Vii 3 Iess 2010 Ta Dr


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A cross disciplinary approach to analyze the effects of digitalized service implementation
Thècle ALIX, IMS-LAPS, Bordeaux

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Vii 3 Iess 2010 Ta Dr

  1. 1. A cross disciplinary approach to analyze the effects of digitalized service implementationThècle ALIX, IMS-LAPS, BordeauxDavid REYMOND, MICA-GRESIC, Bordeaux
  2. 2.   Research position  Sponsors and context  Issues in fieldwork  Case study: content production, method, expected results  Conclusion
  3. 3.   Digitalservices (DS) replace prior services or allow innovation  But:   DS must be settled on an inner manufacturing process (Alter 08)   People replaced by a DS are often forgotten during the quality process evaluation   We guess that they are a key in evaluation
  4. 4.  RAUDIN::Axis3 research project (Feder N°31462, RegionalCouncil of Aquitaine and University of Bordeaux 3) Objective: Define performance and quality indicators in webcommunication Fieldwork: universities websites
  5. 5.   Web Analytics (Audience)   Allows reports on web usages (from logs/hits)   Allows the measure of the Return On Investments   Allows the definition of the Behaviors of “clients”   …  But:   Limited on interpretation (only used by webmaster)   Not applicable in evaluation performance of information/communication by web media   No knowledge on what should change in content production
  6. 6.   Status:   no way to infer on the organization of content production and publication processes from the several audience measures that can be performed.   Futhermore, only specific services, websites or content are measured independently from their inscription on the global organization processes  Idea: Deal with the information production service of the organization  What about the inner organizational people practices regarding the service?   Experience feedback?   Practices level depends on psychological items, skills, and communication processes on the service.
  7. 7.   CMS’s as DS widely used  serve content production, increase quality (metadata, W3C compliant), structure information, and decentralize production…  are intrusive in the IS, prefilled content, flow control…  should replace traditional flows from inner- users of the organization to web publication   Autonomy of users but constraints   Possibility to serve most needs but not alls  no rules in re-engineering process
  8. 8.   Fieldwork : almost 2,000 expected users  Focus on the organization editing process: 1.  questionnaire to get a categorization of general web and profile kinds of web contribution 2.  interviews of actors attached to digital service, from different hierarchical level to observe the hierarchy inside the organization: from the operators using the service to the strategists, to appreciate the maturation of the interest of the service settled up
  9. 9.   Work in progress  First results expected in June
  10. 10.   MICA-GRESIC  UMR 5218 – IMS – Groupe productique LAPS  ENSC  LaBRIAcknowledgements Feder N°31462, CR Aquitaine and University of Bordeaux 3
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