What is HX?
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What is HX?






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What is HX? What is HX? Presentation Transcript

  • What is HX?
  • HX is the essence of Hydro. It’s interwoven into everystrand of Hydro’s story, from our products to our people,our engineering pedigree to our approach to businessand problem-solving.HX is a stamp of quality and a mark of our commitment tooptimum process performance. A Hydro solution is tried,tested and proven.There is no equivalent to Hydro HX.What is HX?
  • The HX Promise
  • HX is inspired by Hydro’s passion for engineeringinnovation and our drive to push the boundaries of watermanagement technologies. It’s the basis of everythingwe do.We question... we challenge... we test and test again until wefind the answers... and then we look to make improvements.No other manufacturer can claim to deliver to the exactingstandards of Hydro HX.The HX Promise
  • The HX Spirit
  • HX is Hydro’s DNA. It is born of a pioneering spirit that hasalways kept our products ahead of their time. It’s the drivingforce that ensures they are robust for 21st century challenges.HX is our thirst for knowledge... and our dedication to rigorousR & D.HX is our desire not just for product, but for processexcellence. Our products are designed to get the bestperformance from the entire engineering system of whichthey are a part.The HX Spirit
  • The HX Pedigree
  • The HX passion was kindled by two visionary men withthe same ambition to turn water around and make itwork sustainably.Bernard Smisson, Hydro’s founding father, built and testedthe very first full-scale vortex Combined Sewer Overflowin the UK in the early 1960s. His pioneering researchmarked the beginnings of the technology of hydrodynamicseparation and led to the use of vortex technology across theworld to power low energy, low maintenance solutionsfor water management.The HX Pedigree
  • The HX Pedigree
  • George Wilson, a peer of Smisson’s working in the USsanitation industry, spearheaded the development ofvortex technology for the removal of grit in municipalwastewater treatment. His manifesto, The Grit Book,would become a technical ‘bible’ of the US water industry.The companies Smisson and Wilson founded more than30 years previously, came together in 2008. Hydro becamethe world’s authority on advanced vortex hydrodynamicseparation technologies and vortex flow control systemsfor wastewater and stormwater management.The HX Pedigree
  • HX People
  • The HX spark ignited by Smisson and Wilson continuesto shine in Hydro people today.They are inventive, resourceful and tenacious.They see every engineering problem through to aneffective solution.They take the lead in their fields of expertise.For them, there is no other way than the HX way.HX People
  • What does HXmean for our customers?
  • Today, Hydro is a truly international company,which provides strictly local engineering solutions,helping our customers to achieve their watermanagement goals with a broad range of vortexand complementary technologies.Inspired by HX, we work side by side with our customers,striving to optimise engineering performance – whateverit takes.Every one of Hydro’s water management products, itsadvice and service has the HX guarantee. HX is abyword for quality – and confidence for our customers.Wherever we are in the world, we continue to setthe standard.What does HXmean for our customers?
  • HX Performance
  • Hydro HX is our unique commitment to quality,backed by more than 30 years of continuous productdevelopment, academic research and industrycollaboration.Hydro’s solutions for the control and treatment of stormwaterand wastewater, and for Combined Sewer Overflows arediverse. But in every case we work with our customersto ensure our products integrate into their engineeringprocesses to achieve optimum performance. Whether it isminimising the footprint of a flood storage area, removingpollution from highway runoff or separating solids fromwastewater, HX performance provides an assurance ourcustomers can rely on.HX Performance
  • HX Performance - UK Stormwater
  • White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme, ScotlandHydro was challenged to design and build the world’sfive largest ever Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls centralto Glasgow City Council’s £53m White Cart Water FloodPrevention Scheme.Normally a shallow river, White Cart Water is prone to flashflooding. As few as twelve hours of rain can cause waterlevels to rise by six metres. The Hydro-Brakes were centralto an attenuation solution using three flood storage areas inthe uplands to hold back water during peak storm events.• A total of 2.59bn litres of flood water can be held back by the three flood storage areas.• 45% maximum reduction in peak flows• 1 in 200 years’ flood protection capabilityHX Performance - UK Stormwater
  • HX Performance - UK Wastewater
  • Thames Water Invests in Hydro’s SludgeHandling TechnologyThames Water is investing in innovative Zickert sludgehandling technology from Hydro in contracts totalling £24mat its major sewage works in London, England.Hydro’s Zickert continuous bottom scraping and surfacescum removal technology will collect sludge from a total of53 primary settlement tanks at Beckton, Crossness andMogden sewage works.In the largest project underway at Beckton STW, thecompleted installation will cover more than 56,000 squaremetres – equivalent to more than 11 football pitches.Thames Water is making the investment based on theproven performance of existing installations.• Increased sewage treatment capacity• Improved operating efficiency• Reduced odour• Lower operating and infrastructure costs• Higher throughput reducing secondary treatment requirements• More primary sludge produced with a higher calorific value for incinerationHX Performance - UK Wastewater
  • HX Performance - US Stormwater
  • Reg-U-Flo® saves Chevy Chase Bank over $150,000,Maryland, USAThe development site of a new Chevy Chase Bank branch,had to meet the strict Montgomery County stormwaterrequirements. The Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve proved to be aneffective method of stormwater control, allowing for a storagesystem with a smaller footprint than a traditional orifice plateflow control solution.• High density urban site needed onsite treatment and underground stormwater storage• Two flow control methods designed to meet the drain down volume of the Water Quality Volume were evaluated• The smallest allowable conventional outlet control – a 2” orifice – would over-discharge during intense storms resulting in the need to increase the required storage volume by 42%• Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve eliminated 100% of the excess storage volume and reduced cost of storage system by over $150,000HX Performance - US Stormwater
  • HX Performance - US Wastewater
  • Fox Lake, Illinois, USA – Eutek HeadCell® Retrofit toIncrease Performance• Fox Lake Illinois had an aerated grit basin that was nearing the end of its usable product life. The existing grit removal system was only capturing 10% of the grit entering the plant. The plant needed to retrofit a new system into the existing grit basin while increasing grit removal performance. The stacked tray design of the Eutek HeadCell system proved to be the ideal retrofit solution.• Highly efficient over a wide range of flows• Large surface area in a small footprint• Using existing concrete / structures reduced overall project costs• New system provided significant performance improvementsHX Performance - US Wastewater
  • HX Performance - US Wet Weather
  • Saco, Maine, USA – The Storm King® SolutionCombined Sewer Overflows were allowing untreated sewageto drain into the Saco River during intense storm events. Thecity had already converted seven of its eight CSO outfall sitesinto separate wastewater and stormwater treatment systems,but the remaining CSO site was located in a downtownlocation which would have significantly increased the landacquisition costs. The solution was a 22’ diameter Storm Kingunit to provide the sedimentation, screening, and disinfectiontreatment needed.• Smaller, more economical, and more efficient than conventional clarifier tanks• Storm King provides primary treatment equivalency in a low maintenance device• During an intense storm event, system performance was measured at 83% BOD removal and 72% TSS removal• Reg-U-Flo® vortex valves control flow volumes entering the Storm King®HX Performance - US Wet Weather
  • HX Performance - International
  • A groundbreaking €175m sanitation project in the ancientBelgian city of NamurAn ambitious €175m project to modernise wastewatertreatment in the Belgian city of Namur is helping to achievevital North European water quality targets.Distributed at-source stormwater treatment was integral tothe project with the installation of 33 Storm King® advancedhydrodynamic separators across the city.The frequent risk of overflow of pumping stations after rainfallcould cause unwanted wastewater discharges into the riversystem via Combined Sewer Outfalls (CSOs). The StormKings® control onward flows and prevent overloading ofthe downstream network, whilst providing pre-treatment ofsediments, grits and floatables.• The project was part of a milestone wastewater treatment solution for the city’s 125,000 inhabitants• Previously a complex sewage and stormwater network which had developed during two centuries was discharging overflow wastewater through nearly 50 separate outfalls directly into the rivers• Supports the requirements of the European Water Framework DirectiveHX Performance - International
  • Find out more, visit:www.hydro-international.bizHow can HX inspire you?