Service Jam LA 2013 // Day 1


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Service Jam LA 2013 // Day 1

  1. 1. Day 1Friday, March 1st
  2. 2. @GSJLosAngeles #GSJ13
  3. 3. Sarah Yoko Christina@sarahstern @yknakano @s0delightful
  4. 4. The Jam Space
  5. 5. Access & SecurityEnter through the back of the buildingWear your name tag at all times - serves as your ID
  6. 6. Meet the Global Organizers!
  7. 7. 2011 59 Jams2012 85 Jams2013 105 Jams
  8. 8. Designing great projects is not your main goal this weekend huh?
  9. 9. Jam Principles & GoalsYou are here to...Keep making somethingChallenge yourself, take risksLearn from each otherShare materials (but don’t steal)Let magic happenEnjoy the process of jamming
  10. 10. It’s about doing, not talking.
  11. 11. 29 Ways to Stay Creative Infographic
  12. 12. 35 8#"75 !-$.+ 8#"758#"75 /"((01,& /",&,%3#%+3!"#$%&(") /-4.$&5 *+,#& 8#"75 8#"75 6,&,#"75 2,&
  13. 13. Day 1 (Friday, March 1st) 7:00 PM Check-in 7:30 PM Overview, Ice Breakers 8:15 PM “What is Service Design” 8:30 PM Theme revealed / Ideation 9:00 PM Present & refine ideas, form teams 9:30 PM Group work time, Research preparation10:00 PM Doors closed
  14. 14. ImportantCheck in every morningRegister for Planet Jam & Upload early and oftenMentor check-ins are mandatoryAwards are sillyTag everything #GSJ13
  15. 15. Crash CoursesFriday, 8:15 PM Saturday, 9:15 AM Saturday, 9:30 AM Saturday 6:00 PWhat is Service Design Methods for Prototyping Tips for Creating GreatDesign? Synthesis & Ideation Techniques VideosSavitri Lopez-Negrete Christina Tran Tara Greer & Luke Victor Solis & Steven Stiles (R/GA) Wasserman (Hachitan @TaraGreer Entertainment, Inc.) @VictorRSolis
  16. 16. Mentors / Judges Priyanka Kai Marjorie John Muireann Kakar Gradert Kaye Dao McMahon @pkspark @kaigradert @marjorie0779 Savitri Dice Suzannah Elana Amy Lopez Yamaguchi Mathur Glazer Rosenthal @ElanaUXLA @amyilyse
  17. 17. Mentor RolesFloating MentoringFormal Check-insFinal Critique
  18. 18. Twin City: Twin Cities (Minneapolis) Fri Review Pitches Sat Nudge Card Feedback Sun Dance Party
  19. 19. Copyrights Creative CommonsPlease respect copyright on any images, films, logos, and music you will use during the jam.Material you make at the Jam is uploaded under a Creative Commons license and stored onthe Jam server. Only use materials you know are “SAFE”:• Material you make yourself• Material which you buy online, and where you buy a license to use it• Material published as “Public Domain”• Material published under an appropriate “Creative Commons” license (there are several different licenses, so please check which applies. Some require you credit the creator upon use.)
  20. 20. Find resources
  21. 21. Consent Form
  22. 22. Help Desk & Supply Shop
  23. 23. Music (Spotify)
  24. 24. WiFi & Printers
  25. 25. Food & Drinks
  26. 26. #GSJ13@GSJLosAngeles
  27. 27. 4:?Questions
  28. 28. 4;ICE BREAKERS
  29. 29. 52Cover the Space
  30. 30. 53CRASH COURSE #1What is Service DesignSavitri Lopez-Negrete
  32. 32. Tell us the theme already!
  33. 33. Group Ideation1. Word Association / Come up with sectors (10 min)2. Musical Team Forming - Select top 12 ideas3. Pitch #1 (LA + Minneapolis ideas)4. Walk towards your favorite idea5. Form initial teams6. Refine ideas in small groups (10 min)7. Pitch #28. Walk towards your favorite idea9. Form final teams
  34. 34. Research Prep When and how? Early Jam Mid Jam Late Jam Jam Journey Explore the theme Test first concept Street cred Purpose Purpose Purpose Understand local issues to Understand how people Understand how people inform your design. respond to your idea before interact with your design. you invest a lot in it. How? How? This is about knowing the How? Walk them through your people you meet. What do you Describe or walk them through prototype, in a show and tell. do for a living? What is your a basic prototype, in a show Have a conversation about family like? Day to day and tell. Have a conversation what they think of it, what they activities? What are your about what they think of it, like and what they would dreams and aspirations? What what they like and what they change. bothers you? would change. What to do with the What to do with the What to do with the results results results Collect the answers, then use Collect the answers, then Collect the answers, then use them to refine your prototype reflecte as a group to draw out them to refine your prototype. for the final presentation. insights which will inform your first prototype to address the possibilities and problems raised.
  35. 35. Research Prep//Service Design PhasesResearch, Ideation & Prototyping ETHNOGRAPHIC DEEP DIVE & DESIGN DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH IDEA GENERATION & PROTOYPING• Culture Hunt • Customer Journey Map • Desktop Walk-throughs• Interviews • Personas • Mock-ups• Shadowing • Service Blueprint • Role Play• System Maps • Storyboarding • Testing
  36. 36. Field Research PreparationWho are you going to talk to?Where are you going to go?What questions will you ask?What roles are you going to play? (Interviewer, Notetaker,Photographer)