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Open conditional with If / When

Open conditional with If / When



Open Conditional with If - When

Open Conditional with If - When



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    Open conditional with If / When Open conditional with If / When Document Transcript

    • I N S P I R AT I O N 2 Worksheet 13Open conditional with if/when1 Match the sentence beginnings (1-6) with the endings (a-f). 1 If I’m late, a) I feel happy. 2 When they get angry, b) if you’re alone? 3 What do you say c) my parents get angry. 4 When I hear my favourite song, d) talk to a friend. 5 If you don’t know what to do, e) they shout at me. 6 How do you feel f) when your mother asks you why you are late?2 Complete the conversation with the verbs 3 Complete the instructions with the phrases from the box. from the box. tell talk see meet like feel do copy it to your computer delete it empty the memory hold the camera still press save read the instructions SALLY Hi Carol! What’s wrong? see it on the screen CAROL I don’t know what to say to Ben and Jack. When you want to use your digital camera for SALLY What do you mean? the first time, first CAROL Well, when I (1) _________________ them, I (1) ____________________________________________________. (2) _________________ so nervous. If you want to take a good picture, SALLY But you have to say something. (2) ____________________________________________________. CAROL I know. When you (3) _________________ a When you take a picture, you can boy, what (4) _________________ you do? (3) ____________________________________________________. SALLY When I (5) _________________ someone If you like it, then new, I usually feel excited. (4) ____________________________________________________. CAROL And? But, don’t worry if you don’t like the picture SALLY If I really like them, I (6) _________________ because you can them. (5) ____________________________________________________. CAROL But it isn’t that easy. If you want to print the picture, SALLY Why not? If you like someone, you (6) ____________________________________________________ have to (7) _________________ to them. and print it from there. When your camera CAROL Yes, but what do you do if you like memory is full, you must two boys? (7) ____________________________________________________ by deleting the pictures or moving them onto your computer.This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com/inspiration.It is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages. Copyright © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2006.