Web performance: beyond load testing

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  • 1. Web Performance:beyond load testing January 27, 2012 Sergey Chernyshev Technical Director Web Systems & Applications truTV Web Services, Turner
  • 2. NY Web Performance1250+ members4400+ worldwide since May 2009
  • 3. Scalability & Performance
  • 4. What is Web Performance? WPO improves the speed of web experience for each end user It is NOT how many users a web site can serve (Scalability) It is NOT how often a web site is down (Reliability)
  • 5. Scalability & Performance
  • 6. Why Web Performance?Increasing revenue vs. cost optimization• Shopzilla +7-12% conversions! &• +15% (+60M) downloads for Firefox. (-1 sec => +2.7% downloads)• Slowness is sticky (Google and Microsoft)• SEO: Google uses sites speed in ranking
  • 7. Abandonment RateHow Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line. KISSmetrics http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/
  • 8. Why Web Performance?User experience "participants had to concentrate up to 50% more" "greater agitation and stress" Web user connected to EEG "40% will go to a rival web site, 37% will abandon" Web Stress. A wake up call for European business. Foviance on behalf of CA http://www.ca.com/Files/SupportingPieces/final_webstress_survey_report_229296.pdf
  • 9. Server Time vs. Browser Time 88 requests, 6.344s only 0.968s on backend = just 15%
  • 10. Server Time vs. Browser Time151 requests, 6.3s, only 0.1s on backend - less then 2%
  • 11. Page Statistics 2003 2009 Size: 93.7K 507KObjects: 25.7 64.7 Average Web Page Size Quintuples Since 2003 Andrew King (websiteoptimization.com)
  • 12. Average Web Page Size Quintuples Since 2003 Andrew King (websiteoptimization.com)
  • 13. Page Statistics• Load Time: +0.533 s• Time to first byte: +0.117 s• Time to start render: +0.179 s• Page Size: +48 KB• Requests: +4 just 1 year• Connections: +1 (2010)• DNS Lookups: +1 Are pages getting faster? Patrick Meenan (webpagetest.org)
  • 14. Tools: Analysis• Yahoos YSlow (best practices)• Google Page Speed (best practices)• WebPageTest (web based waterfalls and more)• dynaTrace AJAX Edition• REDbot (HTTP caching)• DOM Monster (DOM analysis)• *HAR format (HTTP data format)
  • 15. Tools: Monitoring• ShowSlow (basic metrics and best practices)• WebPageTest + ShowSlow ("geo" testing)• Boomerang, Newrelic (RUM)• Catchpoint• Keynote, Gomez
  • 16. Tools: OptimizationDev tools WPO automation• SVN-Assets • mod_pagespeed• JSMin, Closure • Yottaa Compiler • Strangeloop• CSSLint • Torbit• SpriteMe, imgmin, • Google Page Speed JPEGmini service
  • 17. AddWeb Performance to your SLAs!
  • 18. Q&A URL: http://meetup.com/Web-Performance-NY/Email: sergey.chernyshev@turner.com @SergeyChe @PerfPlanet