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Five ways to generate links on linked in to


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Five ways to generate links on linked in to Five ways to generate links on linked in to Presentation Transcript

  • Five Ways to Generate Links onLinkedIn to Promote Your Business Locally
  • One way to get more traffic to your website isby building back links. But you dont want justany backlinks; you want backlinks fromreliable websites, trusted sources, and linksfrom sites that are relevant to your niche. Forinstance, if your target audience consists ofteenagers from the age of 16 to 18 who drive,having a link from a web site focused onbreastfeeding mothers just wont do.
  • But, if you establish links fromcompanion websites that selldifferent products or services thanyou do, to the same audience, thenyou have a relevant backlink.
  • So, lets look at some ways to generate good backlinks on
  • From that your profileUsing keyword rich content in your headlineand the summary of your profile and includinglinks to your websites, blogs and articles is agood way to generate backlinks. Dont try totrick people with clever headlines, avoidpuns, and just use straight forward keywords.
  • When you ask a allows any participant to pose a question. Ensure that your question is relevant, and link it to a blog post that asks a more detailed version of the question. The trick is to make sure that you actually participate in the follow-up discussion generated by your question. Also, be sure that your question isn’t really just spam.
  • When you answer a questionIts also fun to answer questions But, be sure that when youanswer a question you dont come off as anadvertisement. Do a link to your website as asource, especially if you already have a blogpost that answers the persons question indetail. Remember, you can also create a blogpost based on the questions you see.
  • In a new sectionAn exciting new feature, as of this writing, is theability to add new sections to your profile. Whiletechnically this is part of your profile it bearsspecial consideration. There are numerous andsections that you can add, such as; Specialoccasions, courses, honors andawards, languages, organizations, projects, andmore. You can even add widgets for otherprograms such as Wordpress or SlideShare, tofeed the content and straight to your profile. Thisis an excellent way to generate more links to yourwebsite or blog.
  • In your e-mail signature• While this technically isnt part of the software, adding links to not only your blogs and websites but also directly to is a good way to generate more interest. If you have everything that you do in one place within your LinkedIn profile, it is going to be a good way to showcase your expertise.
  • Promoting your local business on LinkedIn.comis not only effective, its fun, and unless youupgrade your account, its free. All it takes is alittle time and thought to make account work for you. Itsprobably the missing ingredient to completingyour successful promotion of your businesslocally. Remember, it doesnt matter if youhave the Internet only business or a brick andmortar business, promoting your businesslocally is a sure fire ingredient for success.
  • END