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Drush. Why should it be used?
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Drush. Why should it be used?


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  • 1. Drush. Why should it be used?
  • 2. What will be described? 1. Drush. What is this? Common information. 2. What features does Drush have “from the box”? 3. Features which Drush may have with extensions. 4. Examples of how Drush helps during development process.
  • 3. What won't be described? 1. Aliases of sites. 2. Synchronization of code and databases. 3. Development of extensions. 4. Upgrade of Drupal code, modules and themes. 5. Many other helpful Drush commands and features which I don't know about.
  • 4. Part 1 Common information.
  • 5. Common information 1. Drush == dru pal sh ell == command line. 2. Installation of Drush – README helps us! 3. What's next? Ask Drush to show you what it can to do! 4. So many commands, how could I use them? Ask Help for help! 5. How to use commands? It's simple: «drush [options] [command]»
  • 6. First Drush response Execute a drush command. Run `drush help [command]` to view command specific help. Run `drush topic` to read even more documentation. Global options (see `drush topic core-global-options` for the full list): … options… Core drush commands: (core) … commands… Field commands: (field) … commands… SQL commands: (sql) … commands… User commands: (user) … commands…
  • 7. Help message ss81@laptop:~$ drush help cc Clear a specific cache, or all drupal caches. Arguments: type The particular cache to clear. Omit this argument to choose from available caches. Aliases: cc
  • 8. Clear cache and enable module ss81@laptop:~$ drush cc all 'all' cache was cleared [success] ss81@laptop:~$ drush en -y forum The following extensions will be enabled: taxonomy, forum Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y forum was enabled successfully. [ok] taxonomy was enabled successfully. [ok]
  • 9. Part 2 Extend Drush features with other modules.
  • 10. Groups of commands 1. Core rush commands (28 commands). 2. Field commands (5 commands). 3. Project manager commands (11 commands). 4. SQL commands (6 commands). 5. User commands (9 commands). TOTAL: 59.
  • 11. Modules, which I like 1. Devel. 2. Drush Make. 3. Module Builder. 4. Drush Cleanup. 5. Backup and Migrate.
  • 12. Devel All commands in devel: (devel) … devel-reinstall (dre) Disable, Uninstall, and Install a list of projects. ... fn-view (fnv) Show the source of specified function or method. All commands in devel_generate: (devel_generate) generate-content (genc) Create content. ...
  • 13. Drush Make 1. Projects: drupal, pressflow, modules, themes. Could be downloaded from repository, by direct link, by name. 2. Libraries: any files you need to use.
  • 14. Example of Drush Make file projects[] = drupal projects[] = apachesolr … libraries[SolrPhpClient][download][type] = "get" libraries[SolrPhpClient][download][url] = "" libraries[SolrPhpClient][destination] = "modules/apachesolr"
  • 15. Module Builder Examples: drush mb my_module menu cron nodeapi drush mb my_module menu cron --write --name="My module" --dep="forum views" drush mb my_module menu cron --add
  • 16. Backup and Migrate All commands in backup_migrate: (backup_migrate) bam-backup (bb) Backup the site's database with Backup and Migrate. bam-backups Get a list of previously created backup files. bam-destinations Get a list of available destinations. bam-profiles Get a list of available settings profiles. bam-restore Restore the site's database with Backup and Migrate. bam-sources Get a list of available sources.
  • 17. Part 3 How Drush helps during development process.
  • 18. Base facts 1. Site URL is 2. Version of Drupal – 7. 3. Additional modules: admin_menu, pathauto, views. 4. Custom modules: one module with some features will be created. It will use database. PS: no Drush Make because it's not interesting.
  • 19. Step 1 ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush dl drupal Project drupal (7.2) downloaded to /home/ss81/session/drupal-7.2. [success] Project drupal contains: [success] - 3 profiles: minimal, testing, standard - 4 themes: bartik, seven, garland, stark - 47 modules: drupal_system_listing_compatible_test, ...
  • 20. Step 2 ss81@laptop:~/session$ mv drupal-7.2/* ./ ss81@laptop:~/session$ mv drupal-7.2/.htaccess ./ ss81@laptop:~/session$ ls authorize.php cron.php index.php install.php LICENSE.txt modules robots.txt themes web.config CHANGELOG.txt drupal-7.2 INSTALL.mysql.txt … ss81@laptop:~/session$ rm -r drupal-7.2/
  • 21. Step 3 ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush si --db-url =mysql://root:111@localhost/session --account-name =ss81 --account-pass =qwerty You are about to create a sites/default/files directory and create a sites/default/settings.php file and DROP your 'session' database and then CREATE a new one. Do you want to continue? (y/n): y Starting Drupal installation. This takes a few seconds ... [ok]
  • 22. Step 4 ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush dl admin_menu views pathauto token … ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush en -y admin_menu views pathauto token The following projects have unmet dependencies: views requires ctools Would you like to download them? (y/n): y Project ctools (7.x-1.0-alpha4) downloaded to /home/ss81/session/sites/all/modules/ctools. [success] ... That's all. We installed a site! Let's create a custom module.
  • 23. Step 5 ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush mbdl Hook files have been downloaded to public://hooks and processed. We need to download hooks definitions before we can generate a module. There are 33 files with different hooks, so this could be used as a good manual.
  • 24. Step 6 ss81@laptop:~/session$ drush mb my_module menu permission user_load --write --name ="My module" --desc ="My test module“ --pachage ="test" --noi Proposed my_module.module: … code of the module... Proposed … code of the info file...
  • 25. Helpful commands drush dre -y my_module drush sql-dump > dump.sql drush -y sql-drop drush -y sql-cli < dump.sql drush cc all drush scr test.php
  • 26. Helpful links
  • 27. Questions Email: Skype: sergei.stryukov Drupal: