Sentiment Analysis: The Marketplace and Providers


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Short tutorial presentation by Seth Grimes, presented as part of the Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial on May 7, 2013, prior to the Sentiment Analysis Symposium,

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Sentiment Analysis: The Marketplace and Providers

  1. 1. Sentiment Analysis: TheMarketplace and ProvidersSeth GrimesAlta Plana Corporation301-270-0795 -- -- @sethgrimesSentiment Analysis SymposiumNew YorkMay 7, 2013
  2. 2. Sentiment Market and Providers 3Questions for business (& government):What are people saying? What’s hot/trending?What are they saying about {topic|person|product} X?... about X versus {topic|person|product} Y?How has opinion about X and Y evolved?How has opinion correlated with{our|competitors’|general}{news|marketing|sales|events}?Who (and What, When & How) are opinion leaders?How does sentiment propagate across multiple channels?What’s behind opinion, the root causes?(How) Can we link opinions, profiles, behaviors &transactions to discern intent and predict actions?
  3. 3. Sentiment Market and Providers 4How do these factors affect my business?How can answers to these questions help meimprove business processes?We have a decision support need. We=Consumers.Marketers.Competitors.Managers.
  4. 4. Sentiment Market and Providers 5We have a decision support need. We=Consumers.Marketers.Competitors.Managers.Work backwards –What are your business goals?What insights will help your reach them?What data, transformation, and presentations willgenerate those insights?For each option, what will it cost and what is it worth:What is the expected/projected ROI?
  5. 5. Sentiment Market and Providers 6But we don’t always work this way.Sometimes we want to explore.What data do you have, or can you get?What business value does it contain, alone or when linkedto other data?How will might you get at that value?What will you do with your discoveries?How will they improve business processes and outcomes?
  6. 6. Sentiment Market and Providers 7Primary considerations include –Adaptation or specialization: To a business or culturaldomain, language, information type (e.g., text, speech,images) & source (e.g., Twitter, e-mail, online news).By-user customization possibilities: For instance, viacustom taxonomies, rules, lexicons.Sentiment resolution: Aggregate, message, or featurelevel. (What features? Topics, coreferenced entities?)What sentiment? Valence & what else? Emotion? Intent?Outputs: E.g., annotated text, models, indicators,dashboards, exploratory data interfaces.Usage mode: As-a-service (API), installed, or hosted/cloud.Capacity: Volume, performance, throughput.Cost.
  7. 7. Sentiment Market and Providers 8Sentiment sources (broadly):News/online.Social.Enterprise.(To me, it’s all social, involving interactions.)Consumption modes – tools, answers, orapplications?1. General search engine.2. Siloed/vertical search interfaces, a.k.a.monitoring tools.3. Exploratory-analysis interfaces.4. Application embedded.5. Widgets/gadgets.
  8. 8. Sentiment Market and Providers 9
  9. 9. Sentiment Market and Providers 10
  10. 10. Sentiment Market and Providers 13
  11. 11. Sentiment Market and Providers 14Providers 1 (non-exhaustive) –
  12. 12. Sentiment Market and Providers 15AiaiooAlchemyAPIApiculturBitextChatterboxClarabridgeCoginov APIConveyAPIDaedalus StilusLymbixNetBaseOpenAmplifyOpen DoverSaploSemantriaTheySayTrustYouViralheatProviders 2 (non-exhaustive) –As a Web service, via an API:
  13. 13. Sentiment Market and Providers 16Providers 3 (non-exhaustive) –Software libraries:GATELingPipe.Python NLTK.R.RapidMiner.WEKA.
  14. 14. Sentiment Market and Providers 17Providers 4 (non-exhaustive) –Widgets:Appinions.MySmark.Swipp.
  15. 15. Sentiment Market and Providers 18Providers 5 (non-exhaustive) –Financial markets applications.Bloomberg.Digital Trowel.Dow Jones.RavenPack.Thomson Reuters NewsScope.
  16. 16. Sentiment Market and Providers 19Providers 6 (non-exhaustive) –Other-domain applications.Attensity ClarabridgeCrimson Hexagon DaedalusDiscoverText Expert SystemFido Intelligence IBMKana (Overtone) KPMG (Wise Window)Lexalytics LuminosoMarketwired Sysomos MedalliaNetBase NeurolingoOpenText SAPSAS Semantic Force
  17. 17. Sentiment Analysis: TheMarketplace and ProvidersSeth GrimesAlta Plana Corporation301-270-0795 -- -- @sethgrimesSentiment Analysis SymposiumNew YorkMay 7, 2013