Introducing the 6-A
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Introducing the 6-A






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Introducing the 6-A Introducing the 6-A Presentation Transcript

  • Cumhuriyet İlköğretim Okulu for more information, please check our website:
  • Class 6-A Project Group 2010-2011 Academic Year Second Semester
  • and the students…
  • Hasan Hüseyin Kara
  • My Life
    • Hello my name is Hasan Hüseyin, Surname is Kaya.
    • I am 12 years old.
    • I have got black eyes and black hair.
    • My favorite is football club is Galatasaray.
    • I like math, English, music, banana, cola
    • I hate snake, cat, dog and carrot.
    • I have got one sister and one brother
    • My father name is Tufan, he is 44 years old. He is a worker.
    • My mother name is Hacer, she is 35 years old. She is housewife.
    • I am from Göksun.
    • I like teachers, M. Serkan Pelen. İsminaz Şen.
    • See you later
  • Fatih Bağrıaçık
  • My Life
    • Hello I am Fatih.
    • I am 13 years old.
    • I have got brown eyes and black hair. I am medium height and slim.
    • I have got four sister and two brother.
    • My father’s name is Veli, my mother’s name is Fatoş
    • I have got a happy family.
  • Selbi Aşkın
  • My Life
    • Hello my name is Selbi Surname is Aşkın.
    • I am 12 years old.
    • My f ather name is Kemal , My m other name is Ayşe.
    • My mother is housevife. My father is worker.
    • I like banana, I don’t like snake.
  • Emrah Solak
  • It is me
    • My name is Emrah, surname is Solak.
    • I am 12 years old.
    • My hair colour is black, my e ye colour is black
    • I like to play football
    • I want to be a computer engineer.
    • I am from Göksun.
  • Ayşe Akgül
    • My name is Ayşe , surname is Akgül.
    • I am 12 years old.
    • My mother name is Eşe, my father name is Sadettin.
    • M y mother i s 38 years old , my fa ther i s 50 years old.
    • I am student in Cumhuriyet ilköğretim okulu.
    • I am a student 6 -A .
    • I like strawberry . I like animals.
    • I want to be a teacher
  • Büşra Karakaya
    • Hello, my name is Büşra and surname is Karakaya.
    • I am 11 years old.
    • My father’s name is Kısmet. My mother’s name is Hatice.
    • My sisters and brothers are students.
    • My mother is houswife, my father is worker
  • Mustafa Peltek
  • This is my world
    • My name is Mustafa.
    • My mother’s name is Münevver. My brother’s name is S üleyman . My father’s name is Erol.
    • I m a student in Cumhuriyet primary school at the sixth class.
    • My hobbies are football, cinema, reading books, playing computer
    • I am afraid of dogs.
  • Elif Solak
  • My life
    • Hello I am Elif my surname is Solak.
    • I am 12 years old
    • My father ’ s name is F erit , my m other ’s name is Gülbeyaz
    • My father is 34 years old . My mother is 34 years old My brother is 11 years old
    • My school ’s name is Cumhuriyet primary school My classroom is 6 -A
    • I hate mouse , snake and spinach
    • I like dog , orange
    • I w a nt to be a teacher
  • Yunus Peltek
  • My life
    • My name is Yunus
    • My school is Cumhuriyet primary school.
    • I like playing computer , w atching Tv.
    • I like apples, banana
    • My father’s name is İsmet . My mother’s name is Halime My sister’s name is Fatma
    • I like teachers : M.Serkan Pelen , İsmi n az Şen, Nivit Satıcı
  • Murat Han Bozoğlu
  • My life
    • Hello , my name is M urat H an
    • I am 12 years old
    • I’m going to C umhuriyet primary school
    • My hobbies are playing football, basketball a nd computer games
  • Habib Özdemir
  • Eşref Bektaş
  • Our school
    • Cumhuriyet primary school is a small
    • School. Director Orhan Kaya.
    • It has got two floors. There are f our classes with kindergarten in this school . I t has got a small canteen and a big garden.
    • There are 13 teachers and 150 students.
    • There are 12 students in our c lassroom
    • Our school is popular with its success in volleyball
  • Our town
    • Göksun is a small town with almost 20000 population. Göksun is very beautiful place. It is the district of Kahramanmaras. It has got many natural beauties. The winter is very cold and snowy, the summer is warm in Göksun.
  • Best wishes from Göksun