The Online Marketer's Glossary


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Internet Marketing involves a lot of jargon, and it's easy to get lost in the conversation, especially if you're just starting out. We compiled a list of the most common digital marketing terms to help you out!

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The Online Marketer's Glossary

  1. 1. The Online Marketer’s Glossary
  2. 2. It’s a World Full of Jargon! …Abbreviations …Acronyms …Geek Speak …Technical Terms
  3. 3. A Compilation of the Most Common Terms Used in Internet Marketing
  4. 4. Above the Fold Anything that is visible on the page you’re viewing where you don’t have to scroll down.
  5. 5. Affiliate Marketing A marketing business model that connects retailers online with other websites that are related to their products.
  6. 6. Google Analytics Tracking software (provided by Google) that shows relevant statistics regarding your website.
  7. 7. B2B Business to Business; a business that provides services/products to other businesses.
  8. 8. B2C Business to Consumer; businesses offer products or services that go straight to consumers.
  9. 9. Backward Linking/Backlink An SEO ranking factor determined by the number of high quality links leading to your site.
  10. 10. Black Hat SEO SEO strategies that blatantly manipulate their search engine rankings using techniques that violate Google’s Terms of Service (TOS).
  11. 11. Bounce Rate Refers to visitors of a site who end up on a page and left without engaging, or “bounced.”
  12. 12. Conversions Refer to the number of visitors who go to your site and take an action.
  13. 13. Conversion Rate The percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. Ex: 1 out of 100 users = 1% Conversion Rate
  14. 14. CPA Cost Per Acquisition; a term that refers to how much it costs to acquire a new customer.
  15. 15. CPC Cost Per Click; the amount you have to pay each time a customer clicks on one of your ads.
  16. 16. CTA Call To Action; this is the desired action you want your customers to take on your site.
  17. 17. CTR Click Through Rate; refers to the percentage of users who actually click on a particular ad or link (such as an email link).
  18. 18. EPC Earnings Per Click ; refers to the amount of earnings that an affiliate can expect to receive for each “click” they send to a vendors offer.
  19. 19. RPC Revenue Per Click ; refers to the total revenue generated per click received (usually calculated by the vendor).
  20. 20. Hits Any action that a user takes on your page-- from a page view to clicking a button.
  21. 21. Impressions Refers to the number of times an ad was seen.
  22. 22. Keywords A set of words or a phrase that you enter into a search engine to look for a particular topic.
  23. 23. Microblog Miniscule, short-form versions of blogging. (Think Twitter!)
  24. 24. Organic Search Results Refers to search traffic that is not a paid ad, instead it’s a click on the actual search results.
  25. 25. PPC Pay Per Click; refers to paid advertising where advertisers are required to pay every time an ad is clicked.
  26. 26. SEO/Search Marketing Search Engine Optimization; involves the process of creating content and coding a website to increase its ranking on search engine results.
  27. 27. Social Networks Sites that create a community of users who share information and interact with one another.
  28. 28. We’re expanding this glossary! Put the words you want to add in the comments section below.
  29. 29. For More Information Visit: