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A guide of Asturias

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Asturias Guide

  1. 1. <ul><li>Pablo Alberdi Nº1 4ºA </li></ul><ul><li>and </li></ul><ul><li>Sergio Fernández Nº14 4ºA </li></ul>
  2. 2. Coast The Asturian coastline is characterized by high cliffs and beautiful bays, many people succeeding with a marked sailor who now begins to grow the tourism sector. The following examples will, ordering them from the West to the East area to help locate them:
  3. 3. Tapia de Casariego
  4. 4. Luarca Village has always been tied to the sea, which has attracted the attention of tourists for its beautiful setting and wonderful Indian architecture.
  5. 7. Cudillero Probably the most famous fishing village in the West Asturian  thanks to its attractions.  It is fully encased, so surprised to see streets and houses located in areas with slopes impossible.  Highly recommended as a typical example of the Asturian coastal town
  6. 10. Luanco Located in the Central region in recent years has grown steeply when the summer resort of many persons.  Set in a stunning natural landscape and its beach is very busy, but begins to suffer some controversial operation Inmobiliaria very sharpened.
  7. 12. Tazones Tiny fishing village of just 300 inhabitants, which states  Charles V landed on his first trip to Spain.  No doubt a beautiful place.
  8. 15. Lastres Another fishing village located in the eastern part of Asturias.  Combines its beautiful location with plenty of dining opportunities.
  9. 18. Ribadesella Town famous for being home to the goal of Descent  Sella International, which literally overflowing during that celebration, which attracts thousands of tourists each summer.  The mouth of the river is impressive.
  10. 21. Llanes Probably the most touristy town in Asturias, with great atmosphere in the summer and unquestionable beauty despite some overcrowding. Noteworthy are the dozens of hidden coves that are in close keeping almost untouched.
  11. 24. Silencio Beach - Cudillero
  12. 25. Oleiros Beach - Cudillero
  13. 26. Espasa Beach- Colunga
  14. 27. Canal Beach - Llanes
  15. 28. Cuevas del Mar Beach- Llanes
  16. 29. Torimbia Beach – Llanes
  17. 31. Gulpiyuri Beach (Llanes) As you see in the photo is a beach that is not the sea.
  18. 32. Buelna Beach (Llanes)
  19. 33. Sea-Mountain Contrast
  20. 34. West Coast
  21. 35. East Coast
  22. 36. Oviñana Coast (Cudillero)
  23. 37. Cliffs of Llames (Llanes)
  24. 38. Cliffs of Bufones (Llanes)
  25. 39. Vidio Lighthouse (Cudillero)
  26. 40. San Juan Lighthouse ( Avilés)
  27. 41. Nalón river mouth ( Soto del Barco / Muros )
  28. 42. Villaviciosa Estuary and Rodiles Beach
  29. 43. Asturias has a national park, three National Parks and several Nature Reserves
  30. 44. Reservoir in Grandas de Salime
  31. 45. Boal
  32. 46. Ibias
  33. 47. Cangas del Narcea
  34. 48. Reservoir of Pilotuerto (Cangas del Narcea )
  35. 49. Fountains of Navia
  36. 50. River in Muniellos
  37. 51. Forest in Muniellos
  38. 52. Somiedo
  39. 53. Somiedo
  40. 54. Somiedo
  41. 55. Somiedo lakes (summer)
  42. 56. Somiedo lakes(winter)
  43. 57. European Peaks The second Spanish National Park busiest has some incredible landscapes. Here is a sample.
  44. 58. European Peaks(winter)
  45. 60. European Peaks(summer)
  46. 62. Naranjo de Bulnes (Picu Urriellu)
  47. 63. Balcony of Piedras Luengas
  48. 64. Covadonga and Lakes A sacred and magical for the Asturias, which often go quite often to see the Santina and climb up to the lakes.Since during the summer transport is regulated and must go by bus for most of the day.
  49. 65. Covadonga Sanctuary
  50. 67. Santina Cave
  51. 68. Covadonga Lakes
  52. 72. Route Cares Highly recommended for anyone visiting Asturias. He has little difficulty and the landscapes are impressive.
  53. 77. Santa Cristina de Lena
  54. 78. San Miguel de Lillo
  55. 79. Pajares
  56. 80. Redes Natural Park
  57. 81. Reservoir of Tanes
  58. 82. Bear Domains
  59. 83. Caso Mountains
  60. 84. El Sueve
  61. 85. Views from El Mirador del Fito
  62. 86. Views from El Mirador de la Reina
  63. 87. Views from El Angliru The mountain pass became famous for his ascent in the Tour of Spain.
  64. 88. Cities The million people who live in oviedo more than 800,000 live in the central area forming a large metropolitan area. Next you detail some of these cities, and what they can offer visitors. The capital of the Principality is in the center of the region, famous for the ceremony, Prince of Asturias Awards and being the birthplace of well known characters such as  Princess Letizia and Fernando Alonso. Oviedo
  65. 89. Uria Street and Escandalera Square The heart of the capital, right next to the San Francisco Park and the Campoamor Theater
  66. 90. Romanesque Asturian. Only role art has several examples in the municipality. In the image, to the Santa María del Naranco.
  67. 91. Oviedo Cathedral and pedestrian street
  68. 92. Gijón It is the most populous city of Asturias, which include it’s environment in the street, especially during the summer months.
  69. 93. Port It is one of the areas with more people in the evenings and nights.
  70. 94. Aerial image. It is primarily the Technical College, Cabueñes Hospital, the Technology Park and the campus of Viesques.
  71. 95. San Lorenzo Beach
  72. 96. Puerto de El Musel . El mayor puerto de España de graneles sólidos, inmerso en unas enormes obras de ampliación. Musel
  73. 97. Avilés The third city of the Principality of Asturias
  74. 98. Town Hall Square with the Hotel Palacio de Ferrera
  75. 99. Palace of Campo Sagrado