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#TFT12: Amber Case



Presentation for #TFT12: Location and the Future of the Interface ...

Presentation for #TFT12: Location and the Future of the Interface
In this presentation, Geoloqi founder Amber Case will highlight why developers of apps should look at what users want to do now, as well as what users want to do in the future, why social apps should try to mirror real-world relationships, why sharing should be about who you share with as well as how long you're sharing, and why developers should think about how to make apps "ambient" and require less user interaction.

See Amber's TFT speaker Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/servicedesk/amber-case/



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#TFT12: Amber Case #TFT12: Amber Case Presentation Transcript

  • Location and the Future of the Interface  TFT 2012 Amber Case http://caseorganic.com/ @caseorganic
  • We are all cyborgs View slide
  • Flickr: cybertoad View slide
  • http://farm1.static.flickr.com/119/293670483_cbce23bdde_b.jpg Flickr: soylentgreen23
  • Univac 1 ~1950’s iPhone ~2000’s
  • I. Problems
  • Persistent Paleontology
  • II. History
  • Self-Portrait of Steve Mannwith WearableComputingApparatus 1981. slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Diminished Reality vs. Augmented Reality •  Adding your own layer onto reality •  Replacing public messages with your own
  • Adblock: Image recognition, processing and replacement.
  • Collaborative Reality
  • Remember the Milk Contextual Notification Systems Virtual Post-It Notes with ImageProcessing 1995 @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Computer-Mediated Reality: Face Recognition and History
  • Sousveillance:MaybeCam
  • Evolution of Prosthesis slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Present-Day  Steve Mann •  Extremely lightweight equipment •  Most people have this in their pocket
  • Present-Day  Steve Mann •  Extremely lightweight equipment •  Most people have this in their pocket
  • Text goes here
  • III. Persistent Architecture
  • Englebart’sCyborgGlove
  • Text goes here
  • Twiddler by HandyKey Corporation One-Handed Key Chording USB Keyboard @caseorganic
  • Inputs
  • ThadStarner
  • Borg Group – MIT Media Lab
  • Sandy Pentland
  • GA Tech
  • V. Non-visual wearablecomputing
  • HapticCompassBelt
  • Future
  • IV. The Future
  • What is an ambientapplication? @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • What is an ambient application? "  Processes occur in the background "  Data is pushed to the user "  User input can come in many forms, not just through keyboard input@caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Information should be pushed to you A robot working for you behind the scenes. The more it knows about you the more it can do for you.@caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Ambient user input "  User’s location "  Time of day "  Current speed (slow or fast?) "  Average speed over time (driving vs. walking) "  Prior actions (clicks, subscriptions "  User’s friends on another platform@caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • your phone is a remotecontrol for reality.
  • •  Actions as buttons •  Invisible interfaces •  Trigger-based interactionsCalm technology
  • The interfacedisappears •  Actions are Reduced •  Queries are Eliminated
  • TheInvisible 80mInterface 900m
  • A Collectionof InvisibleButtons
  • Types of Interactions•  Entering•  Exiting•  Dwelling at a place
  • Proximal Notification
  • AmbientNotification
  • Geonotes
  • your phone becomes a remote control for reality. @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Use Case: Home Automation Energy management and notifications "   Enter the house, the lights turn on "   Leave, and the lights turn off
  • Real-TimeHyperlocalWeather
  • BringingWikipedia to Life
  • Credit: Reid Beels
  • Real-Life Gaming
  • mapattack.org
  • Monitorsignificant eventsnot all events“Dave, who is normally in New York, isin town. Both of your schedules arefree at noon”.
  • @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • @caseorganic
  • Personal location analytics
  • Inform users of significant social updates. @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Everyone has a unique footprint of their city. @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Location-Based  Triggers Create triggers based on where people are. @caseorganic slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • 9:00AmSend users a message if theyre notwithin a radius within a certain timeperiod. @caseorganic geoloqi.org/API/trigger/create
  • Layers ofFunctionality (Geo-plugins)
  • Geonotes Leavemessages foryour futureself!
  • But…
  • BatteryDrain
  • Solvingthoseproblemsenablesentireindustries
  • The best interface isinvisible. slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • No longer this. slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • This! slideshare.net/caseorganic
  • Thank you! Amber Case http://caseorganic.com/ @caseorganic
  • WITH THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR bmc remedyforce #TFT returns may 2013