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Helsinki Service Jam 2013 keynote presentaion - Elina Pohja, Laurea


Published on

Note: Elina's presentation starts at about 17:40 in the video. …

Note: Elina's presentation starts at about 17:40 in the video.
Elina Pohja from the Laurea Polytechnique University talked about her experience in the 2011 service jam and how the service concept developed by her team in 2011 had actually been turned into a real service.

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  • 1. My experience of the Service Jam in Helsinki 11. – 13.3.2011- and what happened to ourservice concept afterwards! Elina Pohja
  • 2. Theme 2011:(Super)Heroes!
  • 3. The Superhero concepts that the 2011 Helsinki groups created Instant Save the Hero Food Find a Hero
  • 4. Save the Food – Service for a CauseDescription:PROBLEM• Huge amounts of good, edible food is thrown to waste every day.SOLUTION• Save the Food is a service to save food from going to waste.• We bring together the people with extra food and the people ready to save the extra food from going to waste.• The service works locally face-to-face, through digital channels, in computers and in mobiles.RESULT• Become a HERO by donating extra food.• Become a SUPERHERO by eating the donated food!
  • 5.
  • 6. The Group Helsinki, Finland
  • 7. …What happened to Save The Food after the Service Jam?03 / 2011 Save The Food FB group -> application to the HDC 2012 programme?04 / 2011 Positive interest from the head of HDC 2012 -> 20.4.2011 application ready06 / 2011 Application rejected but rouses interest09/ 2011 Heikki pushes project on with organizations that could be interested10 / 2011 MTT´s Foodspill –program wants to hear more about STF
  • 8. • Saa Syödä! (”Eat please!”) is a Sustainable Consumption and Production – project funded by the Ministry of the Environment• Encourages to reduce the food waste in households• The project also pilots an experiment of communally sharing left over food in one apartment building of several households• The realization of the project is carried out by the MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Service Design Agency Palmu Inc. and Motiva Oy that advances energy and material efficiency. The Martha organization, which is a Finnish home economics organization (founded in 1899 to promote the quality and standard of life in the home) acts as a project partner also.
  • 9. • 25.4.2012 -> ”Hävikistä Herkuksi” in FB• 2012 Web page Saa Syödä! launched:• 22.11.2012 MTV3 News clip:
  • 10. Just a few hints…• Always stop the talking at some point and start doing more concrete things- start prototyping and testing the ideas!• Accept the different phases from total frustration to nirvana during the long process• Be confident with your own skills and don´t be afraid to use & share them!• Commit to the 48 hours - Stay till the end and don´t let your team down!
  • 11. A short animated greeting from Service Jam Oslo process-animation
  • 12. Thank You!