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What to-expect-on-exam-day-pb

  1. 1. Exam day tips: Cambridge English paper-based examsHere are some tips so you know what to expect on the exam day. These tips are for your written, paper-based exams (not including the Speaking test or YoungLearner exams). For more information, go to www.CambridgeESOL.org 1 2 3 4 Before the exam Things to bring to the exam During the exam At the end of each paper Check the date, time and address Bring your identification, for example Do not bring bags, phones, etc. to At the end of each paper (e.g. the of your exam. Your centre will send a passport. It must be an original (not your desk. Writing paper, the Reading paper, you this information. If you have any a copy) and must have a photo of you. etc.), the invigilator will tell you to questions, contact your centre before Listen carefully to the instructions stop writing. Stop immediately. the exam day. Bring pens and pencils. Your centre which the invigilator will read out. will also give you pens and pencils if Give all papers to the invigilator, Remember to check how long it you need them. Do not talk to other people, or try to including question papers answer will take you to travel to the exam, see what they are writing. sheets, rough paper, etc. especially if your exam is at a weekend You cannot have a bag at your desk, your centre will show you where to put Make sure you follow the exam Always stay in your seat until the or on a holiday. any bags you have. instructions. If you have any questions, invigilator gives you permission to Get to the exam early! Follow the need help or want to leave the room, leave the room. direction signs to find the exam room Do not bring food or drink to your raise your hand to ask for help. or go to the reception of the building desk in the exam room (except a If you have any questions or bottle of water). There will be a clock in the exam room problems, tell the invigilator and ask for directions. to help you with your timing. immediately. You cannot bring your phone or any other electronic devices to your desk If you are doing a Listening test, check in the exam. Your centre will tell you where to put them during the exam. that you can hear the test properly. Raise your hand immediately if you Good luck with cannot hear the recording. your exam!© UCLES 2011 EMC/7738a/1Y09