Service Profits and Raving Customers: The CFO's Agenda in 2013


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See what CFOs are looking for from their service organizations in this webinar featuring Aly Pinder of Aberdeen Group and Rick Gustafson, CFO of ServiceMax

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  • Imagine Flawless Field Service. Imagine eliminating inefficiencies, driving growth, and solving customer issues sometimes before they even know they have a problem At ServiceMax our mission is to help our customers deliver the best field service possible to their customers. We do this by helping customers perfect their service delivery process, drive revenue growth, and not just satisfy customers, but delight them.
  • We help our customers achieve Flawless Field Service by delivering the most innovative and cutting edge solution available. We are the ONLY complete end-to-end suite of field service applications delivered in the cloud, driving transformation across all field service functions including: ContractsSchedulingPartsSocial CollaborationCustomer and Partner PortalsWe also offer full BYOD mobility across the product suite, and run on the most trusted and scalable cloud platform in the world.
  • ServiceMax surveyed its customers in Jan 2013 and got pretty amazing numbers that represent the average improvements. Here are logos of the customers that participated in the survey. These metrics that our customers see improves all the key areas of running a flawless field service organization: perfecting service delivery, driving revenue growth and profits, and delighting customers.
  • Customer survey results on one slide..
  • ServiceMax is built on the power of the cloud platform from We are tightly integrated to the Service Cloud offering from Salesforce and we extend Service Cloud to field service, giving you a complete Service Life Cycle Solution in one technology solution.
  • Service Profits and Raving Customers: The CFO's Agenda in 2013

    1. 1. ServiceProfits & Raving Customers:The CFOs Agenda in 2013
    2. 2. SpeakersAlyPinderSr. Research AnalystAberdeen GroupRick GustafsonCFOServiceMax
    3. 3. 4Agenda Service Management Practice and Aberdeen ResearchFramework Introduction to the Study Key Trends Service profitability Service margins vs. product margins The increased impact of service on financials Trends in service differentiation ServiceMax Field Service Overview Final Thoughts Q&ANot for Distribution
    4. 4. 5DomainExpertise5Supply ChainManagementGlobal SupplyManagementProductInnovationand EngineeringManufacturingEnterpriseApplicationsCustomerManagementRetail andBankingServiceManagementITInfrastructureHuman CapitalManagementCommunicationsBusinessIntelligenceGRC/FinancialManagementIT SecurityNot for Distribution
    5. 5. 6Aberdeen Maturity Class Framework What are Best-in-Class companiesdoing differently? What pitfalls are they avoiding? Why are they achieving greatersuccess? What technologies and servicesare enabling them to succeed?PACEPressures:External forces that impact an organization’s market position,competitiveness, or business operations.Pressures:External forces that impact an organization’s marketposition,’competitiveness, or business operations.Actions:The strategic approaches that an organization takes inresponse to industry pressures.Actions:The strategic approaches that an organization takes inresponse to industry pressures.Capabilities:The business competencies (organization, process, etc…)required to execute corporate strategy.Capabilities:The business competencies (organization, process, etc…)required to execute corporate strategy.Enablers:The key technology solutions required to support theorganization’s business practices.Enablers:The key technology solutions required to support the’organization’s business practices.Selected PerformanceCriteria (KPI)TotalRespondents:- Top 20%- Middle 50%- Bottom 30%Respondents are scoredindividually across KPIBest-in-ClassIndustryAverageLaggardCustomer Satisfaction RateService Revenue ChangeCustomer Retention RateService Cost ChangeNot for Distribution
    6. 6. 7The Importance of Service ManagementObjectives – To understand: State of ServiceManagement Best-in-Class Trends Key Challenges Impact on the Financials Top Performance Investments in Technology Profitability Differentiation Margin DisparityNot for Distribution
    7. 7. 872%24%56%38%0%20%40%60%80%Yes NoIsServiceRunasaProfitCenter,PercentageofRespondents,n=138Best-in-Class All OthersState of Service ManagementProfit-centric ViewSource: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    8. 8. 9Yes, 70%No , 26%Dont Know, 4%In 2013, will Service be Managed as ProfitCenter,Percentage of RespondentsState of Service ManagementCost vs. Profit-Center for 2013Source: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    9. 9. 10Yes, 67%No, 22%Dont Know,11%Did service generate a profit in 2012, Percentage of Respondents, n =138State of Service ManagementProfit Achieved in 2012Source: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    10. 10. 11State of Service ManagementService Revenues Increase in 2013Yes, 53%No, 28%Dont Know,14%Anticipate service generating a greater proportion ofoverall revenues in 2013, Percentage of Respondents, n =138Source: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    11. 11. 1240%5%23%3%19%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%Higher by10% or moreHigher byless than10%Same Lower by lessthan 10%Lower by10% or moreService Marginsvs. ProductMargins,Percentage ofRespondents,n=138State of Service ManagementService Margins vs. Product MarginsSource: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    12. 12. 13Less, 51%The Same, 18%More, 8%Don’t Know,23%Cost of Service vs. Cost of New CustomerAcquisitionPercentage of RespondentsState of Service ManagementCost of Service vs. Cost of New Customer AcquisitionSource: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    13. 13. 14MetricsAverage ResultCustomerSatisfaction> 90%CustomerSatisfaction< 50%Customer Retention 89% 48%Customer Loyalty Score 77 32Revenue Growth (Previous 12Months)3.7% -1.7%Service Revenue Growth (Previous 12Months)6.1% -2.9%State of Service ManagementLink Between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty / RevenueSource: Aberdeen Group, December 2012Not for Distribution
    14. 14. 15 Top Goal Drive Service Revenue – 22% Enhance the Customer Experience – 17% Improve Customer Satisfaction – 13% Improve Customer Loyalty – 13% 2nd Most Important Goal Drive Service Revenue – 23% Drive Service Resource Productivity / Utilization – 16%Not for DistributionState of Service ManagementGoalsSource: Aberdeen Group, December 2012
    15. 15. 16State of Service ManagementTop Metrics Being MeasuredNot for DistributionSource: Aberdeen Group, December 201257% 57% 56%40%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%CustomerSatisfactionService Revenue ServiceProfitabilityService Costs(Overall)Topmetrics,PercentageofRespondentsn = 138
    16. 16. 17State of Service ManagementService RoadblocksNot for DistributionSource: Aberdeen Group, December 201229%32%33%33%0% 10% 20% 30% 40%Current technology infrastructureis insufficientLack of budget for investment inserviceEconomic concerns hinderingservice business growthCost cutting initiatives takeprecedentChallenges, Percentage of Respondents, n = 138
    17. 17. Imagine Flawless Field ServicePerfect your servicedeliveryMaximize your servicegrowth/revenueDelight your customers
    18. 18. Flawless Field Service, End to EndThe only complete field service solution.Delivered in the cloud.
    19. 19. The Results?We surveyed our customers to assess the true impact of ServiceMax
    20. 20. The Road to Service Delivery PerfectionWe surveyed our customers to assess the true impact of ServiceMax31%14%11%16%Productivity ServicerevenueFirst time fixratesCustomerSatisfactionscores-16% -16%FieldservicecostsAveragetimeto repair
    21. 21. ServiceMax Extends Salesforce CapabilitiesServiceMax transforms Service Cloud into acomplete Service Life Cycle solutionSalesCloudMarketingCloudService Cloudpowered by
    22. 22. SummaryGrow RevenuePerfect ServiceDeliveryDelightCustomersTechnology Vision &Field Service ExpertiseCulture ofSuccessRealize Flawless Field Service
    23. 23. 24Final ThoughtsNot for Distribution The Rise of Profits in Service Service Margins vs. Product Margins Service-centric Organization New Service and Services Focus on Current Customers, Avoid the Expense of NewAcquisition Delight the Customer and Find New Revenues Measure Profitability, Drive Customer Satisfaction IT Service Budget Increasing (or at least not in decline) But Service Still Needs More Insufficient Technology Infrastructure
    24. 24. Q&
    25. 25. Thank You!