly in demand. with key clients such as Isuzu, Nissan, Ford, Iveco and Holden adds tremendously to the program.Professor Danny Samson Paul ClarkProfessor Danny Samson specialises in leadership, management,production and operations management. Danny has consulted Before joining the world of dealer consulting and training, Paul spent twenty-three years working in various roles in dealershipsto senior executives in most manufacturing industries and numerous service sector organisations during his academic career. He from sales through to general management. Within that time Paul qualified with a UAM in Dealership Management & Development andregularly provides industry and executive seminars and has participated in a number of committees and industry bodies including won several awards, including national number one sales person for a major manufacturer. Paul specialises in sales and managementappointment as a member of Australian Manufacturing Council and the Commonwealth Government Industry Task Force on leadership facilitation, product knowledge, process improvement and dealer health checks. He has taught extensively in Australia, New Zealand,and management. Professor Samson has conducted many short courses in engineering and manufacturing management, executive South-East Asia, the Middle East and South Africa and has a reputation as an effective and highly communicative instructor.seminars in decision analysis, total quality management, logistics and statistical analysis. Professor Bryan LukasProfessor Mike Ewing Professor Bryan Lukas is one of Australia’s leading marketing experts. He is accredited as a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) by theAs Professor of Marketing and Director of Research in the Faculty of Business & Economics at Monash University and having headed Australian Marketing Institute. He is also an Associate Fellow (AFAMI) of the same institute. Bryan regularly provides executive seminarsup Ford Motor Company’s marketing research department in South Africa, Mike is a leading academic, facilitator, business consultant to senior managers. He has consulted to firms in many industries and his expertise has been relied on numerous times in marketing-and automotive marketing authority. His global insights and ability to bridge the gap between academia and industry set him apart related a key member of the Sewells team.
  8. 8. Automotive dealer management programEnhancing Retail PerformanceLynne Hayward 5 international best practiceLynne has been training for 25 years and specialises in Writing Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management, Leadership andPresentation Skills. She has a wealth of information in her speciality areas and can tailor thatinformation relative to the level of thegroup to which she is training. She believes that training should be fun and interactive as well as full of practical content and strategies A significant component of the ADM program is the ability to learn from the best. It is in this light that theto implement back at work. Using only examples from the organisation increases the relevance and interest of the training, and the program has been specially designed and tailored with the focal point on ‘International Best Practice’. It focusestransfer of the principles back to the workplace. on seeking out and learning from the best in the business.Paul Quilligan The ADM program’s extensive line up of automotive operations consultants have experience in consulting and working in dealers in many countries across the globe. These consultants are at your disposal and are more thanPaul’s 35 year career began with 12 years in the Army, commencing as an apprentice motor mechanic and graduating from the Royal willing to share their global knowledge.Military College, Duntroon, as an Army Officer. After leaving the Army, Paul became a Service Manager in several automotive dealerfranchises and eventually a fixed Operations Manager. Paul then pursued a career in the Transport and Logistics industry as GeneralManager of a national company. Since 2002, Paul has worked independently training and developing skills of automotive employees Optional Dealer Visitsin fixed operations and transport consultation. Paul is passionate that fixed operations underpins all successful dealerships. The ADM program presents a unique opportunity for delegates to visit a selection of world class dealerships.Alan Blackbeard This includes engaging with dealer principals and senior departmental managers as they share their businessAlan spent 20 years in the McCarthy Motor Holdings Group in South Africa, being promoted through the ranks to Divisional Financial practices and what has driven them to be at the leading edge of the automotive retail game. From publiclyDirector, and then spending the last few years as Dealer Principa. Alan’s extensive experience and proven hands on approach has listed dealer groups to highly successful family owned enterprises, these visits will be a highlight of the program.resulted in a rather unique package, someone who understands the high level strategies, tactics and policies necessary to drive asuccessful motor business, but most importantly also knows the inner workings of the business. He understands financial accounts,can readily identify profit opportunities or weaknesses, and is able to drill down to the root causes issues. Case Studies Business schools throughout the world use case studies to highlight and reinforce key business strategies. TheAlan Syer ADM program is no different. Delegates will be exposed to a selection of ‘real world’ cases and will benefitAlan started his career in the motor trade in 1980 selling used cars in Parramatta, NSW. Over the next 10 years, he went on to General immensely through the analytical and practical approach that will be adopted.Sales Manager then General Manager concentrating of Used Cars and F&I. In 1990, Alan joined a dealership which was unprofitableand moved from General Manager to Dealer Principal. Within 2 years this dealership became Australia’s most profitable. In 2000, Alanmoved to A P Eagers which was then the largest car retailer in Australia, turning over $700 million p.a. Alan commenced as the ChiefOperating Officer, with a Share price of $3.56. When Alan left 4 ½ years later the Share price of $8.20. During this time, A P Eagershad $1.2 Billion turnover per annum and employed 1800 people. Since 2005, Alan has been running his own consultancy workingwith dealers and manufacturers alike in their pursuit of a world class dealership operating environment.Guest speakers will conduct sessions covering a range of topics throughout the program, these include opportunities in F&I andaftermarket, capitalising on database management, coming to terms with dealer management systems, update on industry newsand trends, perspectives on global manufacturing and franchising and impact of technology on the retail automotive industry.
  9. 9. in 275 Canterbury Road, Canterbury VIC 3126 Ph: +61 (0) 3 8809 2790 info@sewellsgroup.comDisclaimer: The information in this brochure is correct at the time of production. Sewells reserves the right to make changes at its sole discretion. © 2012 Sewells Group