(Presentation) Tourist Attraction Survey in Thailand

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  • 1. HT312 TOURISM EXPEDITION: Tourist Attraction Survey Lai Hui Bei Sri AishaFitri bt. Mohd Shafari Mohd Hanif bin Hairrizaman NurFatin Afiqah binti Roslan
  • 2. 1.0 Introduction • On May 11, 1949 an official proclamation changed the name of the country to Thailand or “Prophet Thai” (in Thai language) • Modern and predominantly Buddhist, it is a Southeast Asian kingdom whose ancient and present standing mingle in evolving harmony. It is a mixture of China and India influences. • Thailand is described by travelers as “the west exotic country in Asia” • Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that never colonized.
  • 3. 2.0 Problem Background • Insurgency in Thailand – an ethnic separatist insurgency taking place in Southern Thailand, in the Malay Pattani region. • Casualties and losses – 500+ soldiers killed, 5,469 civilians killed, 9,653 wounded • 215 dead, 35 injured, 5,306 arrested, 21 executed
  • 4. 3.0 Issues in Thailand • 2012 Southern Thailand bombings • Tsunami • Widespread flooding
  • 5. 1.1 Information Capital city - Bangkok Government - Constitutional monarchy Language - Thai Religions - Muslims & Buddhist Climate - Tropical monsoons
  • 6. 1.2 Tourism in Thailand • Shopping • Sports • Culture • Beach • Nature • Food
  • 7. 1.3 Tourist attraction 1.3.1 Krabi – Small capital town of Krabi on the banks of Krabi river. A beach spot that a tourist to Thailand can hardly afford to miss out 1.3.2 Phuket – Known as the Pearl of Andaman. The surrounding waters contain much varied life and the town is notable for its Sino-Portuguese architecture 1.3.3 Hatyai – Southern Thailand’s major commercial, communications, and it offers excellent transportation and accommodation
  • 8. 2.0 Survey Objective • 2.1 Survey Objective 1) To analyse the positive and negative aspect of tourist attraction places in Thailand. 2) To suggest improvement or plan for better condition at tourist attraction places in Thailand 3) To observe tourist attraction places in Thailand and how it caters to tourist needs.
  • 9. 2.2 Importance of Survey • To know the new trends in Thailand’s tourism industry • To find out programs that offered at Thailand’s tourist attraction places and its operation hour. • Get to know safety information and rules in Thailand • Aware of Thailand traditional custom at its tourist attraction places
  • 10. 3.0 Method of Survey • 3.1 Observation – observe the surrounding of a place during tour • 3.2 Journal writing – small notes, pen • 3.3 Photography – use camera to generate photo evidence
  • 11. THE END