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Introduction of partner from Poland

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  1. 1. at our school in Słowikat our school in Słowik near Cz stochowaęnear Cz stochowaę
  2. 2. „„ We learn best whenWe learn best when we have funwe have fun while learning”while learning”
  3. 3. Several images fromSeveral images from our schoolour school
  4. 4. Several images fromSeveral images from our schoolour school
  5. 5. Our school is called:Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny.Our school is called:Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny. In Polish we call this type of school ,,szkoła podstawowa’’.In Polish we call this type of school ,,szkoła podstawowa’’. Let us tell you about our school.Let us tell you about our school. It is located in Słowik. It is the suburb of Częstochowa.It is located in Słowik. It is the suburb of Częstochowa. It is the south part of Poland. There are the river Warta and veryIt is the south part of Poland. There are the river Warta and very bigbig forest here.forest here. We will tell you about our town more later.We will tell you about our town more later. Now, something about our school. It isNow, something about our school. It is aa small school. Oursmall school. Our headmistress is Iwona Skęda.headmistress is Iwona Skęda. There are 21 teachers working here. We do not wear uniforms atThere are 21 teachers working here. We do not wear uniforms at school but our clothes for school must be dark-black, navy blue orschool but our clothes for school must be dark-black, navy blue or grey.grey. LLessonsessons last forty five minuteslast forty five minutes. There are fifteen. There are fifteen minute break forminute break for lunch and five minute regular breaks. Please, look how ourlunch and five minute regular breaks. Please, look how our classrooms,classrooms, gymnasticgymnastic hall,hall,library and corridor.library and corridor. We have classroomWe have classroomss for Natural, Mathematics, Language,for Natural, Mathematics, Language, ComputerComputer StudiesStudies and school common room.and school common room. Finally,about holidayFinally,about holiday Fortnight's winter holidays are in FebruaryFortnight's winter holidays are in February and 2 months' summer holidays in July and August.and 2 months' summer holidays in July and August. Now, we can plan our holidays together –in Poland or inNow, we can plan our holidays together –in Poland or in TurkeyTurkey WeWe hope you will come to Poland and visit our schoolhope you will come to Poland and visit our school..
  6. 6. Our tutor is a Polish language teacher.Our tutor is a Polish language teacher. Our tutorOur tutor  and we.and we.
  7. 7. Our teacher of mathsOur teacher of maths I am a teacher ofI am a teacher of mathematicsmathematics andand physicsphysics. I. I lovelove mymy work andwork and studentsstudents. I. I like people withlike people with positive energy. I lovepositive energy. I love nature andnature and architecturearchitecture tootoo. I like. I like visitingvisiting differentdifferent interesting placesinteresting places..
  8. 8. We would like to introduce ourselves now.We are the students of the sixth class.We are 13 years old. We were born in 1997. Our class tutor is Magdalena Krzyczmonik Radosz- a teacher of Polish language. There are only 12 pupils in our class. We like each other very much. We often go on school trips together also after the lessons. We like bicycle trips.
  9. 9. Dear friends. This is Jagoda.I was born 26th July 1997. I`m interested in fashion. I like designing clothes. I have a brother Karol. He goes to ,Gimnasium school’. I like listening to music especially the band,,O.S.T.R’’-pop. I like dancing. I go to dance school. I generally like sports. You write I hope we will get on well.Best vishes from our school Hi. My name is Ola.I was born on 28th September1997.I have a brother. He likes mathematics but I don`t. I prefer Polish language.I like going for a walk with my dog. I`m shy.I like dancing.My favourite subject is PE.Greetings.Bye; Hello. My name is Bartek.I was born 25th Nov 1997. I go to the six class. `Im interested in computers and animals. I like projecting websites and different computer programmes. My parents are teachers. My mother is maths teacher and my father is electronical teacher. I would like to be a computer scientist in the future. I like mathematicac and computer science. I`m the only child. J have got parrots. See you.
  10. 10. Hello. My name is Bartłomiej. I was born 25 July 1997. My favourite subject is music and mathematics. I attend to musician`s school in my city. I play the guitar. I have a lot of performances for students and adults. In addition I like designing school expositions and adding different interesting innovations. I like cucumber soupe and different kinds of meat. Bye. Hi. My name is Anna . I have a sister Asia. I like dancing and singing. I go to Engish school called Empik. I have two dogs:,,Sendy’’ and ,,Tequila’’.I would like to be a teacher in the future. I am allergic to grass and chalk so I don`t like going to blackboard. Love. Dear friends. My name is Tomasz. I was born 27th April 1997. I like solving mathematical tasks. I like Physical Education ans history especially antiquity. I like spending time with computer. I am intersted a theology. I like watching documentary films. I love listening to heavy metal especially ,Metalica’’ and ,Slipknot’.Iam interested in extreme sports: parkour,motorcross,dawn-hil.bye
  11. 11. Hi. My name is Dariusz. I was born 8th March 1997. I have got a sister and a brother Natasza studies medicine and my brother studies PE. My mother is an oculist and my father is a teacher. I am inerested Gormiti and I like watching comedies, playing computer games. My favourite game is:Lord of the Rings. I have three dogs bulterier called:Jacquile puppy called:Lucky and a cat Maniek. I read fantasy books especially mythlogy. I learn individually with my teacher in my house. I like listening music reagge ,the band Nefre. darek- Grretings. Hi. My name is Monika. I was born 22nd September 1997. I like cooking. I like reading about receipts and try them. I am keen on fashion and Ilike spending time with my familly. I am easy-going and often invite my friends to my place and we talk about different things. A lot of love. Hi. My name is Mateusz. I was born 15th September 1998. Ilove mathematics and even more computer science. My father is computer scientist so Ioften work with him in the evening afternooms.We programme different websites. I like taking part in mathematical contests.I am the only child. I have got a dog Sandra. My favourite gammes are:GTA4,Call of Duts4. Kindest regards.
  12. 12. Hello. My name is Anna.I was born 22nd February 1997. I love meeting my friends. I am interested the city of Londin and the whole Great Britain because my sister and her family lives there. I learning English,I love it. I listening hip-hop especcially Eminem and Grren Day. I like school`s subject sport PE and art. Bye,bye,bye... Hi. My name is Wiktor. I was born 15th December 1998. I have older sister.I love football and computer science. This is also my favourite subject. I like chicken from KFC. I play football and go out in my free time. In summer I go for trips. I am talkative.I often talk during the lessons but my teachers are indulgent. How ever I learn well and I have good marks.My favourite gammes are:Fredii contra Hi. My name is Maciej. I was born 14th November 1997. I go to the sixth class. I am 13 years old. I am fond of motorbicycles and play football on the school pitch in the afternoons every day. I don`t learn well. I prefer spending time outside. My mum makes me to learn but I`m stubborn and moody. I don`t speak English but my teacher helped me to translate this. Thank you.
  13. 13. After schoolAfter school We like snow and a forest.
  14. 14. Our teachers play volleyball.
  15. 15. Self-government-day at our school. Pupils as teachers. Here is a break in a teacher`s room.
  16. 16. The city is in the south of Poland. Częstochowa is the city over river Warta in Height Krakow-Częstochowa. It is the centre of metallurgic industry and nowadays the centre of tourism. Population: 260 000, area:160 km kw. The most important cultural institions of Częstochowa are: Musical Hall, Theatre of Adam Mickiewicz. In our town there are the oldest museums: The Muncipal Town hall,The archaeological reserve and the Museum of Mining of Ores Iron. Częstochowa organizes Cultural Night which is common project of indrustrialists, students, government and private businessmen. First of all our town is a place where very many kinds of sport are popular: volleball,speedway,football etc... There are many shops and markets in Częstochowa. Among them we will find : Auchan,Leroy Merlin,
  17. 17. Here is our cinema.
  18. 18. Here we go for demonstations of experiments with astronomy.
  19. 19. This is the place where we go on bicycle trips and go on foot.
  20. 20. We took photos during our walk with a tutor yesterday.
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