02 27-2012 rev it up lesson 9 day 4
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  • 1. Bellwork!EXPLAIN YOURSELF… Quietly read passages on pages 111-112 of the REV It Up! book. Using vocabulary words, answer prompt on pg. 112
  • 2. On this dateAuthorJohn Steinbeckwas born inSalinas, CA in1902
  • 3. On this datePoetHenry WadsworthLongfellowwas born in Portland,ME in 1803.
  • 4. On this dateAlicia Keyswon five Grammys forher debut solo album,“Songs in A Minor” in2002.
  • 5. On this date Famous birthdaysConstantine the Great - 272Elizabeth Taylor - 1932Ralph Nader - 1934Chelsea Clinton - 1980
  • 6. LA Fact of the DayIn your ownwords, what is aANALYSIS?
  • 7. LA Fact of the DayAnalysis is breakingsomething down intoparts so that youcan understand it.
  • 8. TheMysteriesof Life…TheGreatDepressionBRAIN POP
  • 9. Introducing VocabularyREV IT UP BOOKS Vocabulary List Page 109
  • 10. Rev up your vocabularyMmmaybe
  • 11. Rev up your vocabularya teddy bear
  • 12. Rev up your vocabularytreasured
  • 13. Rev up your vocabularywhatever…
  • 14. Rev up your vocabularyclear the way
  • 15. Rev up your vocabularya good person
  • 16. Rev up your vocabulary“Please recycle!”
  • 17. Rev up your vocabularylack of effort
  • 18. Rev up yourvocabularyperfectionist
  • 19. Rev up your vocabularysharp wit
  • 20. Wrapping Up! TBD
  • 21. The Rainy DayThe day is cold, anddark, and drearyIt rains, and thewind is never weary;
  • 22. The Rainy DayMy thoughts stillcling to themouldering Past,
  • 23. The Rainy DayBut the hopes ofyouth fall thick inthe blast,And the days aredark and dreary.
  • 24. The Rainy DayBe still, sad heart!and cease repining;Behind the clouds isthe sun still shining;
  • 25. The Rainy DayThy fate is the commonfate of all,Into each life some rainmust fall,Some days must be darkand dreary.