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#TFT14 Sean McClean Crushing the Compass: Directionless Learning?

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We've grown up in a world with "up" and "down". Teachers at the top, and students at the bottom of class. Freshman (or "noobs") at the front, and Seniors ("experts") at the back. …

We've grown up in a world with "up" and "down". Teachers at the top, and students at the bottom of class. Freshman (or "noobs") at the front, and Seniors ("experts") at the back.
Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees at the 'end' of a course of study. Even the word "course" suggests direction, plan, timeframe. But now learning is moving faster than light and directions, beginnings and ends are becoming meaningless. Join me for some conversation about what this will mean for us, for the people we hire and work with or for - and how to create our own focus and be the caption of our own learning journey.

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  • 1. Sean McClean Crushing the Compass
  • 2. CRUSHING THE COMPASS: LEARNING IN THE WORLD, WITHOUT DIRECTION What’s happening with learning and training today?
  • 3. DISRUPTION: WE INTERRUPT THIS INTERRUPTION TO SHAKE THINGS UP… • Disruption very “hip” today because it creates new markets and opportunities • The “Space Between” as described by Johansson (Medici Effect) and Kim & Mauborgne (Blue Ocean Strategy) Opport unity Disrupti on Discipl ine A Biology Discipli ne B Architec ture
  • 4. WAS LEARNING ALL THAT DIRECTED ANYWAY? • Not to argue semantics, but, well… • Head / Top / Bottom of the class • Matriculation / Graduation • What is a “course” if not a route to follow? • Objectives • Certificates, degrees – objective tests… • Values and competencies harder to gauge • There’s a path to a peak – but what about the space in between?
  • 5. TECHNOLOGY IS STRIPPING AWAY THE DIRECTION FROM LEARNING • Recordings and blogs starting to strip beginning and end of traditional “course” • Collaborative tools and social media strip the top and bottom • Search technologies and big data strip process and context HTTP://WWW.TED.COM/TALKS/ABHA_DAWESAR_LIFE_IN_THE _DIGITAL_NOW.HTML
  • 6. THE NOW MENTALITY STRIPS THE RUDDERS AND SAILS • Modern and global economy is FAST • Learning is often obsolete upon completion • The path to profit is much less“Chartable” • Demand is outstripping our ability to steer • Jet planes with steering wheels… • Failure is not only acceptable, it’s desirable (in small doses) HTTP://REIDHOFFMAN.ORG/DISRUPTING-THE-DIPLOMA/
  • 7. SO WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? • From the Silk Road… To the Frontier! • Competencies and Values Based Rubrics over Objectives • Mistakes and “UNLearning” • IEPs over degrees • No such thing as “Finished”, “Graduated”, or “Done” • Explorers, pioneers, and cartographers wanted!
  • 8. NEW FRONTIERS • Mistakes are what exploring is all about? • UnLearning • Mistakes are the new right path http://www.ted.com/talks/kathryn_schulz_on_bein g_wrong.html
  • 9. NEW FRONTIERS • What if Objectives became less important than competencies? • We’ve learned to refine and refine and refine our directives • Olympics and the Need for Speed • Enter the Competency and the Value Based Rubric…
  • 10. NEW FRONTIERS • IEPs (Individual Learning Plans) over Degrees • No “one” path anymore • Training and Education needs to be redefined as an ongoing, and neverending process
  • 11. NEW FRONTIERS • What are the Skillsets of the Pioneer? • Independence and willingness to fail • Cartography and Documentation
  • 12. FINAL THOUGHTS http://bitstrips.com/r/5WWVW
  • 13. With thanks to our slides sponsor, CA Technologies Try Nimsoft for free at ca.com/NSD-trial