Service Jam LA 2013 // Day 2


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Service Jam LA 2013 // Day 2

  1. 1. Day 2Saturday, March 2nd
  2. 2. @GSJLosAngeles #GSJ13
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  4. 4. Day 2 (Saturday, March 2nd) 9:00 AM Check-in, 9:15 AM Quick Overview & “Design Methods for Synthesis & Ideation” 9:30 AM “Prototyping Techniques”10:00 AM Group Work - Field Research12:00 PM Lunch provided 2:00 PM Mentor check-ins 4:30 PM Twin Jam feedback session with the Minneapolis Jam (10 minutes) 6:00 PM “Tips for Making Great Videos” 6:30 PM Mentor check-ins 9:30 PM Doors closed
  5. 5. 5; Register by 3pm Today!
  6. 6. Formal Check-ins2 Check-Ins Today (2PM & 6:30PM)Sign Up SheetThese are mandatoryShow something tangible!10 min total for pitch & feedback (aim for 3-5 min pitch)
  7. 7. Say Hi to Twin Jam 4:30 PM
  8. 8. 64CRASH COURSE #2Design Methods for Synthesis & IdeationChristina Tran
  9. 9. Field Research PreparationWho are you going to talk to?Where are you going to go?What questions will you ask?What roles are you going to play? (Interviewer, Notetaker,Photographer)
  10. 10. Research Prep When and how? Early Jam Mid Jam Late Jam Jam Journey Explore the theme Test first concept Street cred Purpose Purpose Purpose Understand local issues to Understand how people Understand how people inform your design. respond to your idea before interact with your design. you invest a lot in it. How? How? This is about knowing the How? Walk them through your people you meet. What do you Describe or walk them through prototype, in a show and tell. do for a living? What is your a basic prototype, in a show Have a conversation about family like? Day to day and tell. Have a conversation what they think of it, what they activities? What are your about what they think of it, like and what they would dreams and aspirations? What what they like and what they change. bothers you? would change. What to do with the What to do with the What to do with the results results results Collect the answers, then use Collect the answers, then Collect the answers, then use them to refine your prototype reflecte as a group to draw out them to refine your prototype. for the final presentation. insights which will inform your first prototype to address the possibilities and problems raised.
  11. 11. 68CRASH COURSE #3Prototyping TechniquesTara Greer & Luke Stiles
  12. 12. Rapid Field Research TipsAlways ask why!Observe actions as well as wordsDocument everythingSwitch roles: Take turns as talker, notetaker, photographerDebrief as a team ASAP and capture it all on paper.
  13. 13. 6;CRASH COURSE #4Tips for Creating Great VideosVictor Solis & Steven Wasserman