James Gander, The Service Desk Is Dead – Again!


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We go through waves of “experts” telling us that the service desk is dead and organisations are moving on, or that BYOD is removing the need for the service desk.

I will be putting forward a more pragmatic response to that, including (spoiler alert) some tips to make your service desk work better for your organisation.

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James Gander, The Service Desk Is Dead – Again!

  1. 1. JAMES GANDER The Service Desk Is Dead – Again!
  2. 2. The Service Desk is dead – again! Or why we need Service Desks James Gander, ITSM Consultant Gander Service Management Limited M: 021 777 457 james@gander.co.nz www.gander.co.nz
  3. 3. Are you sitting comfortably? @gandersm
  4. 4. FUD @gandersm
  5. 5. Danger @gandersm
  6. 6. Stop @gandersm
  7. 7. Who said I can’t use my tablet? @gandersm
  8. 8. Governance of IT @gandersm
  9. 9. Service Desk is key • The Service Desk is key to: – Delivery & Support of services – Non-IT perception of the IT department • Everyone in your / your customer’s organisation will at some point interact with the Service Desk @gandersm
  10. 10. Service Desk is key @gandersm Numbers completely made up by Gander Service Management research team (me) to prove my point.
  11. 11. BYOD @gandersm
  12. 12. SD call rates are increasing @gandersm
  13. 13. Personal contact @gandersm
  14. 14. So is the Service Desk dead? @gandersm
  15. 15. So is the Service Desk dead? • Service Desks are an easy target • Is it the Service Desk at fault? • Is it the wider IT department? • Is it higher? @gandersm
  16. 16. Perception or Reality @gandersm
  17. 17. What can we do? Simple! @gandersm
  18. 18. Beware @gandersm
  19. 19. Understand • Understand what you are supposed to be doing • Understand what you are actually doing • Understand what you need to do @gandersm
  20. 20. Non-Service Desk people only • Go and spend time on the Service Desk • Take calls • Become scared – by the amount of systems you need to know about and understand – by the amount of calls and type of callers • Feedback @gandersm
  21. 21. Understand- Survey • Understand what your customers / users expect from and think about you • Make it short but meaningful • Understand what your teams think • Share the results • Work through the key points • Come up with a plan • Share the plan @gandersm
  22. 22. Prioritise @gandersm
  23. 23. Improve @gandersm
  24. 24. Improve • Improve the way your customers / users perceive the service desk • Improve the way the team works • Improve the way that the whole department operates @gandersm
  25. 25. Improve - Team work • Lead • Encourage • Knowledge share @gandersm
  26. 26. Improve - Department • Often not the Service Desk that causes perception • Are all teams prioritising calls in their workload? • Are all teams working to the same goal? • Knowledge @gandersm
  27. 27. Check @gandersm
  28. 28. Knowledge • Service desks need: – to receive Knowledge – They need to be involved in projects – They need more than a document (although that is a start) – They need to be aware of changes – They need to have sign-off of projects and changes – They need to be aware of issues – Training BEFORE you release new services / hardware / software @gandersm
  29. 29. Roles & Responsibilities • Service Desk need to know: – Which teams do what – Who owns a service / system – Who can approve requests – What tools are available – How users do their jobs @gandersm
  30. 30. Communicate • Listen to what people think – Good and bad – Share that feedback • Tell users what you are doing – Share the fact that you take 600 calls a week and resolve 530. @gandersm
  31. 31. What am I trying to say? • Service Desks are the key to a good IT department • Service Desks are central to successful delivery of new projects / services / changes • Get a good Service Desk and the rest of IT looks good. @gandersm
  32. 32. Takeaways @gandersm Managers – spend time on the Service Desk Review and refresh processes for handling calls and knowledge Survey your users. Share the results with the wider business. Produce an improvement plan with realistic deliverables and timeframes. Share the plan Talk to your users Ensure you have a list of services you provide (Service Catalogue) Document / review roles & responsibilities Talk to your staff! They often have some of the best ideas to improve things. Schmooze P.A.s and Receptionists – trust me Governance to review and agree list
  33. 33. The Service Desk is dead … @gandersm