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The new hp_networking

  1. 1. Changing the Rules of NetworkingGreg PisanoManager, WW Solutions Marketing, HP NetworkingSeptember 20101 ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. Agenda The New Demands on Enterprise Networking Introducing HP Networking The Portfolio and Differentiation Customer Adoption The Win for Customers
  3. 3. IT of the Future Will be Built on aConverged Infrastructure Storage Servers HP Converged Infrastructure Power & cooling Network Management software
  4. 4. Networking is Key to Converged InfrastructureConnecting applications, infrastructure, and users across the extended enterprise Accelerate time-to-service and improve service delivery within and across the data center A highly efficient services fabric across the extended enterprise for data, voice, and video Secure and flexible access to application and business services from anywhere End-to-end security to protect the network and attached enterprise assets Management and orchestration to reduce errors and further alignment with the business
  5. 5. Networking is at an Inflection Point
  6. 6. The 3rd Wave of Networking is Here Business and IT are demanding a new approach Wave 3: The ‘10’s Orchestrated Service Delivery Wave 2: The ‘00’s Consolidate on Ethernet and ExtendWave 1: 80s - 90’s Connect Standards-based open approach led by HP CiscoNovell, 3Com, SunIBM, DEC, Nortel
  7. 7. Changing the Rules of Networking HP Networking Innovation & Vision
  8. 8. Portfolio breadth and depthEdge to Core, Enterprise to SMB ADV ANCED ESSENTIAL V AL UE SECUR ITY Modular Switches Modular Switches Web Managed IPS Switches HP A12500 HP E8200 HP S5100N HP A9500 HP E5400 HP V19x0 HP S2500N HP A7500 HP E4200 HP V1810 HP S1400N HP V1700 HP S660N Fixed Port Switches HP S330 Top of Rack Switches HP S110 Unmanaged HP S10 HP A5810 HP E5500G Switches HP Core Controller HP A5820 HP E4800G HP A6600 HP E3500G HP V14x0 HP E2910G Management HP V2124 HP E4500G Server Blade Switch HP E25x0G HP V408 SMS HP E4200G HP SMS Controller HP A6120 HP E5500 WLAN/WAN HP E3500 Fixed Port Switches HP E4500 HP V1xx Wireless Routers HP E2610 HP E4210 HP A5800 HP E2810 HP A5500 HP E25x0 HP A5120 HP A36x0 HP A3100 WLAN HP Intellijack HP E-MSM7xx Controllers Routers HP E-MSM4xx Access Points HP E-MSM3xx Access Points HP E-M110 Access Point Advanced: For customers with large/complex deployments seeking HP A8800 HP E-MSM317 Access Point HP A6600 advanced, full featured networking technology to drive competitive HP A-MSR 50 advantage with lower cost of ownership. HP A-MSR 30 Unified HP A-MSR 20 Communications HP A7000 Essential: For customers seeking essential proven technology that’s HP UC Applications affordable and easy to use while providing scalability for future needs. WLAN HP VCX Connect Platform HP VCX Enterprise Platform HP VCX Gateways Value: For value-conscious customers seeking reliable and easy-to-use HP A-WX5004 Controller HP A-WA2xxx Access Points HP 3x00 IP Phones connectivity solutions. HP A3000 Wireless Switches HP A9000 Access Points Management Security: For companies that require world-class network Security HP A8760 Access Point HP A7760 Access Point PCM/PCM+ solutions to proactively stop threats and deliver business continuity IDM Management NIM TMS zl Module Note: “x” in a product series name indicates multiple series numbers are available IMC NNMi NA
  9. 9. The HP Networking End-to-End PortfolioHorizontal Data Center Enterprise End-to-End LAN Branch Mobility Unified Solutions Networking Routing Security Switching Office Comms A Series E Series V Series S Series Product Large/complex Proven technology, Reliable, very easy-to- World-class network Families deployments, advanced, affordable and easy to use solutions. security solutions full featured networking use In-depth services across customer and technology lifecycles Service End-to-End Networking Security Solutions Unified Comms and Integrated Business Families Solutions and CI Collaboration Solutions
  10. 10. HP Delivers Lower TCO & Energy Efficiency Annual networking costs per user, IDC 2009* Product 10G NB KW W/10G HP A-S12508 64 5.1 79.7 HP A-S12518 128 10.3 80.5 Cisco Nexus 7018 64 18 140.6 A- S7506E Cisco Nexus 7010 64 12 187.5
  11. 11. Driving Innovation in the Enterprise Data Center Next-gen Network Core Simpler high availability designs • Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) • 2X the performance; 50% less power FlexFabric Server Edge Demand-driven connectivity with integrated management • Virtual Connect and Virtual Connect Flex-10 Simpler, more flexible, less costly data center networks
  12. 12. Innovation At The Network EdgeHigh performance and common services at the network edge Unified Wired/Wireless Common services, performance, Wireless Wireless and access at the edge Servers clients access points Clients Interconnect Core router Integrated Management fabric Intelligent switches CORE Single pane-of-glass and simplicity EDGE NETWORK Edge for fabric, access and security portal Lower TCO Wireless clients Internet Driving reduced cost across lifetime CAPEX and OPEX
  13. 13. Securing The Network Fabric Core To Edge Automated, scalable Threat Management for the enterprise Proactive protection Data Center Branch End-to-end embedded security with industry’s highest scalability WAN IMC + SMS Industry-leading security Leading research lab leads toTeleWorkers Core catching 2.3X more attacks Edge Internet Low complexity Quick deployment and seamless updating with Digital Vaccine™
  14. 14. Key Security Trends1. Applications are now the target of choice Web and Enterprise − Web apps comprise more than Applications 60% of attacks 1 − Enterprise applications remain Operating Systems unpatched for vulnerabilities Network2. Applications consume bandwidth and productivity − 37% increase in workplace usage of social media sites 2 − 1.5% loss productivity because of Facebook 3 1 SANS Institute, Sept 2009 2 Trend Micro Research, July 2010 3 Nucleus Research, July 200914
  15. 15. Business-Centric Network ManagementMultivendor single pane-of-glass delivers better service and low OpEx Unified resource management Align with demands for business- critical service delivery Single pane-of-glass Comprehensive visibility for all layers, access, and functions Integrated access management Improving endpoint defense, control and visibility HP Software integration Common operations view with IT orchestration capability
  16. 16. Examples of the Compelling Proposition Area Solutions Advantages Core A12500, IRF, IMC HA and RAS, Dramatic simplicity Faster time-to-service, fewer cables, Server Edge Virtual Connect fewer NICs, shared B/W 2.3x attacks blocked, scale, link to Network Security TippingPoint HP Secure Advantage Unified Wired/ Fewer devices, common policies, Campus LAN Wireless line-rate performance IMC, PCM+, Management Centralized control, fewer staff HP Software Cost of Ownership End-to-End 30-65% reduction in TCO
  17. 17. HP’s UC&C ModelBuilt on a Converged Infrastructure System Integration Storage Servers & Services HP Converged Infrastructure UC&C Partnerships Microsoft, Avaya, Power & cooling Network others Management software HP has an extensive IT portfolio, leading partnerships and an entire suite of lifecycle services
  18. 18. Simplicity & Flexibility Through InteroperabilityProving benefits of open standards and enabling best-in-class partners Committed to open solutions Standards and expertise ensure coexistence and easy migration Deep interoperability expertise Knowledge bases and service personnel for heterogeneity Partner solutions certified Integrated partner applications tested and certified with HP Networking
  19. 19. HP Networking Lifecycle Services Maximize availability, performance and agility across the network Strategize, plan, design,Optimize the and architect the networknetwork infrastructure • Consulting services• Network optimization (strategy, discovery & assessments architecture workshops)• Application performance • Assessments optimization (network, standards, voice/ data, security, data center) • Design (network, security, data center, unified communications) Maximize performance and network availability • Mission Critical support Rapid deployment • HP Environment Direct Access and integration support • Support Plus/Support Plus 24 Network operations • Program/Project management • HW/SW support • Procurement, staging, • Remote monitoring installation • Application support • Network Management • Education services • Network Security • Testing/acceptance • Data Center Hosting
  20. 20. The Word is Out About HP NetworkingCisco-free data center Next-generationarchitecture fully 1M-node mobilitydeployed on HP TCO advantages network with joint driving network innovation refresh across BMW“Enterprises are clearly asking for more choice when looking atnetworking solutions,” “The combination of increasing expectations for amore agile infrastructure to meet rapidly changing business demands and themore challenging economic climate requires fresh innovation, strongalternatives and a more business-centric approach to networkdesign.” Mark Fabbi, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner Inc.
  21. 21. Selected HP Networking Customers TransportationFinancial Services Manufacturing Oil and Gas Retail Hospitality and Logistics TORINO Media, Internet Telecom Health Care Government Education Software
  22. 22. Technology Fit, TCO, ResponsivenessSNCF Large project to renew LAN/WLAN infrastructure: • 3,400 train stations in France with headquarters and subsidiaries • Projects such as Video surveillance, VoIP, Wi-Fi• End-to-end A-family with blueprints for large sites, and large and small train stations• Focus on quality of service is #1 customer priority
  23. 23. Mobility, Intelligent Edge, InnovationMarriott• Introduced new guest services into existing hotel infrastructures • More than 3,150 hotels, both corporate owned and franchised • Overcome expense and disruption• Joint innovation to identify opportunity for MSM317 wall plate• Leveraging intelligent edge for architectural simplicity and common management
  24. 24. Technology Fit, Interoperability, GreenPeugeot Citroen International vehicle manufacturer in 160 countries  Annual revenue greater than € 50 billion S8500  Emphasizing growth markets in S6500 Latin America, China, and Russia S8500 Selection made for PSA Peugeot Citroen’s new office facility  High speed converged network with VoIP  Single management framework S6500 Interoperability critical in heterogeneous network
  25. 25. UC&C, Standardization, InnovationUnderwriters Laboratories• Standardize enterprise-wide tools and processes to create collaborative, real- time UC&C solution for the UL Virtual Workplace Presence• Incorporate Microsoft, Avaya and HP Telepresence Conferencing products and services for unified IP Telephony Mobility messaging, presence, collaboration, and Bringing together seamless communications anywhere, anytime, via any device voice• Streamlined IT management by Unified Messaging Web IM standardizing desktops and network Contact Center Collaboration infrastructure• Replaced 23 legacy PBX systems with centralized solution
  26. 26. Changing the Rules of NetworkingOld Way Of Networking NetworkingNo guiding architecture Architectural simplicity, openness SimplerComplex and limited security Industry-leading security networkingDozens of OS’s & approaches Common OS solutionsHighly inflexible infrastructure Up to twice the performance BetterNetwork-centric, not app-centric application Integrated security serviceLimited orchestration Market-leading IT orchestrationClosed and proprietary Up to 65% lower TCO ImprovedComplex NOCs everywhere Half the energy consumption economicsExpensive service & consulting Single pane-of-glass management Leading warranties and services
  27. 27. What Customers Get from HP NetworkingBest-in-class technology to buildhigh performance, secure andefficiently managed networkenvironments Flexible, interoperable, and highly cost-effective Integrated part of HP’s Converged Infrastructure, delivers services across the extended enterprise how and when business demands
  28. 28. Outcomes that matter.