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Make up desinger

  1. 1. Make Up Designer By. Seung Hee Shin
  2. 2. CONTENTS 1. What Does a Make Up Designer Do? 2. Key Aspects Of a Make Up Designer 3. Famous Make Up Designer - Sung Ah Cho 4. Famous Make Up Designer - Seung Won Kim 5. My Favorite Links 6. Bibliography
  3. 3. What Does a Make Up Designer Do? Make-up Designer is making up the actor's face professionally. The type of the make up is depending on the status, occupation, age, temperament of the client and the type of performance such as room, theater, film, opera, song, ad content. Some people confuse that a beauty make up artist which is the job for the purpose of beautiful and a make up artist are same jobs. However, they are different in the strictest sense. Most of the make up artists work on the dressing room of broadcasting company, movie make up agency or free lancer. Sometimes they work for wedding. The make up designers working on wedding are little bit different to the make up designers working on dressing room of musical or the performance. Most of the make up designers working on wedding only work for the wedding. for more detail: CONTENTS
  4. 4. Key Aspects Of a Make Up Designer Health is an essential condition for the make up designers. Sometimes, a make up designer has to secure the site and make up for the actors or actresses constantly. Also, a make up designer has to be faithfulness and meticulous because the designer would be fastidious about the facial expressions to be same with the characteristic of the actor or actress and the story of the performance. Therefore, most of the make up designers are females. Sites for more detail a-make-up-artist-do.htm makeupartist.asp CONTENTS
  5. 5. Sung Ah Cho As you see the picture, her make up style is natural. Of course she can make up to dark or think. However, a natural make up style was the reason for Sung Ah’s success. Some people would think that the person who wore make up by Sung Ah Cho had no make up on. And most of the females don't want to make up so much. Consequently, most of the korean females started to have a very natural make up so that the males would confuse if the female had make up on. Today, you can see many females had natural make up style on. Sung Ah’s make up style affected the make up trend in Korea. Sung Ah Cho is a Korean. She is now 24 years old. She is very famous make up artist in korea. Sometimes, she is shown on television to teach how to make up naturally and what kind of cosmetics she uses. She is very fun and wise person. Site for more detail : < Sung Ah Cho’s Blog Sung Ah Cho Natural Make Up Style CONTENTS
  6. 6. Seung Won Kim Seung Won Kim is a korean. He is 40 years old. About 20 years ago, he was boxer applicant, agricultural department college student, marine member and fertilizer company sales employee. However, he decided to be a make up artist. Those people around him strongly disagree with him. Because people thought that only the female can be a make up designer. There is no rule. It was a kind of preconception. However, Seung Won is a member of Dior. Dior is an international make up group. There are 11 great make up designers. It means that Seung Won became very famous and great make up designer.Seung Won Kim Dior(An international make up group) Seung Won Kim changed our preconception. After he became a famous make up designer, people thought that ‘Male can be a good make up artist, because the male knows what kind of make up style is lovely, beautiful, attractive and so on. People started to understand. Site for more detail : <<Dior’s official website CONTENTS
  7. 7. My Favorite Links 1. ->The reason I like the link is that there are lots of information useful to a make up designer and the people who are interested in make up. In makeup-artist-, we could find how to make up on the eyes, and what kind of the tools make up designers use. We also can find some famous make up designers. They are all very useful information. 2. ->Some people would think that make up artist makes up the client lovely and beautiful. They are beauty make up designers. Sometimes, make up designers make the actress or actor’s face extremely ugly. If you go to, you could see the various make up style of halloween masks. People can follow the method of making up the face to something very easily. Also, you could find the costumes that are matching with the make up. 3. ->EI is school of professional makeup. If you are interested in the education and your career, you can go to and take a look around this site. This site offers three different programs of study that are taught by qualified instructors working professionals. There are lots of pictures of he make up of the students. If you are also interested in the various type of make up, you can go and take a look around the site. CONTENTS
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