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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. SMARTPHONES Interaction Design Seminar Jerald James A. Capao
  • 2. Smartphone“It is the logical evolution of the PCS or personal communications system. -
  • 3. What makes it ‘SMART?’Operating System Web Access Apps E-MailQWERTY Keyboard
  • 4. Which Smartphone Will You…Blackberry AppleTorch 9810 iPhone 5SamsungGalaxy SIII BUY? Nokia Lumia 920
  • 5. Some Criteria For JudgingWhich Smartphone Is Worth Buying For: Look and Feel Keyboard Special Functionalities & Features
  • 6. Look And Feel
  • 7. Look And FeelThe Blackberry Torch 9810 and the Apple iPhone 5 looksare somewhat “classy” because of their materials.Unlike the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Nokia Lumia 920– “plastic feel”Out of the four devices, Apple iPhone 5 is the lightest, onlyabout 112g, and it’s very comfortable to hold in the hand.The Blackberry Torch 9810 is a stocky phone, and theweight is noticeable. – 161gThe Nokia Lumia 920 is bulky and heavy as well – 185gThe Samsung Galaxy S III is a bulky device but itcompensates by its weight. – 133g
  • 8. KeyboardIronically, despite having hundreds of thousands ofapps at their disposal, most users still refer to text-based communication as being the “critical”application for them. That’s why you must notunderestimate the importance of a virtual keyboard.The more productive you want to be, and the morelikely this element may get in the way.
  • 9. KeyboardThe virtual keyboards found on Apple iPhone 5 &Blackberry Torch 9810 are somewhat too compact –and it requires time to be get used to it (especiallywhen you type fast).The Blackberry Torch 9810 gives the user an option touse the physical or the virtual keyboard.The virtual keyboards found on Samsung Galaxy S III& Nokia Lumia 920 are the best in my own opinion. –These keyboards are spacious and a bit bigger.The bigger your keyboard can be, the more you’ll beproductive.
  • 10. Functionalities & Special FeaturesAll of the four devices in consideration, we can: makecalls, send messages, emails, capture photos, etc.They have automatic Facebook & Twitter Integrationexcept for Samsung Galaxy S III.The notification center on Blackberry Torch 9810 aremore visible than others.Apple iPhone 5 offers iCloud integration and it will beeasier to sync data to all your Apple devices & SIRI.Nokia Lumia 920 – Live Tiles & SkyDrive integrationThe Samsung Galaxy SIII offers a number of specialfeatures which makes the user interaction more fast &easy: Smart Stay, Smart Alert, S Beam, Direct Call, S-Voice, most customizable screen, etc.
  • 11. Functionalities & Special Features
  • 12. I Would Recommend: Samsung Galaxy S III. With a phone this huge, Samsung managed to make it as light as possible (133g). Offers more special features than other devices. Keyboard is spacious and comfortable to type with. Home Screen is very customizable. Perfect when using your both hands OS – Android