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Linkare TI - Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. ProjectsPortfolio 2012
  2. 2. Projects organized by service 1 - Web Development Extensive experience in developing portals, sites and Web applications 2 - Mobile and Desktop Applications Remarkable skills in implementations using Java technologies 3 - Enterprise Applications & Information Integration Webservices (SOA architectures), Authentication & Authorization and Migration & Synchronization of applications and data 4 - Continuous Integration, tests and code quality management Customization and integration of applications to support continuous integration systems, testing and quality 5 - Academic Management Diversified experience in implementing ERP systems targeted at higher education institutions
  3. 3. 1 Web Development - Social Security Portal - Authors Club (Clube do Autor) Portal - Electronic Document Management (GED) - IPFN Portal - IFAP Applications online - New - IPC Portal - JF Lapa web site - Matchmaking Service - Corporate Management Scoring - Presstur web site
  4. 4. 2010 Public Administration - National Social Security PortalChallengeTo solve, in a short period of time, the large number of existing non-conformities, responsible for the subsequent delay of theportals Startup, targeting the open before the end of the year.SolutionLinkare is envolved in the following actions:1. Identification of the main causes in the high number of nonconformities2. Analysis of the main reasons for the nonconformities, proposing architecturalchanges to fix them, such as excluding Alfresco and the adoption of WCM LiferayPortal.3. Task Force responsible for implementing the changes at the architectural leveland resolution of nonconformities, in order to release the portal by the end of theyearTechnology:- Liferay Portal and WCM on Glassfish application server- EasyMock - PowerMock for unit tests Web Development
  5. 5. 2010 Private Sector - Publisher Authors Club (Clube do Autor) PortalChallengeCreate a portal to a new publisher, with a very attractive look, supporting micro-sites and the integration with the main socialnetworks.Strengthen the "Clube do Autor" brand awareness and increase sales.SolutionThe Portal provides the books and authors among an agenda and the latest news,links to social networks and news published in the media.The solution enables the easy creation of micro-sites for books, authors and, forexample, events.Technology:- GateIn Portal and WCM - Web Content Management from eXo Platform- Integrated login with Facebook for publishing comments- PHP List for subscribers registration and sending Newsletters- Database: HyperSQL- Java Tomcat Web server on CentOS OS Linux Web Development
  6. 6. Since 2011 Private Sector - TelcoGED – Electronic Document MangementChallengeParticipate in the development of a Document Management System for UNITEL - Angolan telecommunications company, inpartnership with Logica.Solution GoalWork developed:Development of scripts OScript The GED , consisted in manage the needs fromDevelopment and implementation of workflows in Livelink OpenText Content the production and circulation of documentsServer ECM. between the various departments and outside asDevelopment of Java components. well as control of their course and their answers.Structuring the project in SVN. Workflow and Scan allows scanning andDefining best practices for project development document classification (importance, creation andCustomer support after the entry into production. practical application). The workflow also facilitates the automation and control various processes.Technology :Livelink OpenText, OScript, Kofax, SAP, Html, jQuery, Javascript, Weblingo,JasperReport , BD Oracle, Apache Tomcat AS, IIS (Internet InformationServices – Microsoft), Windows Server 2008. Web Development
  7. 7. 2009 Public Administration - C&T IPFN PortalChallengeCreate a Portal to the newly created IPFN, “Instituto de Plasma e Fusão Nuclear” (Institute of Plasma and Nuclear Fusion) fromIST, “Instituto Superior Técnico” (University Technical Institute), with support for IPFNs specific data models, entirely in English.Provide a accessible content management system.SolutionThe design and blueprints were initially created and approved by IPFN. In theimplementation phase several specific information templates were developed,namely:- The organizational structure of IPFN, including researchers and research groups,contacts and activities, whose information is presented in different perspectives.- Research activity: projects, master and doctorate theses, scientific articles,publications, patents, reports ...And also, news, events and press.Technology:- JBoss Portal with content management Linkare2WebManager Web Development
  8. 8. Since 2008 Public Administration - National IFAP Applications onlineChallengeWeb application development for the portal (iDigital) of IFAP, “Instituto para o Financiamento da Agricultura e Pescas” (Institute forthe Financing of Agriculture and Fisheries), for the application submission of incentive regime.Solution ApplicationsIn partnership with the NLS - New Link Solutions: Online applications to obtain financial- Development of a template for creating all the iDigital projects. It consists of the support from the European Union, such as:automatic construction of a functional skeleton of a new application in model JSF- - “Novo Regime da Vinha”;MVC - PRODERAM;- Development of crosscuting application to control, monitor and audit all - “Animais Abatidos noutro Estadoapplications Membro”;- Enrolment activation by digital signature through the Citizen Card - “Transferências e Cedências de Direitos- Analysis, Validation and attribution of the requests for Incentive Payments de Animais”; - “Transferência de Direitos de Regime deTechnology: Pagamento Único – Pedido de- Applications J2EE with EJB / JDBC / JPA (TopLink) / JSF / JSP / RichFaces / Transferências de Direitos e Candidatura àTomahawk on Oracle DB, AS OC4J and OCSP (control certificates) Reserva Nacional”. Web Development
  9. 9. 2008 Public Administration - Education New e-escola.ptChallengeOpened in 2002, is the portal of basic engineering sciences from the IST, “Instituto Superior Técnico” (UniversityTechnical Institute), with scientific content, interactive and reliable, in the areas of Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry andScience Engineering. The challenge was to update the image and significantly improve the usability and accessibility.SolutionGAEL, “Gabinete de Apoio à Produção de Conteúdos Multimédia” (Support Officefor the Production of Multimedia Contents) from IST has developed a new imagefor We defined new features and content areas.We have implemented an advanced search, a tag cloud and a semantic addressmechanism in a clear effort to migrate to Web 2.0.Technology:The Portal and Content Management are supported by Linkare2WebManager, aLinkares proprietary framework that allows data and content management inrelational databases. Web Development
  10. 10. 2007 Public Administration - Education IPC Portal IPCChallengeUnder the Virtual Campus project the development of an institutional portal for the IPC, “Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra”(Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra), with integrated authentication (CAS) was our challenge.SolutionPortal with several areas of content and services, including:* News, Events and Newsletter;* The organizational structure and contacts;* Internal Communications: proceedings, orders, internal memos, ...* Support: Multiple channels with FAQ support, Downloads and Contacts;* International Portal.A Central Authentication Service (CAS) was implemented and integrated withdirectory service, offering a single login for users.The solution facilitates contents integration with schools Web sites in the IPC,through XML.Technology:- JBoss Portal with content management Linkare2WebManager and CAS Web Development
  11. 11. 2007 Public Administration - Local JF Lapa web siteChallengeRenew the “Junta de Freguesia da Lapa” website. Update its image, introducing new contents and services.SolutionNew visual, contents and services, namely:- The online customer service now includes Skype. Note that the JF Lapa was thefirst parish with online service- Frequently Asked Questions and Suggestions / Complaints- Integration with Google Maps to locate points of interest located in the Lapaparish and photo gallery- Online requirements forms and document requests- Press releases and clippings- Online Service for Social Commission of the Lapa parishTechnology:Linkare2WebManager, a Linkares proprietary framework for data and contentmanagement on relational databases. Web Development
  12. 12. 2007 Private Sector – Telco & Media Matchmaking ServiceChallengeParticipate in the development of new international portal of social relationships - Matchmaking for the TIM w.e., in partnershipwith “Critical Software”. The portal should be multi-language and ensure complete confidentiality of their subscribers.Solution GoalWork developed: The service consisted in providing a way to- Direct requirement specification with the client. identify / meet people, according with- Functional analysis and specification of the requirements. parameters defined by the user, such as- Mockup development. age, geographic location and other- Functional and architectural definitions of the project characteristics of correspondence. The- Implementation and adaptation of datingpro source code service also provides the means to ease- Development and implementation of MatchMacking service first contact in a safe and anonymously way, through e-mail, chat, alerts, SMS, andTechnology: even phone calls.- Prototyping php, html, css, javascript, AJAX, JBoss AS, MySQL, Oracle- Developing JSP, XHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, JBoss AS Web Development
  13. 13. 2005 Private Sector – Banking & Insurance Corporate Management ScoringChallengeRecover from the delay in the development of the web application CMS - Corporate Management Scoring and resolve non-conformities to ensure its deployment in production for non-financial companies within theSLN group, “Sociedade Lusa deNegocios”. The CMS applications aims to support the implementation of Balanced Scorecards.SolutionA team of one analyst-programmer and one programmer was forged and under thecoordination of a project manager the objectives have been achieved. Main features ofthe application:- To support the evolution and the prediction of results;- Strategical and interactive maps;- Impact Matrix: Identification of all targets and their relationship to the projects;- Quantification of goals / values according with the perspectives of each group:Financial, Customer, Internal Processes, Learning and Growth. - Export to PDF, CSV and XML - integration interfaces and reporting.Technology:Struts & Tiles, JDBC over MySQL, Macromedia Flash, DHTML Web Development
  14. 14. 2006 Private Sector – Telco & Media Presstur web siteChallengeCreate a web site for travel and tourism news for agency “Agência Página Um”, with full autonomy in content management(sections, subsections, news) and advertising.SolutionA visual demo and blueprint were presented to the client for his subsequentaproval.We have implemented the web site and the content manager that also allowed fornewsletters subscription control and sending mechanism.Specific data templates have been created for news articles and other sections andsubsections of the site.Technology:Linkare2WebManager, a Linkares properietary framework for data and contentmanagement on relational databases.PHP List for managing and sending daily newsletters. Web Development
  15. 15. 2 Mobile and Desktop Applications - Institute of Informatics Subsystems Information - Institute of Informatics Framework Client - AuDiMa - Ministry of Educations e-lab - ISTs e-lab
  16. 16. Since 2008 Public Administration - National Subsystems InformationChallengeDevelopment and maintenance of JSE and JEE applications to support the information subsystems of the II, IP, “InstitutoInformático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies, Public Institute of theLabor and Social Security Ministry).Solution SubsystemsOur team has grown over 300% in size in less than three years. Several of our Examples:consultants and analysts saw their skills and work recognized through the - IDQ (Identification and Qualification)assignment of responsibilities for technical coordination of various sub-systems - GR (Wages Management)and projects. Examples: batch and client frameworks, code generator in pattern - GC (Contributions Management)DAO / VO, configurator and code generator for unit tests. - SICC (Current Account Integrated system)Methodology: instantiations Case Driven and Functional Driven from Unified - SII (Social Integration Income)Process – Waterfalls specific from II, IP - GESRISP (Professional Risk Management)Technology: - GTE (Special Rates Management)- JEE based on Sun Java AS 8.2, databases Oracle 9i and Oracle 11g - QLF (Qualification)- JSE 1.3 and JSE5 (Rich Desktop applications Swing and batch). Desktop/RIA Applications
  17. 17. 2010 Public Administration - National Framework ClientChallengeDevelopment, reengineering and consolidation of a component, standards and services / aspects collection used by the graphicalclient Java – Swing, of the II, IPs, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social”(Information Technologies, Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) IT subsystems.SolutionDirect involvement in the creating standards that codify best practices in Swingdevelopment, restraining and accomodating the possible implementations, byextension mechanisms, configuration, and internal validation, at runtime,compliance with development rules.Buzzwords: Correct adoption of SwingWorker pattern, introduction ofapplicational transparency while generating auditable information, client-sideperformance metrics, stopwatch graphic.Technology: Java Swing, Apache Axis Desktop/RIA Applications
  18. 18. 2009 Private Sector – Organization AuDiMaChallengeDevelop in a short period of time, a distributed application for managing a run of candidates for municipal elections in 2009. Theaim was to remove dependence on Internet connection and achieve total autonomy on the client application, used by hundreds ofusers. Data synchronization between client and server application, national statistics and easy client updating were also arequirement.Solution- Development of a Client Application (Java Swing), delivered by Java Web Startwith local database.- Availability of Application Server for national data management and statisticalgeneration.- Development and Configuration of Application Server with the Central Databasemanagement.- Building the API to bidirectional synchronize local and central database.Technology:- JBoss 5.0, JAAS, Hibernate 3.3.2, JPA, MySQL 4.1, EBJ 3.0, Servlet, JavaServerPages.- Java Web Start, Java Swing, Application Framework 1.0.3, Apache Derby 10.5.3,Jasper Report 3.5.0, Hibernate/JPA, JExcelAPI, JCalendar 1.1.4. Desktop/RIA Applications
  19. 19. 2010 Public Administration - Education Ministry of Educations e-labChallengeCreate an e-lab for the Ministry of Education, addressed to students in the 3rd cycle of basic education and high school education,with experiments in the areas of physics and mathematics. Create a new user interface appropriate to the target group.Solution - The GAEL (IST) conducted a study of usability and graphical image for the new e-lab. This proposal was incorporated into the e-lab ME project and developed a newtemplate interface for the experiments, which now also includes a video. - All e-lab platform code has been revised, reorganized and updated. - Known bugs have been fixed and its operation optimized. - A web application that schedules activities was created. - IST has designed new experiments and learning content. - A login integration with Moodle (eLearning) was accomplished.Technology:- e-lab: JSE 1.6, Swing, Java Webstart, VLC, XML, CORBA, JMF, J2D, J3D- Aplicação web: JSF 2.0, JPA, AspectJ, WebServices, MySQL, RMI, Applets Desktop/RIA Applications
  20. 20. 2004 Public Administration - Education ISTs e-labChallengeDevelop an application for remote access via the Internet, to real physics experiments, control of parameters for carrying outexperiments, data access in real time and sharing these among the various users connected to the same experiment.SolutionImplemented a partnership between Linkare and IST, in which:1. IST, more precisely the Physics Department, developed the experiments:hardware and software control, automation systems and sensors for data collectionand educational content to support experiments.2. Linkare developed all the software platform, called ReC, that allows remotely tocontrol experiments, access data in real time, share data between users and createdata repository. A template was created for the experiments graphical interface,incorporating chat rooms and new interfaces were also created ...Technology:- JSE, Swing, Java Webstart, XML, CORBA, JMF, Java3D, Java2D Desktop/RIA Applications
  21. 21. 3 Enterprise Applications & Information Integration - ECRIS - Optimus Enterprise Integration Architecture - EDP - Identity and Access Management - Citizen Card Middleware - Institute of Informatics Framework Batch - Social Security Webservices - Migration PVCS and MSF into SVN - Bugzilla Implementation - Academic Systems Integration
  22. 22. 2010 European Commission - International ECRISChallengeTo allow the sharing of criminal records between European Union member states.SolutionThe ECRIS – European Criminal Records Information System is a fully decentralizedsystem with an endpoint at each member state, allowing the interchange of criminal recorddata over a secure european network.Technology:- Web service: XML, XML Schemas, WSDL, SOAP, MTOM Systems Migration & Integration
  23. 23. 2005 - 2006 Private Sector - Telecom Enterprise Integration ArchitectureChallengeRefactor Optimus Enterprise Integration Architecture with Clustering / Farming / Service Coordination. The production version,developed by an international consultant company, bottlenecked at 19,000 requests per day without the ability for horizontalscalability, being noncompliant with the established SLA.Solution Work DevelopedOptimization of the fundamental and central parts of the system, with transactional - Analysis of the previous systemtechniques and robust recovery, integration of active monitoring on-the-fly, - Refactoring the coordination andautomated installation of nodes and symmetrical / asymmetrical clustering on the processing engineprevious implementation. This allowed a response improvement of approximately - Farming and clustering of the400,000 transactions per hour, totalizing an optimization increase of +500%. coordination and processing engine - Monitoring system for performance andTechnology: protection at the connectors entry point- JEE (Enterprise Session & Entity Beans 2.0) based on JBoss AS 4.0.4 GA, JSP / - Management and monitoring cluster andStruts MVC hosted services systems- Management and automation via JMX (implementation of extension services for - Support system for asymmetric clusteringapplication server) services- JCA - Connectors: CORBA, RMI-over-IIOP, RMI-over-JRMP, binary socket,socket textual, SOAP, JMS, JDBC, DB, FileSystem Systems Migration & Integration
  24. 24. 2011 Private Sector - Energy Identity and Access ManagementChallengeStabilize the delivery of the Identity Management System in EDP, based on Oracle Waveset (Sun Identity Manager 8.1).Integrate identity consumers accessed via web services.SolutionElectricidade de Portugal leveraged the Oracle Waveset platform to build theiridentity and provisioning management, involving the integration of heterogeneousidentity providers/consumers (SAPHR, Lotus Domino, Active DIrectory, etc).Linkare contributed to the process of quality control by doing both engineering anddebugging during the final delivery process.Web service connectors for legacy integrations were also developed.Technology:- Sun Identity Manager 8.1, JAX-WS.. Systems Migration & Integration
  25. 25. 2011 Public Administration - National Citizen Card MiddlewareChallengeRedesign the tools, both online and offline, that allow the common citizen to interact with his Citizen Card of the PortugueseRepublic. Namely, the tools provide for viewing data on the card, changing PINs and address and signing documents. The onlinecomponent can be integrated in any site thus allowing a citizen to authenticate using only his Card. A zero-installation experienceis a paramount requirement.SolutionLinkare works mainly on the online Java components, on which it has a fundamental role.The technological solution is composed of two Java Applets described via JNLP which candynamically select native libraries appropriate to the enviroment in which they are running.Native libraries provide PKCS#11 service which are invoked through JNI. One of Applets,via a wrapper, uses the PKCS#11 API to manipulate de data on the Card. The other Applet,makes use of a Java Provider to create SSL sessions signed by Card thus allowingauthentication with remote sites.Technology:- Java SE 6, Java Applets, JNLP, PKCS#11, JNI, SSL, SAML Systems Migration & Integration
  26. 26. 2010 Public Administration - National Framework BatchChallengeDevelopment of a framework for running batch processes, that can standardize implementations and operations, and facilitatetheir development process. Classified as a crosscutting project to II, IPs, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério doTrabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies, Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) ITsubsystems, it impacts significantly all projects developing batches.Solution OutcomesImplementation of a container for batches allowing for an effective control over - Streaming process was reduced up to 80% forthe batches lifecycle and performance. Ability to monitor executions at runtime. volumes of information over 150.000 unitsDevelopment of a CLI (command line interface) that allows its operationalization. - Asynchronous processing allowed theMethods: Case and Functional Driven Unified Process instantiations – successful harnessing of available capacityWaterfalls specific from II, IP during working hours thus improving by 80% the throughput of installed hardwareTechnology: - Execution metrics allows running control and- JEE based on Glassfish v2.1 (JMS (Cluster of Open Message Queue 4.3), reliable estimationsEJB), Oracle 11g databases - Providing controlled and authorized information- JMX for monitoring to increase productivity- RMI-IIOP Systems Migration & Integration
  27. 27. Since 2008 Public Administration - National Social Security WebservicesChallengeWeb services development that enable the integration / interoperability with other institutes and external entities.Solution Work DevelopedThe integration with other institutes is performed using web services, either - ITIJ: Information Technologies Institute ofproviders and consumers. This allows the abstraction of the development Justiceplatform used. - DGCI: Head Office of Contributions and TaxesMethodology: Case and Functional Driven Unified Process Instantiations - - DGES: Head Office of Higher EducationWaterfalls specific for II, IP - SEF: Foreigners and Borders Services - IEFP: Institute of Employment and VocationalTechnology: Training- JEE based on Sun Application Server 8.2 (JAXRPC), Oracle 11g databases - NPC: National Centre for Pensions- SOAP - IASF: Social Welfare Institute of the Armed Forces Systems Migration & Integration
  28. 28. 2010-2011 Public Administration - National Migration to Subversion (SVN)ChallengeAllowing II, IP, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies,Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) to upgrade their versioning control systems for all 80 projects, keepinghistory information from previous systems: Merant PVCS, CVS and Team Foundation Server.Solution Work DevelopedThe migration of previous solutions under a secure and stable environment was - Migrating of all CVS, PVCS and TFSsubject to a serious evaluation process to analyse the possibility of adaptation repositories to SVNbetween versioning models, the implementation of a planned strategy and the - Implementation of migration tools frommaterialization of this strategy, bundled with training and supporting PVCS to SVNdocumentation. - Implementation of migration tools from TFS to SVNTechnology: - Supporting documentation- Merant PVCS Command Line Interface - Training of project and support team- CVS client - Definition and implementation of- JSE – massive import of versioned models Contingency and Backup policies- SharpSVN and C# (TFS Migration) - Integrating authentication MSAD- VisualSVN Server, CLI SVN, Tortoise SVN, Subversive, Netbeans, Eclipse,AnhkSVN, Apache Web Server Systems Migration & Integration
  29. 29. 2009 - 2010 Public Administration - National Bugzilla ImplementationChallengeAllowing II, IP, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies,Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) to upgrade their NC (nonconformities) control systems (TrackRecord),and also strenghtening the change logs associated to each task, allowing for the separation of duties – Project Management,Analysis, Development, Accreditation and Operating Systems.Solution Work DevelopedThe management solution of former TrackRecord did not foresee the possibility of - Initial installation and configuration ofactive cooperation between the various elements of the project teams. On the other Bugzillahand, multiple NCs databases, did not allow for a proper inter-project operation, - Supporting documentationnor an integrated view of the various systems. The productivity of the previous tool - Training of project and support teamswas also relatively low, with reduced flexibility and integration capabilities with other - Definition and implementation ofsystems. Contingency and Backup policies - Integrating authentication MSADTechnology: - ScreenCasts productivity with IDEs- Apache Web Server - Integration with SVN - traceability- Bugzilla - Perl CGI- Integration with MS Active Directory Systems Migration & Integration
  30. 30. 2007 – 2010 Public Administration - Education Academic Systems IntegrationChallengeOne of the major requirements in implementing a new academic management system is the integration within an institutionsglobal IT system. Making it compatible, synchronizing, integrating a "core" system like "Fénix" in a higher education institute withHR, finantial, and supporting systems such as electronic mail, LDAP, etc., was Linkares challenge.SolutionLinkare performed, in summary, the following tasks:- Compatibility between the resident academic management system and Fénix,through its automated and continued synchronization- Integration with LDAP, CAS and DSpace;- Integration with human resources system;- Integration with financial systems (tuition fees);Technology: IPC- Java open source Academic Management System – FénixEDU- Java migration / integration system to interoperate with existing systems,previously named FenixMigration. E.g., EnsiGest, SIGES, SIGA, ...- WebServices (JAX-WS) Systems Migration & Integration
  31. 31. 244 Continuous Integration Aplicações Desktop/RIA - Institute of Informatics - Sub-sistemas de Informação do II (JP) - Framework Client no II (JP) - Linkare - Audima (JP) - Systems Monitoring at Social Security - elab ME - elab IST
  32. 32. Since 2006 Public Administration - National Continuous IntegrationChallengeAllowing II, IP, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies,Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) to increase the quality and productivity substantially by using continuousintegration tools and management / evaluation / maintenance of quality, as an automated practice, integrated into existingprocesses, replacing non productive human intervention.SolutionThe Continuous Integration solution in II, IP, is based on a set of tools integrated and interoperable at different levels:- Bugzilla - as a bug tracking tool- Subversion - as a versioning and release management control system- Hudson - as a central tool in the process, responsible for automating the verification, compilation and the software releaseprocess- Maven - as a tool for structuring the projects information, build/release life cycle and dependency management- Sonar - as a tool for evolutionary analysis of the code quality- Nexus - as an archiving system for binary assets and documentation- XWiki - as a tool for knowledge and documentation management of UPs methodological artefacts (Architecture, Vision, UseCases, Business Rules, Environments, etc.) Continuous Integration
  33. 33. Since 2009 Private Sector – TI Continuous IntegrationChallengeIn the past few years, we have witnessed a transformation in software development practices, aiming at a more frequentlyintegration of software changes. Continuous integration is an excellent practice where members of a team integrate their workfrequently and verified by an automated system (including tests), enabling the detection of integration errors faster.SolutionLinkares continuous integration solution is based on a well-definedprocess for software development, starting in the definition of arequirement, through its implementation and evolution over time, up toreleasing it to the end user:- OTRS / Bugzilla - as helpdesk and bug tracking tools- Subversion - as a version control system- Hudson - as a central tool in the process, responsible for the automationand historical builds, verification of code changes, ...- Maven / Ant - as environment/tool for building the software- Sonar - as a code quality assessing tool- Nexus - as a binary repository- XWiki - as a tool to support the acquired knowledge Continuous Integration
  34. 34. Since 2010 Public Administration - National Systems MonitoringChallengeAllowing II, IP, “Instituto Informático, Instituto Público do Ministério do Trabalho e da Segurança Social” (Information Technologies,Public Institute of the Labor and Social Security Ministry) to monitor the performance and load on the different environments,providing automated tools for continuously collecting health and availability metrics of the systems.Solution Achieved OutcomesBased on the aggregation of distributed monitoring, the solution allowed II, IP to, in - Ability to trace several systems problemsa centralized manner, assess the status of its various systems: - Information collection in a timely manner- Application servers, database resources, components and thread pools, - Aggregation of the collected informationconnection queues, number of external requests, memory collection, memory - Increased KPI (Key Performanceallocation management, CPU utilization levels, etc. .. Indicator) for values > 99%- Oracle databases, Response time and TNS Listener availability, TableSpaces, - Real-time alerts to operators and systemprocesses usage, Locks, Partitioning .. administrators- Systems: Network utilization, CPU, RAM, FileSystems - DB and JVM effective management – optimizationTechnology:- SNMP, JMX (Java Management Extensions), Sun Java System ApplicationServer 8.2, GlassFish v2.1, Oracle 11g, MySQL 5, Tomcat 5 + JBoss AS 5 Continuous Integration
  35. 35. 5 Academic Management - FénixEDU in FD.UNL - FénixEDU in ISCTE - FénixEDU in IPT
  36. 36. 2010 Public Administration - Education FénixEDU in FD.UNLChallengeCreate an integrated system, in a Web environment, to improve the academic management services at the FD.UNL, “Faculdade deDireito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa” (Faculty of Law of the New Lisbon University), improving the experience of the institutionsusers, thus reducing time and cost of the academic management services.SolutionFD has choosen Linkare to implement FénixEDU, an Open Source systemdeveloped by the "Instituto Superior Técnico", as its academic managementservices, performing the following tasks:- Graphical User Interface customization- Installation and Configuration- Integration with the old academic management system – SIGATechnology:- Academic System Management Java open source FénixEDU- Database: MySQL- Java Tomcat Web Server on Linux OS Academic Management
  37. 37. 2008 Public Administration - Education FénixEDU in ISCTEChallengeUnder the Virtual Campus project, ISCTE decided to adopt FénixEDU as its new academic management and learning system. Thesupport for the adoption, migration and interoperablization with other institutions systems was Linkares challenge.SolutionWork envolved::- Integration with the old academic management system – EnsiGest- Adaptation of the ISCTEs functionality requirements- Implementation of a new module for monitoring teaching quality surveysTechnology:- Academic Management System Java open source FénixEDU- Database: MySQL- Java Web Server Tomcat on Linux OS Academic Management
  38. 38. 2007 Public Administration - Education FénixEDU in IPTChallengeUnder the Virtual Campus project, the IPT, “Instituto Politécnico de Tomar” (Polytechnic Institute of Tomar) aimed at implementing,in three of its schools, a new academic management and learning system, in a Web environment, having the Virtual Campusprograms minimum requirements as reference.SolutionAs a summary, Linkare performed the following tasks:- Graphics customization, installation and configuration- Integration with LDAP, CAS and DSpace- Integration with other systems of the institution (SIGES and HR)- Adaptation of IPTs functionality requirements- Training of users (teachers and students)- Implementation of the new IPT portalTechnology:- Java open source Academic Management System – FénixEDU- Database: MySQL- Java Web Server Tomcat on Linux OS- JBoss Portal with Linkare2WebManager as a content manager system and CAS Academic Management
  39. 39. Av. Duque dÁvila 231000-138 LisboaPortugalT: +351 213 590 623 Tailored projects (turn-key)F: +351 213 590 624 Outsourcing and ConsultingEmail: