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The “Serre Numérique” is the new place to be for Digital Creation : video games, animation, design, serious games… With its outstanding architectural quality, the “Serre Numérique” building will provide 17,000m² of space available over 2 hectares, exclusively dedicated to the moving images sector.

Developed by the CCI Grand Hainaut and based on the concept of “cross-fertilization”, it will bring together businesses, higher education facilities, research and innovation, all in one place :
• Rubika, its 3 Digital Creation Institutes (Supinfocom, Supinfogame and Institut Supérieur de Design) and their 1,000 students.
• A specific 3,000m² area for businesses (Business Incubator - Business Center…) dedicated to hosting the economic stakeholders of the industry
• A Research and Technology Transfer Center, grouping together video games, serious games and design laboratories
• High-tech equipment : immersive virtual reality area, 3D lecture theater with a seating capacity of 450, motion capture studio, render farm, as well as research equipment and tools dedicated to Educational Science, as well as IT and Communication Science, etc.
• A co-working space and learning center dedicated to Digital Creation
• Recreational spaces (for eating, relaxing…) and event venues.

The “Serre Numérique” is the first building and driving force of the “Rives Créatives” digital business park : 15 hectares dedicated to accommodating companies working in the moving images and ICT sectors, a “Special Urban Area” with exceptional tax release on fiscal and social taxes !

The construction work started in June 2012 and the building is planned to open in September 2014.

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Booklet Serre Numerique

  1. 1. LA SERRE NUMérique digital creation platform
  2. 2. The Valenciennois metro area : fertile grounds for digital creation The Valenciennois metropolitan area has become a reference for Digital Creation at regional, national and international levels. It was recognized and certified in 2008 as a part of the Regional Digital Creation Cluster, in which the region is one of the main stakeholders. This positioning results from a commitment initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the 80s with: ■ the creation of the schools Supinfocom (digital animation), Institut Supérieur de Design, and later Supinfogame (video games), now known as the internationally renowned ‘’Rubika’’ group. Les Rives Créatives de l’Escaut ■ A 26-hectare business park built by the Valenciennes Metropolitan Area Conurbation Community and dedicated to companies working in the scope of Digital Creation Technologies and High Techs ■ A sustainability-oriented ‘‘smart’’ neighborhood ■ A location that allows companies to benefit from tax incentives offered in the local Free Trade Urban Zone ■ An area experiencing strong economic development, with the expected creation of 2,000 jobs over the next decade ■ the creation of the Ateliers Numériques building providing companies working in the digital sector with an infrastructure, equipped facilities and high performance animation, video game and audiovisual devices… Consequently, the Valenciennois metro area currently hosts over twenty companies specializing in Digital Creation, including CCCP, Byook, Meconopsis and more recently KTM Advance, the French leader in Serious Games who launched its subsidiary Edit’up in the Valenciennois region. Today, the Valenciennois metro area is implementing a unique project that will confirm its positioning as a global player in the field of Digital Creation.
  3. 3. La Serre Numérique An ambitious project supported by the Grand Hainaut Chamber of Commerce and Industry : ■ supported by the competitiveness clusters PICOM and i-trans ■ certified by Pôle Images Nord-Pas de Calais (Regional Digital Creation Cluster) The rallying point of three components : ■ higher education with Rubika and its three Digital Creation schools (Supinfocom, Supinfogame and Institut Supérieur de Design) and more than 1,000 students, lecturers and trainers ■ innovation, R&D and technology transfer, with provision of cutting edge tools ■ economy, with 3 000 sq m dedicated to companies An original concept of ‘‘cross-fertilization’’ : ■ between the worlds of business, research and education/training ■ between creative people of all backgrounds : managers, students, artists, teachers and researchers thanks to a specialized team of facilitators and equipment such as a learning center, a co-working space…
  4. 4. 17,000 sq m of available space deployed over 2 hectares On this broad expanse of space, the Serre Numérique will bring together : Cutting edge facilities : 3 internationally recognized higher education schools in Digital Creation : grouped together since 2007 within an organization now called Rubika, the three schools Supinfocom, Supinfogame and Institut Supérieur de Design have set in motion a groundbreaking educational project that addresses the stakes of tomorrow, in an international perspective (Campus in Pune - India). RUBIKA : RUBIKA : 1,000 students, 200 lecturers and trainers, more then 70 partnerships with international companies A unique model that places the student at the heart of the process, a project that contributes to inventing the jobs of tomorrow, at the crossroads of animation, video games and design. A 3,000 sq m business park : business incubator, start-up nursery, customized support, shared spaces and services A learning center : a knowledge base for confrontation, exchanges, collaboration, demonstrations and permanent exhibition on digital creation. Opening in September 2014 Campus in Pune - India Contact : CCI Grand HAINAUT - 3 avenue Sénateur Girard BP 80577 - 59308 VALENCIENNES CEDEX (FRANCE) Maxime COUVREUR • T. +33 3 27 513 143 / P. +33 3 6 25 25 71 71 Cette action est cofinancée par l’Union européenne CCI Grand Hainaut - February 2013 update october 2013 - Photos : OIIIArchitecten • Samuel Dhote • an Applied Research and Technology Transfer Center • an immersive virtual reality space • a 3D lecture theater with 450 seats • Video Game, Serious Game and Design laboratories