Hp Gen8 - System architecture and design brochure


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Hp Gen8 - System architecture and design brochure

  1. 1. HP ProLiant Gen8 serversSystem architecture and designBrochure
  2. 2. Armed with 22 years of client insight and twoyears of dedicated design research, our engineersrethought virtually every aspect of server designand serviceability.Servers so intuitive because they were designed Here’s another example: After analyzing motherboard failures, we found that the most common cause of failure was improperly insertedfor the way you work processors. This finding gave rise to the HP Smart Socket guide. ItFrom the moment your first HP ProLiant Gen8 server emerges from the allows you to confidently add or upgrade processors without the fearbox, you will feel, see, and sense the built-in quality. Guided by our of bending pins that lead to motherboard failure and replacement.“Client-2-Innovation” design philosophy, HP engineers and developers We also addressed issues related to troublesome memory errors andcreated more than 150 innovations that help you get tasks done replacements. Next-generation ProLiant servers make it all easiersimply, reliably, and with confidence. These next-generation servers with certified HP SmartMemory that includes a built-in brain andwere designed for the way you work. new diagnostic algorithms that track errors, identify trends, andClients who have trusted ProLiant servers for years will be instantly resolve issues proactively.familiar with the consistent experience and yet appreciative of theattention to detail of the new features and design. Taken together, Hassle-free serviceabilitythe sweeping architecture and design innovations in the new ProLiant Increase your productivity and confidence during setup,family will help your IT team increase productivity, improve server and upgrade, and repair.application uptime, and drive higher levels of system performance. Armed with 22 years of client insight and two years of dedicatedThese benefits are delivered by a unique set of ProLiant innovations design research, our engineers rethought virtually every aspect ofthat encompass designed-in quality, hassle-free serviceability, and server design and serviceability. Cables were reduced and takenintuitive simplicity. out of your way. Tool-less touch points were added and simplified. Components were made smarter, and labels more intuitive.Designed-in quality Components were precisely located so that servicing one wouldn’t accidentally impact another.Virtually eliminate common problems that cause downtimeand data loss. In next-generation ProLiant servers, clear baffles let you easilyAfter examining more than 100,000 server incidents that led to see which processors and memory slots are populated when youdowntime, system damage, and data loss, HP engineers found that configure or service a system. Snap and Go rack rails reduce frictionmost problems happen when administrators physically interact with with a high quality ball-bearing design, cutting deployment time ofservers. To help prevent these problems, next-generation HP ProLiant rack-mount servers in half. Consistent use of color and shapes ofservers feature a variety of HP-developed intelligent components that touch points lets you quickly recognize what to do and how to do itactively assist administrators with common service tasks—and help when installing or servicing your servers. And high quality labels withincrease system uptime and staff productivity. enriched graphics make it easier to configure and service the system.In our client research, for example, we learned that several times a Through these and other client-inspired innovations, we’re makingweek around the world, someone accidentally removes the wrong serviceability simpler, accelerating common service tasks, anddrive during maintenance, causing data loss across an entire array. reducing the potential for errors. You can now cut up to 40 percent offIn response, our engineers created the HP SmartDrive carrier. It the time you’ve been spending installing or removing components—proactively warns an administrator not to remove a drive if the and do away with a lot of frustration.action will cause data loss.2
  3. 3. Intuitive simplicity The world’s most self-sufficient serversReduce errors and improve productivity with an intuitive, In today’s data centers, small advances in technology won’t solveefficient user experience. the big problems. To respond effectively to exploding demand forThe HP Client-2-Innovation design philosophy is pragmatic: useful applications, data, and digital content, your IT organization needsinnovation to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and enhance intelligent technology built for the challenges of the cloud era.the user experience. Before we design anything, we analyze real That’s the next-generation HP ProLiant family.client usage data to focus on solving the critical issues. We create With an unprecedented set of innovations, the new ProLiant familydesign solutions that are based on the principles of consistency and provides the heart and mind of a self-aware and intelligent convergedsimplicity. These solutions are then subjected to rigorous human factor infrastructure. From core to cloud, HP is transforming the expectationsand prototype testing before they are engineered into next-generation and economics of the data center with the world’s most self-releases. Our philosophy begins and ends with you. sufficient servers.The redesigned user interface found in the new ProLiant To learn more about the new ProLiant family, visitmanagement tools rethinks the traditional approach of tables, www.hp.com/go/proliantgen8.trees, and text in favor of a context-based graphical approach.The new interface was built to communicate in the same way youradministrators actually think about their tasks, so they don’t get lostin a maze of menus and buttons. Using consistent design principles,visual organization, and usage models, the new interface createsa predictable and intuitive experience that helps you reduce errorsand improve productivity. 3
  4. 4. Get connected Share with colleagues www.hp.com/go/getconnected Get the insider view on tech trends, alerts, and HP solutions for better business outcomes© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products andservices. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorialerrors or omissions contained herein.4AA3-9652ENW, Created February 2012