Final expense tips to increase your income


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Final expense tips to increase your income

  1. 1. Final Expense Tips To Increase Your Income
  2. 2. We will discuss the challenges and the issues that are sucking the cash out of your pocket as a Final Expense insurance agent
  3. 3. Hello, I am Walter Seward A licensed health and life insurance agent living in Florida. I started my insurance career selling health insurance as a captive agent. Today I enjoy the freedom of being an independent agent representing multiple carriers.
  4. 4. This video is about putting more money into your pocket and keeping it ! It is about reducing charge-backs It is about reducing your expenses It is about dealing with no-show appointments
  5. 5. 1. CHARGE-BACKS. 40% of Final Expense policies sold cancel within six months. WHY? You have not built a relationship with your client. Especially true if the sale was made over the phone and not in person. You have not become a friend to your client. SOLUTION: You must give your client something of value. Something more than just a Final Expense policy.
  6. 6. 2. LEAD COSTS: If your lead costs are more than $1.00 to get a $10.00 return - you a paying too much for leads. Any company that is charging $14.00 or more for leads is in the lead selling business - not the insurance business. Too many agents are going broke buying “leads” that are non-producing, that have bad phone numbers or just old leads.
  7. 7. 3. NO-SHOW APPOINTMENTS: Have you ever driven across town or further only to find that your client is not home - has forgotten? In a moment I will talk how be certain that your appointment will stick..
  8. 8. HOW TO REDUCE CHARGE-BACKS 1. Build a relationship with your client. Visit your client in person or use video conference 2. Show your client a plan to reduce the cost of their Medicare supplement - often saving them $50.00 per month 3. Show your client other options such as Critical Illness plan When you provide something of value - saving your client money you will not be forgotten and the Final Expense policy will stick.
  9. 9. 2. LEAD COSTS: 1. Use an Auto-Dialer system where leads are pre-loaded and you only pay for dialer time no cost for the leads. 2. Get 25 cent internet leads that include phone and email to be entered into drip email system 3. Exclusive only sold one time leads not sold again ever. $13.00
  10. 10. NO-SHOW APPOINTMENTS ARE STOPPED: When your prospect knows that you are coming to give them something of value. You have discussed on the phone when setting the appointment that you are: a) Local licensed agent representing all the top carriers in this area. Show them your credibility. b) You are coming to provide education / information without obligation or pressure to buy.
  11. 11. YOU MUST PROVIDE: Diversity of products: - Critical Illness plans - Final Expense - Senior Dental plans - Term Life insurance - Whole Life Insurance
  12. 12. WHY ARE OUR AGENTS SUCCESSFUL 1. They own their book of business from day one 2. Their cost per appointment is the lowest in the industry. 3. New Agents starting commissions on life product is 70% - 80% 4. They have a Business Management system with integrated contact manager system. 1. Support Support Support 2. NO CONTRACT
  13. 13. QUESTIONS ? Contact: Walter Seward Agency Manager 727.576.3904