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Social Media and Local SEO


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How to use Social Media as a SEO technique for improving the Local Rankings - 2012 Kazan / Russia

How to use Social Media as a SEO technique for improving the Local Rankings - 2012 Kazan / Russia

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  • 1. Using Social Media forImproving Local Ranking Results Sergiu Draganus CEO
  • 2. What are the Local Rankings?• Google Venice Update and the impact in the SearchEngineResultPages
  • 3. Why Local is Important?• more than 24% of the Google searches are different based on the search locationWhat does this mean?- small business ( opportunity )- national business (selfmonitoring local online presence )- international corporation ( brand awareness )
  • 4. Small Business - Opportunitykeyword:
  • 5. National Business - monitoringCheck your site’s SERPs position on different cities
  • 6. International corporationCheck brand awareness – Global View
  • 7. Keywords - types• explicit keywords: pizza London, hotel Milanokeyword + location• implicit keywords: pizza delivery, hotel, BMWkeyword only
  • 8. Explicit keywords rankingskeyword: pizza
  • 9. Implicit Keywordskeyword:
  • 10. How to build the right Local SEO Strategy?-Identify Keywords on your niche market-Check each keyword’s type-Check keyword competition level-Build individual strategies for each keyword type
  • 11. Local Rankings SEO factors- Physical Address in City of Search / Google Places - presence- Domain Authority of Website- City name in Places Landing Page Title- Quantity of Native Google Places Reviews- Full Address and Local Phone Number on the Contact Page- Quantity of Third-Party Traditional Reviews- Velocity of Native Google Places Reviews- Reviews from Good Authority Social Media Accounts- GeoTagged Media Associated with Business (e.g. Panoramio, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest ) source:
  • 12. Using Social Media for improvingLocal Ranking ResultsSocial Media advantage is to offer easy access to:•local communities•local reviews•local directories•virality through local communities
  • 13. Using Social Media for improvingLocal Ranking ResultsSocial Media drives traffic and improves SEO:-direct: likes, +1es, shares, updates, tweets-indirect: by improving SERP rankings
  • 14. Using Social Media for improvingLocal Ranking ResultsSocial Media URLs rank higher because of the domainauthority level.
  • 15. Using Social Media for improvingLocal Ranking ResultsHow to increase site authority via Social Media:-do follow SM links – Google+ allows it-social bookmarking-citations on local communities-review articles on local blogs-blogrolls or recommendation backlinks-user behavior
  • 16. Monitoring Local SEO RankingsSearch queries attributes:-depersonalized ( cookies deleted )-exact location match ( user’s geolocation )-Google engine TLD or ccTLD-search language-device type-real-time reports generation
  • 17. KeywordSearchRankings.comBulk Live Local Customizable SERP Ranking Reports buildingplatform on more than 150 countries and 2500+ cities (multi-language character set )
  • 18. Local SEO advice• - the SEO via Social Media - must be a continuous process - never delete local contact presence, pages, etc• - Social Media should be done by someone inside the company or with a good understanding and with a high commitment level• - reviews, links, shares, updates velocity can have peeks but must be continuous and the average shall easily grow• - monitor and continuously improve your SEO strategy according to other related factors
  • 19. Thank YouSergiu DraganusCEO & cofounderKeyword Search Rankingstwitter: