Digital Marketing This Week - June 14th 2014


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In this episode, we discuss the newly launched Google MyBusiness, the need for more personalized Facebook ads, Canada's recent unveiling of the toughest spam laws in history, Panda 4, spin selling according to Seth Godin, and a split testing case study from VWO.

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Digital Marketing This Week - June 14th 2014

  1. 1. Digital Marketing This Week June 14th , 2014
  2. 2. For this week, we tackled… • The latest from Google • What Facebook is up to • How to workaround the world’s strictest spam laws • What’s really going on with Google Panda 4.0 • How you can improve your marketing efforts by providing solutions to problems that your audience didn’t even know they had
  3. 3. Google Introduces “Google My Business” • Google creates a one-stop shop where it combines all the different features of Google and allowing you to control it in one spot • It’s very easy to set up so go ahead and get right on with it (if you haven’t already). Also, be sure to check if your relevant information is accurate
  4. 4. Facebook Continues To Ride The Train Of Customization • It’s all about customizing the ad experience as Facebook focuses on new features (letting you choose what you can and can’t see from different brands) • Facebook will be tracking how many times your ads get blocked by users and it will build as your reputation score • Your ads have to be content oriented, allow it to become part of the conversation instead of letting it stand out like sore thumb, make it something people want to interact with
  5. 5. Canada Unveils The Toughest Spam Laws Ever • The announcement of Canadian compliance issues means you have to keep all your bases covered • Be sure to do a double opt-in so that you can have the record of where they confirmed in
  6. 6. Panda 4.0 – The Most Recent Google Algorithm Update • Google puts the spotlight on the quality of content • The latest link farm tactics, the content scrapers—that’s not what it’s about now • Focus on good quality, niche content. Don’t be a site that is all things to all people. If you want to improve your SEO, you have to know what you are talking about—the more targeted you are, the better your SEO is going to be
  7. 7. Spin Selling According To Seth Godin • It’s not so much creating a problem as it is making your audience aware of a problem that weren’t aware they had • Ask implication questions—make your audience realize the implications of a potential problem • By this time, your audience is aware of a problem that they didn’t even know they had, and now you’re the first one there with a solution
  8. 8. Split Testing Case Study From VWO • VWO discusses a very simple split-test case study that explores the use of a privacy link. The bottom line is, while it’s important to have a privacy seal, it has to be done properly. It has to be seamless and it can’t look like an afterthought.
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  10. 10. Join Me In The Next Episode of Digital Marketing This Week Click here to sign up