Apps for banking


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Apps for banking

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Apps for banking

  1. 1. BANKINGWith Service2Media you can take advantage of new banking opportunitiesextending your reach and improving your customer relationships. APPS FOR BANKING
  2. 2. SERVICE2MEDIAIN BANKINGService2Media is in the business of Advanced App Solutions for smartphones, tablets and an unbounded range of emerging touch devices. We help our clients and partners design, deliver, maintain and evolve some of the most innovative banking Apps ever deployed. As multichannel banking becomes the norm you will need to inform, control, educate, direct, manage and assist your customers with rich compelling Apps on all devices that are easy and fast to use. Partnering with Service2Media will help you overcome the many challenges faced by those developing banking Apps now and in the future. • We eliminate the issue of multiple operating systems and fragmented and evolving devices. • We offer the highest level of consistent, rich user experience regardless of device. • We future-proof your investment delivering the full lifecycle of design, development, deployment support and App evolution. If the device op- tions change your Apps will upgrade seamlessly. • We connect our Apps with your business-critical back end support ap- plications and offer high levels of scalability, robustness and security. • With our best of breed, cost and time efficient platform enabling quick to market solutions, you can design once and deploy anywhere. With Service2Media you can take advantage of new banking opportunities extending your reach and improving your customer relationships. We’ll help you Inform – Control - Educate – Direct – Manage and Assist.
  3. 3. INFORMProvide consistent and accurate informationthrough all channelsClients will increasingly demand real-time access to all theinformation regarding their banking products and accounts.Having this capability will allow you to:• Improve Brand Extension - Offering increased reach and availability and presence across all devices and touch-points.• Check policy details information - show policy details and amendments for insurance and payment protection policies.• Account validate and confirm - check credit card payment details and history.• Preferences changes - choose communication options and sign up to feeds.• News Distribution - through on-line and interactive publications such as money management magazines and market analysts with up to the minute independent advice to consumers and business insiders on new products, rates and services.• Support community interests – involve clients in sports events and sponsored team activities and link these back to your banking services to improve your reach.• Issue account alerts - to notify customers of events affecting their accounts and status such as going overdrawn.• Get real-time streaming news – with up to the second accurate data values by your customers.What’s most valued by our clients?Better presentation: We provide Apps that give thehighest level of excellence in screen design andusability over the widest possible range of devices.Our Apps evolve as device capabilities improve andwe’re always ready with support for new devices.
  4. 4. CONTROLExtend actionable internet based banking - to Appssupporting allenvironments, delivering a full functioninteractive on-line banking experience to your customersregardless of device Letting your customers undertake trans-actions in a way that makes them feel secure.• Initiate Secure Mobile Payments – with peer to peer, or though existing banking services to pay bills and transfer funds to others.• Transfer money - between your own accounts.• Exchange currency – transferring money into new currencies based on current rates of exchange.• Make micropayments – provide a mobile wallet with Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Apps that link price information to device based authentication and payment for travel and other goods and services.• Offer bill splitting – to pay a restaurant bill with one card and recover each diners share of the cost enabling them to pay by sms or billing App.• Manage small business accounting – link to cloud-based financial accounting services so that a business is alerted when invoices are paid.What’s most valued by our clients?Easy, secure and fast: We incorporate multiplelevels of security and encryption into our Apps to suitand password and even random reader technologyas it’s available. We provide back-end integration anddevice optimised Apps that are fast as well as easy touse and secure. Ease of use, a sense of security and afast response are fundamental to the improved uptakeof smart-device based banking solutions.
  5. 5. EDUCATEDemonstrate the compelling value of bankingproducts and servicesIncrease awareness and understanding – through informativevideo and pricing models• Show videos - that explain mortgage options and other banking services• Offer a Comprehensive Directory of Banking - with Dictionary, Glossary and Terms listings that contains banking related Terms and Terminology.• Use models - to calculate and demonstrate loan or mortgage repayment terms.• Open up new markets – Provide games and user friendly approaches that promote the value of your banking services.• Gather opinion – through on-line surveys and assessmentWhat’s most valued by our clients?Handling complexity: Our Apps can handle videostreaming, complex mathematical or specialist visualisationto make banking more exciting because we can rendercomplex screen content on our server before presentingit through to the client.
  6. 6. MANAGEWealth Management for Private BankingClients and AdvisorsLet your clients manage their portfolios and investmentsmaking informed choices more effectively while away fromthe office.• Review client portfolio performance – keeping on top of the valuation of your portfolio.• Deal status, activities, and forecasts – see the investment switches and charges.• Balances, holdings, gains/losses – comparing buy and sell rates over time.• Asset allocations – review the balance of risk across your portfolio.• Earned income and cash flow – check the income generated and taken.• Graphs and charts – render and present results in excellent visualizations.• Account alerts – offer free actionable ‘push’ alerts when thresholds or critical account events occur.What’s most valued by our clients?Future Proof and Adaptable: Because we supportboth today and tomorrow’s devices without theneed to amend code, we can offer the best possiblepresentation of often complex information renderedto make best use of the available screen sizeorientation and navigation features taking advantageof advances as they become available. We automaticallyenhance the user’s experience as the device capabilitiesevolve.
  7. 7. ASSISTOffer additional services that provide securityand supportMobile devices can form a life-line to key banking serviceswhether routine or emergency.• Direct – Show the location of ATMs and Branches to customers on the move.• Call customer service – for advice and assistance.• Report loss or theft – of cards or other items covered by the bank’s insurance.• Take advantage of offers – present special offers to card-holders relating to their location and lifestyle.• Offer location based services – to enhance security by linking the location of the mobile to the person using a bank card in an ATMWhat’s most valued by our clients?Back-end integration: We can link Apps to back-endapplications and services as required to enable morecomplex workflow and access to other bankingservices. Server based capabilities can be run on thebank’s own servers or as a hosted service as required. 
OUR PROPOSITION TO THE BANKING COMMUNITYWhether you are looking for a sustainable competitive advantage or aiming to improve efficiencies.Service2Media can help you to future-proof your company with innovative application solutions.Let us partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach based on our outstanding platformand full lifecycle of support that offers ultimate flexibility and dramatically lowers the total cost ofownership of your full suite of Apps whist managing their evolution and safeguarding their future.
  8. 8. ABOUT SERVICE2MEDIA Since our inception we have challenged the status quo, creating Apps that matter and empower people’s daily lives. Our App Lifecycle Platform enables our clients and partners to build future proofed portfolios of Apps with effective reuse of components and the ability to maintain and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycles. Our core strength lies in our App Lifecycle Platform that lets us create both our own and partners’ AppCenters to deliver Core and Critical App Portfolios. •The App Lifecycle Platform – our technology that enables the full lifecycle support of Apps on multiple targeted environments. • AppCenters – where enterprise grade App portfolios are designed, deployed and evolved. THE SERVICE2MEDIA APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM The Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform supports the full lifecycle – from conceptual design through to performance analytics, our platform delivers a rich and compelling user-experience across all your targeted environments. Our App lifecycle philosophy is simple but powerful. DESIGN Apps Once DEPLOY Apps on Multiple Devices EVOLVE Apps throughout their LivesOffices and ContactsFor general information: Postal address: Dubai San FranciscoTel: +31 88 010 29 00 P.O.Box 767 Dubai Internet City 1024 Iron Point RoadFax: +31 88 010 29 01 7500 AT Enschede DIC Building 03 Folsom, California 95630 The Netherlands Dubai - United Arab Emirates United StatesThe NetherlandsService2Media Barcelona New YorkArnhemseweg 2 Edifici Neàpolis 215 Park Avenue South, Suite 20053817 CH Amersfoort Rambla Exposició 59-69 New York, NY 10003The Netherlands London 08800 – Vilanova i la Geltrú United States 83 Baker Street – Westminster SpainLangestraat 37 W1U 6AG – London7511 HB Enschede United KingdomThe Netherlands