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2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
2BM SpinifexIT Presentation
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2BM SpinifexIT Presentation


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  • Describe briefly processes implemented HR and IPM.Reporting requirements come out of this project.Performance Management
  • Transcript

    • 1. SpinifexIT: Business Improvement Software for SAP® HR/Payroll:
      SpinifexIT Client Presentation
    • 2. Who is SpinifexIT?
      • SAP HCM Products that make SAP HCM Faster and Easier
      • 3. Global market leader in this area
      • 4. US Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Australian Headquarters in Melbourne. Additional offices in Canada, Europe, SE Asia, South Africa & China
      • 5. 2BM is Danish Partner with many successful installations.
      • 6. We are often referred to as the only company that offers a real-time HR & Payroll reporting solution built in SAP that allows you to get at the data you need
      • 7. We have over 450 installations globally in approx 14 countries
    • SAP Certified Solution
      The only SAP Certified product in this space globally
    • 8. SpinifexIT Solutions
      • Easy Reporter
      • 9. Easy Help Desk
      • 10. Easy Clone
    • Easy Reporter
      Easy Reporter for SAP HR & Payroll - Streamline HCM Reporting
      Produce the reports you want on demand then make them do the work.
      SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter automates nearly every step of the report creation
      and delivery process. It works within SAP to bring the data areas together so you
      can produce the reports you want now.
      Easy Reporter features:
      • Build, test and rollout a new report in minutes
      • 11. Remove the need for ABAP development time and cost
      • 12. Save a report once and any member of your team can run it
      • 13. 100 pre-delivered reports make report creation easy
      • 14. Calculations are automatic – no more dragging data into Excel
      Revolutionizes the report delivery process!
      • Reports can be scheduled to build themselves automatically
      • 15. Completed reports can be emailed out automatically
      • 16. Reports can be delivered to multiple stakeholders automatically
      • 17. Recipients will receive only the information that is relevant to them
    • Easy Help Desk
      Easy Help Desk for SAP HR & Payroll - Streamline Employee Queries
      3 hrs training and solve 80% of pay queries on the 1st call. SpinifexIT’s Easy Help Desk will
      radically simplify your Help Desk processes, dramatically reduce the level of expertise your
      operators need and answer queries in minutes rather than hours or days.
      These features will translate into amazing results
      • All the information is on a single easy to understand screen display
      • 18. The system automatically analyses the pay period that is selected - including complex retros
      • 19. The system automatically highlights possible reasons for the query
      • 20. The operator can email a report to the employee in seconds during the call
      • 21. The employee can discuss the query in real time whilst looking at the report
      • 22. Inbuilt reports allow requests (such as confirmation of employment) to be met instantly
      Incredible time saving and Return on Investment
      • Staff need far less expertise and only three hours training
      • 23. Costs lowered when double the number of first call
      • 24. queries are resolved
      • 25. No need for highly skilled SAP staff to solve repetitive queries
      • 26. Employee making query will spend less time and
      • 27. focus on query
      • 28. Training costs are reduced by up to 50% - more in high turnover areas
    • Easy Clone
      Easy Clone for SAP HR & Payroll - Streamline Employee Data Copying
      With Easy Clone you’ll never wait for test data again. SpinifexIT’s Easy Clone gives
      you the power to draw down employee information from production to the test
      system in literally seconds. If you have been creating a manual copy of employee
      data then you’re probably taken ten plus minutes per employee right? Most IT
      departments we deal with have such a high workload that to gain test data it may
      take days or even weeks to be scheduled.
      Produce your own test data at your desk on demand
      Copy test data at around 5 seconds per employee*
      Copy only the employees you need
      Create an exact copy of production / new employee numbers
      Easy Clone is safe and easy
      Selected data can be scrambled for security
      Non specialists can learn to use Easy Clone in no time
    • 29. SpinifexIT Solutions
      For more information on SpinifexIT contact