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  1. 1. ROBERTO TARANTINO: europlanning adviser-manager, legal and firm advisor, EU andjuridical-environmental studies and researchCity BariRegion: Puglia (Apulia)Province: BariE-mail: planning.rt@gmail.comPhone:Work: 39 0802047883Fax: 39 0805573136Cell: 39 348 0339 189P.IVA (VAT): 07212690726 Services1. Europlanning- Pre-accession to the project Studies and research on European Policies sector: analysis and evaluation of European Policies related to the sector, aimed at adjusting company policies with Community Policies, in order to facilitate accession to the European Programmes; search for case histories and best practices; Search notices and financial instruments: sending calls for proposals from the European Community, with funding from a grant of between 50% and 5% (on average 70-80%); of calls and contributions national, regional and local authorities; Research private funding through Venture Capital, Private Equity, by sector and the needs of the client; Advice in completing the forms prepared by the calls for proposals of the European Community, including the advice to the administrative procedures for application; Search of partners required by calls for proposals of the European Community, if required, or if contributors to the partner, to cover the subsidy provided by the call for proposals of the European Community- Project Implementation Stage Management, coordination, relationship with partners, organization / human resources management, project reporting2. Business Consultancy- Participatory Planning: Web Neworking and Networking among SMEs and between SMEs and non-profit organizations: building relationships between SMEs and between SMEs and non-profit organizations, with real meetings or by mail, create Groups or Hub by sector, on social networks; brainstorming, open space,- Analysis of barriers to entry of a market, strategic planning3. Paralegal services- Contracts: Analysis and evaluation of contracts more tailored to the needs of the case, preparation of standard contract;- Public Contracts: consulting on administrative procedures for entering into agreements with 1
  2. 2. public bodies: the negotiated procedure, agreements, partnerships;- Preliminary analysis of cases: case studies aimed at preventing the use of litigation, as plaintiff or as defendant4. Environmental sustainabilityLegal and environmental studies and research directed to:- To reduce environmental impacts in the company, with the aim of reducing business costs by streamlining the costs of environmental impacts;- Encouragement of Innovation projects complementary to environmental sustainability;- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for SMEs with regard to investments compatible with environmental sustainability, use of voluntary instruments (environmental certification, environmental accounting, etc..)5. Sustainable DevelopmentAnalysis of the compatibility between business needs on the one hand, and social andenvironmental protection on the other Collaborations / partnerships in progressDirector General Advisor for the Province of Bari in venture capital firms 2020 INVESTIMENTI(INVESTMENTS) Srl (Ltd);Contact the company for the Region Apulia Italian Electric Company of renewable energy SocietàElettrica Italiana (SEI) Srl (Ltd), website;Legal Advisor for the French company project management consulting Up & Down, websitehttp://www.upanddowncs.comSocial Networks:Viadeo: Servizi sostenibili (Sustainable Services) Sustainable Services 2Facebook: Servizi sostenibili (Sustainable Services)
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