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4th Berlin Service Design Drinks took place at innovation consultancy Dark Horse’s beautiful office space. A short input talk gave an overview on how service design can be applied by start-up companies — and service designers can provide value for their young business. A follow-up exercise made one tool that’s being used more tangible. Afterwards there was plenty of time for conversations and drinks.

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Service Design for Startups / Service Design Drinks Berlin

  1. 1. Service Design Drinks DA R K H O R S E / O C TO B E R 9 , 2 0 1 3 Service Design for Start-ups
  2. 2. Overview Why? What? How? Exercise
  3. 3. Martin User Experience, Nokia Katrin PhD Candidate, University of Potsdam Who are we? Olga Business Consultant Manuel Freelance Service Designer
  4. 4. The internet economy in Berlin has a higher economic performance than the construction industry. Why? R E L E VA N C E Every 20 hours a new start-up is founded in Berlin. — I B B B e r l i n 2 0 1 3
  5. 5. What? D E F I N I T I O N — W I K I P E D I A ‘Start-Up’ “A start-up [...] is a company, a partnership or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. These companies,[...] are in a phase of development and research for markets.”
  6. 6. What? D E F I N I T I O N “ A 'start-up' is a company that is confused about who its customers are, what its product is, — Q U O R A Top-rated answer for ‘Start-Up’ how to make money.”
  7. 7. What? D E F I N I T I O N “ A 'startup' is a company that is confused about who its customers are, what its product is, — Q U O R A Top-rated answer for ‘Start-Up’ how to make money.” Value proposition User needs Business Model
  8. 8. What? D E F I N I T I O N — Q U O R A Top-rated answer for ‘Start-Up’ “ As soon as it figures out all 3 things, it ceases to be a startup and then becomes a real business.”
  9. 9. How can service design help? Value proposition User needs Business model • User Research • Personas • User Journeys • Prototyping • Business Model Canvas • Service Blueprint
  10. 10. Why & How? We asked a few start-ups about service design & how they use it
  11. 11. The start-ups talent-pool that matches people and companies based on cultural fit visual real-time collaboration tool cycle-tracking mobile app for women
  12. 12. How do you define service design? 1.
  13. 13. “I consider Service Design to define how our product really works. It‘s not just about [...] features.  It‘s about integration of features and behaviour of those within a higher context [...].” — M A R T I N G U E T H E R Spacedeck
  14. 14. “[...] being honest, we think it is one of several attempts to formalise the language surrounding the most basic design goal. [...] It can be called many things [...] but at the end of the day we consider it to be mainly empathy and responsible design.” — CO N O R D E L A H U N T Y Somewhere
  15. 15. “I think the problem is most businesses are stuck in Pixeled Service Design, instead of just Service Design. [...] You realize how constraining Digital is if you start thinking about what types of services can be provided by… human beings, bicycles, shopping carts, stairs, trees, lakes, blue skies.” — M I K E L AV I G N E Clue
  16. 16. Why is service design important for your start-up? 2.
  17. 17. “[...] As a Start-up it is very important to think about your product as a service.” — M A R T I N G U E T H E R Spacedeck
  18. 18. “[...] At the beginning it helps us to plot and plan the spaces we want to play in and the behaviours we need to support; later it helps us to identify the areas where we are not doing a good enough job as well as some tactics on how to approach solving them. ” — CO N O R D E L A H U N T Y Somewhere
  19. 19. “We're designing a very personal service for women to understand what's going on in their bodies each month. We can't possibly do that well without keeping a very open mind about how best to do that, both digital and non-digital.” — M I K E L AV I G N E Clue
  20. 20. What are the most important design tools in your company? 3.
  21. 21. “The people using our service are the biggest source of inspiration for our service. In this case, in-depth conversations, open ears, and open minds are the most important tools.” — M I K E L AV I G N E Clue
  22. 22. “Personas, Mock-Ups, Click-Prototypes [...]” — M A R T I N G U E T H E R Spacedeck
  23. 23. “Definitely pen and lots of paper - and talking to people. Thinking of the service in terms of a journey that a real life human will go through, etc. We aren't really formal, we just grab bits and pieces as we go and use the ones that work for us.” — CO N O R Somewhere HQ
  24. 24. Exercise Let‘s use a typical start-up tool today
  25. 25. Elevator pitch Be right on the spot. Pitch your idea in 30 seconds to a potential investor.
  26. 26. Elevator pitch A S A CO M PA R I S O N “ Salonmeister is like Qype for hairdressers.” “ tame is like google for twitter.” Define your start-up by comparing it to an established, well-known service. “ Bloomydays is like a pizza delivery for flowers.”
  27. 27. Elevator pitch A S A S U M M A RY Articulate a concise summary of your fav service. For TARGET CUSTOMER CUSTOMER NEED SERVICE NAME MARKET CATEGORY who in that Unlike the service is a ONE KEY BENEFIT COMPE- TITION LOCATION (STREET) . . UNIQUE DIFFEREN- TIATOR a foodie & chef at home has way too little time Kochhaus supermarket Berlin & Hamburg offers pre-compiled recipes Kaisers, Perfetto or Proviant offers all ingredients in 1 single shop w/o need running thru the city
  28. 28. Take-away
  29. 29. Learnings They are pragmatic about the tools and use what works for them Start-ups apply service design differently Service design is highly relevant for start-ups Icons: Olyn LeRoy, Dmitry Baranovskiy / The Noun Project
  30. 30. See you at the X-mas party @SD_Berlin
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