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Brian Walsh, Ray Pulsipher, Clallam Bay Correctional Center
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Brian Walsh, Ray Pulsipher, Clallam Bay Correctional Center


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“Games Behind Bars: Serious Play for those Doing Serious Time” …

“Games Behind Bars: Serious Play for those Doing Serious Time”

Nearly two million people are incarcerated each year, many with severe educational and emotional needs. Learn how Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Wash. is using game design and development to prepare offenders at Clallam Bay Corrections Center for life after prison. Discover the challenges of providing high-tech education in a non-internet connected world and how the instructors have overcome it. Find out how you can be involved in serving this unique population.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Games Behind Bars Peninsula College Clallam Bay Corrections Center Brian Walsh – Corrections Education Director Ray Pulsipher – CSE Instructor Serious Play Conference 2013
  • 2. Play in Prison? Really?
  • 3. Olympic Peninsula Who we are: • Washington State Community College • Contracted by State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) to provide education at two prisons • Located on the rural Olympic Peninsula with 70,000 residents Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC) 900 bed adult male maximum, close and medium facility Olympic Corrections Center (OCC) 370 bed adult male minimum work camp
  • 4. • Wide age range 18 - 75 • Diverse backgrounds – Race – Gang Affiliation – Education – Mental health – Substance Abuse • How long have they been locked up? • Length of time until release Student Population
  • 5. • Adult Basic Education • Bookkeeping • Horticulture • Small Business • Baking • Green Building • Game/Mobile Programming Our Programs – CBCC and OCC
  • 6. • Long Commute • No remote access • Updating curriculum and current events • IT Issues – system updates? • Getting online tools into the classroom • Multiple campus locations • Trying new things can be tough • Limited options for homework – no electronics in their cells • Budget • Maximum security – Following the process when bringing stuff in Curriculum Design Challenges
  • 7. • Creating our own internet – Take over root level DNS – Virtualize servers for easier movement in and out of the facility – Clone anything we can (websites, linux distros, etc…) – Run standalone copies of software or licensing servers where possible IT Challenges – NO INTERNET!!!
  • 8. Build Some Roads Start with some infrastructure and how about some free software too? We run 11 different virtualized Linux or windows servers on one box We use Nas4Free for our NAS solution
  • 9. Proxmox server VMs are big files, this allows us to take them out of the institution for updates/maintenance. Also allows us to build them elsewhere and bring them in or clone them for use on other sites. Syncing content of individual apps like Canvas can still be tricky. Backups to IMS format is easiest method right now.
  • 10. Viewing Student Screens - ITalc • Windows or Linux software -
  • 11. • Differences – Teaching outside and in • Project based learning and flipped classrooms • Staying productive for 3-6 hours • Peer pressure inside (good and bad) • Learning to love books • Teaching life long learning skills • Encouraging innovation Building A Learning Culture
  • 12. Games Inside • Game playing • Game building • Business projects with game elements – Social networking site with mini games – Construction project tools – Entrepreneurship projects • Students coding instructional content
  • 13. • Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio (C#) • MonoDroid (android dev in C#) • Netbeans (java, php) • Eclipse (android dev) • Kloxo (hosting html5/css/javascript/php/mysql) • Irrlitch (3D engine) • Qt-project (cross platform c++ with mobile support) • Blender • Gimp/Photoshop • Gamemaker Tools We Use
  • 14. Student Projects – Learning C#
  • 15. Student Projects – C# Music, Sort, Tron
  • 16. Student Projects – C# Matrix and Console RPG
  • 17. Student Projects – Othello and Frog Jump Puzzle
  • 18. Student Projects – 3D Rendering with Blender
  • 19. Student Projects – 3D Rendering with Blender
  • 20. Student Projects – Making Wesnoth Levels
  • 21. Student Projects – 3D Models with Blender by tracing
  • 22. Student Projects – C# Social Media Website
  • 23. Step Down – Preparing Inmates For Release • How can we better prepare inmates for release? – Role play does not work well in prison due to social pressures – Orientation simulations on entry to and exit from a high stress environment – Preventative Activities • What real world skills will make student successful?
  • 24. Where next?